Saturday, October 29, 2016

Watch the New Movie FLATLINE starring Mellyrow & TJ Vida of Diverse Gravity

The short film drama FLATLINE starring Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured act Diverse Gravity is here!  Watch the entire movie at the embedded youtube link below.... the film will certainly pull you in and move you with a strong plot and storyline that will keep you on the edge of your seat....

Also, check out the official song to the movie FLATLINE by Diverse Gravity, available on iTunes.


Diverse Gravity  "Flatline" single on iTunes:

Thursday, October 27, 2016

David Lyric Is turning heads with hot new video "Chasin"

ATLANTA - Oct. 26, 2016 - PRLog -- He's photographed celebs like Barack Obama, Drake, Terrence Howard, and promoted at venues all over north Atlanta. David Lyric. The event photographer and promoter was one of the most fierce promoting at Queens, The Valley, and Purple Rain all while being contracted with ATLPics.Net and photographing many of the biggest red carpet events for A.G. entertainment. On the side he pursued artist management and video directing. His multi talented resume has only been compared to the Dos Equis guy. But what happens when the artist manager becomes the artist!?!? We are about to find out! Artists who have experience in other parts of the industry usually have an advantage on the rest. And with many industry vets proclaiming his highly unique new video on his first single he's starting to carry his own weight. His new video was shot with his own equipment and edited with his partner Truman Vasko. David Lyric starts off with and r&b song that features VH1 model Shyona Royston. Now the camera is on him!


Thursday, October 13, 2016

VIDEO SPOTLIGHT OF THE WEEK: Lil' Hines X Nino Brown "A Few" Remix

This week's Southeast Hip Hop Magazine video spotlight is on the music video for the remix to Lil' Hines' "A Few" featuring Nino Brown. Watch the music video at the embedded link above!

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Millionz Of Bars drops new video John Stockton

Friday, October 7, 2016

The Real Banga Roye

Born 1992 in New Britain, CT., MERCEDES ROYE noticed her love and passion for music, since the age of 8. She never had an idol but from the different types of music she listened to, she learned how to break down full songs, from the melody, to the instruments, to the tempo. Besides making music, Banga always had a passion for writing which grew from her personal experiences from childhood to now, whether it was a simple journal entry to a poem. Her latest video "Like A Winner" is a guaranteed hit and displays her creative abilities and talent to the max! I recently chopped it up with her to find out what she is really about, check it out- 

How long have you been in the music industry and has music always been a part of your life?
I've been in the industry since I was 12 but been actually recording , putting out music & etc since I was 14 . So about 10 yrs cause I'm now 24. The music has always been apart of my life because both my parents are big on music and always had me at gatherings were it was music actually being performed. 

Was there a specific moment in your life where you thought, “music is what I want to do”?
Yeah when I first recorded a song I did off my laptop . I was like yooo this sounds good , and being that I always had a way with words it inspired me to keep going ! 

What inspires you?
Honestly good music. I love hearing artists who's out or upcoming who actually have stories to tell & who put themselves in a position to be great.

Whether you’re an actor, musician, or artist, I imagine it is hard for anyone to break out into mainstream America. What have been your struggles and triumphs in the business? Are you interested in venturing to markets overseas?
Honestly being really active on social media has been a struggle for me over the years because I'm such a private person , but I'm slowly breaking out of my shell. I know that me giving people what they want to hear and see is a big part of my career so I've been working on ways to show them me without doing too much. I'm definitely interested in being overseas . That's like one of the biggest things that motivate me to keep going. 

Do you have other passions in life? Do you believe passion is an essential part?
I have plenty of passions including producing, & acting . I want to be in a movie one day and I know I'll succeed with playing a role . I can't wait to it becomes a time were I can really get behind the boards and make magic because I have a great ear for music. I do believe passion is an essential part beaus without it it's like your doing it just because. For me having the passion for music makes me push towards every barrier there is to do what I do and show the world who I am ! 

