Wednesday, October 30, 2013

New Some Kosher Yuppy interview in The Beat Yard

The Beat Yard

Check out the latest interview with Some Kosher Yuppy 
In the interview Some Kosher Yuppy talks about his favorite beatmakers, his upcoming projects, the beats that bring out the best in what he does and more!  
Read all about it here at the link below.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Interview with World Wide Music Deal (Services to help indie artists and more!)

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently got in touch with the people behind WORLD WIDE MUSIC DEAL to talk about the services they provide to rising and indie artists as well as bloggers!

Read the interview yourself to get more information on WORLD WIDE MUSIC DEAL!

South East Hip Hop:  How long has World Wide Music Deal been in business?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  We have been going strong since May 2013.

South East Hip Hop:  How did the idea for World Wide Music Deal come about?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  Being around the industry the way we were, it just came about.  I hit up my business partner one day and said, 'hey you ever seen this done before?' Ends up neither of us had. He also happens to be a web designer so we were able to develop everything internally. A short time later WWMD was born.

South East Hip Hop:  How could South East Hip Hop Magazine become a part of the network?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  Easy! Just contact and we will get you all set up.

South East Hip Hop:  What are some of the other services that you all provide?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  Might be easier to list what we don't offer!  Seriously though we do everything from social media production to audio and video placement to world star and live mixtapes placements. We also have an Universal Music Group DD A&R in-house. If we don't do it and you want it, contact, tell us what you need and give us a little time... We got you!

South East Hip Hop:  Do you have any services that could assist bloggers and freelance writers?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  Certainly. Our social media promotion would be just the thing. We now offer targeted twitter followers so you can go after fans who are interested in what you have to offer.

South East Hip Hop:  In addition to services to you all sell any products?  If so, what merchandise do you sell?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  We haven't launched any merchandise quite yet. We are working out some deals for apparel, mixtapes, and some other things but nothing official to announce quite yet. Keep an eye on though.

South East Hip Hop:  Is there anything else you would like to plug about the World Wide Music Deal service?
Rep for World Wide Music Deal:  Actually, I'd like to finish up by emphasizing our prices. Not only can you not find another company that offers the range of service we do, you'll be hard pressed to find better prices.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wess Musiq featured in The Giant Blast Mobile Device App

For the remaining days in Oct. and for the Month of November fans and viewers can receive updates and music news on rising rap sensation Wess Musiq on The Giant Blast Mobile Device App.!

The Giant Blast Mobile Device App. is free to install and easy to use!  Download it in the Google Play Store by clicking this link

Wess Musiq talks about his favorite types of beats in The Beat Yard

The Beat Yard   

Check out the latest interview with Wess Musiq in The Beat Yard!  In the interview Wess talks about his favorite producers, the types of beats that bring out the best in what he does and more!  Read all about it here at this link.

REVIEWS by V-DOT: Gucci Mane "Cold Hearted" (featuring Kevin McCalls)

Gucci Mane "Cold Hearted" (featuring Kevin McCalls)

Looks like even rappers can experience a broken heart or two. Gucci Mane show what he would consider his “sensitive” side with his track "Cold-Hearted" featuring Kevin McCall, which you can find on his latest album Diary of a trap God, but there is nothing cold about this joint, because it is HOT!  The song starts with a smooth melody and then just like a heart the beat drops. The dope beat adds to the smooth sound as Kevin McCalls croons over it and then Gucci Mane comes in to spit his verse.

Despite all the controversy surrounding Gucci right now between jail time and rehab time the man can still entertain. This is definitely on joint that would find yourself blasting in your car and singing along to every word. Gucci surely won’t break your heart with this one. 


Monday, October 21, 2013

Some Kosher Yuppy's NO DAYS OFF (EP) COMING SOON!!!

Some Kosher Yuppy will be releasing his 3rd EP in a year. 
The NO DAYS OFF will show his progression as an artist and 
also give his fans a better view of him as a person. 
Check out SKY at or

Interview with Wess Musiq (He's his own favorite artist!)

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently reached out to rising Florida based rap artist Wess Musiq to discuss his latest mixtape Sumthin' For Da Streetz Vol. 21, his experience opening up for OJ da Juiceman, bouncing back from having his studio burglarized, explaining to us why he is his own favorite artist and MORE!  Read the interview to find out why!

South East Hip Hop:  How long have you been rhyming?  When did you start? 
Wess Musiq:  Since I was 11 years old.

South East Hip Hop: What inspired you to want to get into rapping? 
Wess Musiq:  Watching older rappers perform at concerts grew my interest.

South East Hip Hop: How would you describe yourself as an artist? 
Wess Musiq:  Very talented, diverse, versatile. Willing to work with others.

South East Hip Hop: Who or what are some of your influences? 
Wess Musiq:  Growing up I studied Biggie Smallz, Jay-Z, Tupac, T.I. and Eminem.

South East Hip Hop: Who does Wess Musiq have in his CD player or iPod right now?  Who are some of your favorite artists?
Wess Musiq:  have myself and my other artist in my cd player. I would like to say overall that I'm my favorite artist.

South East Hip Hop: What does Wess like to get into outside of making music? 
Wess Musiq:  As of right now Musiq is my world.

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of the artists you've worked with? 
Wess Musiq:  Yung Ralph, Bigg Jigg, and Papaduck.

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of the artists you would like to work with in the future? 
Wess Musiq:  I could see myself in near future working with T.I., Young Jeezy, and 2 Chainz

South East Hip Hop: Could you name 3 highlights in your music career so far? 
Wess Musiq: I opened up for O.J. Juiceman in Atlanta at Club Figure 8, i had the opportunity to perform in front of Juicy J in Destin Florida at club Overboard, I also won awards for being the most diverse artist of the year.

South East Hip Hop: What was one of the worst experiences you've faced in the music industry so far, and how did you bounce back or learn from the situation?
Wess Musiq: it was last year 2012 when I let my guard down and ended up getting arrested, due to getting arrested I lost majority of my belongings.  My studio was burglarized and so was my house.  I was gone for about 9 months, but this year I've already came back up, I learned from my mistakes, and I'm now ready to take this music further than I've ever did before.

South East Hip Hop:  What projects are you pushing right now?
Wess Musiq:  I'm pushing Sumthin for Da Streetz Vol. 21.

South East Hip Hop:  What projects are you currently working on or being featured on?  
Wess Musiq:  I've been featured on at least 30 mixtapes by djs request. Some are on livemixtapes, datpiff, and thatcrack. I'm releasing my album (Power N Pleasure) which will be in stores this December

South East Hip Hop: Speaking of the future, what are your plans for the rest of 2013? 
Wess Musiq:  If god is willing, my plans are to work on more projects and to perform at more venues.

South East Hip Hop: Where do you see yourself and the music in the next 5 years?
Wess Musiq:  I see myself becoming a better business man in music, and releasing 4 platinum albums by that time.

South East Hip Hop: Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
Wess Musiq: yeah shoutout to DJ Gezza he's been supporting the camp since day one, shout out DJ Sido, DJ Frogie, DJ Colock, DJ C Style, shout out to Paul, King Syph, and Dywane Lyrique, we here.