Renee Batson

Renee Batson AKA Miss DJ Afrosoul of CKUW 95.9 FM "We Build Hits" and South East Hip Hop Blogger

Just Another Day

Killing Black Men Is Now Legal

Meet Mr. Corey Oz

Lots Of Great Interviews

Ant Grant...... Rhymes

Team Work Makes The Dream Work

Listen to Sypher For The First Time

Tona Reppin' Hard For Canada

You Can't Delete The Queens Of Hip Hop

Dear Officer, Don't Shoot Me

Baba Zoom

Who Is Bicycle Tony

Listening To Brittney J's "All My Love"

Talking About Blakk North

Taking A Visit To Skool City

I Know I'm Capable of Becoming A Legend

Listening To Rhyme Scheme's Time Will Fly

The Introduction

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