What advice would you give to someone just starting out in his or her career, whatever industry it may be?
Take time to perfect your craft ! Don't watch others to a point where you start comparing what your doing and we're your at to what their doing and we're their at.
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Banga Roye's Social Media Links:
Snapchat: Iambangaroye

Booking Info:
4147 Arbor Heights - San Antonio Tx 78251
Phone: 1-860-712-7389 - Email:

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Diverse Gravity

Check out our latest artist spotlight on Street Notes Records hip hop recording duo Diverse Gravity!

Group Name: Diverse Gravity
Artists:  Melly Row Stackz and TJ Vida

TJ Vida
TJ Vida also known as Tara J. Gibson began her music career at the age of six years old by strengthening the innate vocal skills that were present at an early age. Her parents Gene and Nilda Gibson invested a significant amount of money in vocal lessons where Vida learned and mastered the vocal skills that would further enhance her quality in performing acapella. Along with vocal lessons, Vida took piano lessons up until the age fourteen. 
Vida’s experience with the music industry was far from positive in the beginning. During a trip to Florida when she was fourteen, Vida tried out for the Mickey Mouse Club. She was picked to be the fourth member of an up and coming group called Xscape. Unfortunately, due to distance Vida was forced to turn down the offer. This being a first time disappointment, Vida decided to explore her passion of music by performing at more simple events such as parties and weddings. It soon took off to where she performed at political functions and large community events. At the age of sixteen, Vida wanted to take her career to another level. She landed an opportunity to work with the Manager of the well - known group SWV, but that unfortunately failed due to an unforeseen medical condition on the Manager’s end. With two major disappointments, Vida continued to write music and at the age of seventeen began working with a Freelance Producer in Brooklyn. For one year, Vida spent countless hours at the studio recording her own material with her first song called “Frontin’”. Due to further disappointments, Vida lost her passion and took a break, but continued to write music. She decided to put focus into her education and personal life. Little did she know, she would be granted another opportunity which was legit and promising at the age of thirty three. 

Melly Row Stackz
Melly Row ‘s experiences in the music industry were not only positive but successful. Melly Row Stackz also known as Jamaal M. Kennedy began writing music at the age of ten, but did not start recording until the age of fifteen following in the footsteps of his hip hop legend uncle Doug E. Fresh and his brother Mansone Batez. At the same time, Melly Row signed his first record deal with an independent label by the name of Cee-Lo Records in which he successfully completed his first album. He toured many places to promote his album along with other well - known hip hop artists in the industry such as Ja Rule, DMX, and Method Man.  Due to personal problems, Melly Row was unable to continue forth his obligation to the label and was released. This did not last long. In a matter of two years, Melly was blessed with a second opportunity to sign with an independent label called Woodz Ground Entertainment and began recording and performing in several shows. He released two mixed tapes which led to some financial gain from his accomplishments. Melly decided to refrain from working with the label after experiencing legal issues with the CEO. Melly decided to take time to master his skills in rap, performing, and gaining knowledge on the business aspect of the music industry. Through his brother, Melly Row met and worked closely with a Producer on creating a mix tape which successfully sold over $250,000 profit. Melly recorded on a regular basis and broadened his networking by working with other producers, one being his uncle Shak who is the CEO of Diggy Dime Music Group. 

The Collaboration
During the time Vida was focusing on her personal life, she met Melly Row while working for Rainbow Kiddie Academy as a Director. Melly’s nephew attended her school and little did they both know they had something in common. Once his nephew no longer attended Rainbow, Vida and Melly had no contact until the year 2014 where they ran into each other on the elevator of their building. After learning that Vida sings and writes music, Melly consistently encouraged her to get back in the game. They worked together on creating new material. Due to Vida’s negative experiences, she was skeptical of being a part of a record label but never discouraged him from pursuing the opportunity. Interestingly, working closely with Melly’s Uncle Shaka El Bey who is President of DiggyDimeMusic Group, made way for Vida’s change of heart.  Vida featured on Melly’s  track called Katz Jealous which was her first successful recording. Melly and Vida continued to promote their song Katz Jealous on social media and performing at different events which they received nothing but compliments and support from the public and DiggyDimeMusic. Taking into consideration their diverse individual characteristics such as gender, style of music, ethnicity, and music career experiences they decided to become a group and named it Diverse Gravity. Gravity represents the force of their diversity being pulled together as one in music. They are currently signed with DiggyDimeMusic and immediately following Katz Jealous, Diverse Gravity released their second single Vida’s Song which emphasizes the comparison between love and domestic violence. Vida’s Song also comes with a movie/video which shows how Vida’s friendship with Melly blossomed while she was in an abusive relationship. Vida’s Song was just the beginning of sparking the beginning of the intense energy that Melly and Vida have. Vida’s song was also mentioned in the July issue of hip hop weekly magazine for top 5 indie artist by Dj kool K Gee. Diverse Gravity came in fifth place this past month for votes on Coast 2 Coast. Their single Katz is jealous is now featured on one of Coast 2 Coast mixtapes. Diverse Gravity has had their music played on 101.9 Kiss Fm, Fans Radio 916, Power 105,  106.1 , etc. Diverse Gravity is also a 3x award winning group.
 B.L.O. of the Bomb Baby Experience Radio Show provided Diverse Gravity with their first interview as a group. They  networked with Lord OBG of Artist On The Rise which began as friendship and led to the opportunity of being artists under Artists On The Rise. During this time, Diverse Gravity performed at numerous showcases, were given a number of interviews from other known radio stations, and their music was played in rotation on these stations. Thanks to Lord OBG, their music is now being played overseas. Diverse Gravity is currently on the JRTM 5 Boro tour. 
Being apart of this profound movement has encouraged Diverse Gravity to take music to another level. All records recorded by Diverse Gravity will emphasize real life issues in the form of a story line.  Pheromones which is an erotic club record in which Vida is a fan with an obsession for Melly who is a Rapper. The record is produced by Mansone Batez who is also Melly’s brother. Diverse Gravity has their fourth song out for sale Now called FLATLINE which is a real story of how Vida is on her death bed from a bullet to her chest all because Melly chose to live the street life. The message is strong and emphasizes who really suffers the consequences to one living a dangerous life. Diverse Gravity has a series of collaborations with other Artists they are focusing on and further, making more music with a story line and strong message behind it. Melly and Vida are also working more closely with other Promoters and companies in Producing show cases and holding trips and events. Stay tuned for more on this dynamic duo of Diversity as they bring a new meaning to the Industry. Diverse Gravity was also in the Nov/Dec issue of The Urban Release Magazine. We want to thank the whole staff at Takeover Magazine for opportunity link to our music on itunes. 


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Wednesday, October 5, 2016


GET READY!  It's COMING SOON!  The long-awaited, most anticipated EP from Lil' Hines PARTY NO MORE is coming soon!  Keep checking back for more updates!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee has great words of encouragement for poet Darrell Herbert

Celebrity publicist Michelle Magee (known for working with artists such as Waka Flocka, Ludacris, Mr. Cheeks of The Lost Boyz just to name a few) certainly has an eye for talent, and she certainly has her eye on the talent of rising poet and self described "artivist" Darrell Herbert.  Read what she had to say about the young, talented poet.  

Darrell Herbert is amazingly talented. He has found a way to fuse
songwriting with poetry from an activist view. He is a self
proclaimed "Artivist". I dig that, how unique and innovative.
This guy has skills and his wordplay is phenomenal.
Keep your eye out for this rising star!
Michelle Magee


NEW MUSIC: Lenchmob Threi "Trickin' Off" (Produced by Chilly Chill)

Threi is a prodigy and a titan with years of experience under his belt recognized as one of the industry pioneers! Threi has crossed paths with some of raps most succeseful in the biz. He is best known from Ice Cube's group The Lenchmob.
Threi was born in Southern California and raised in the ghettos of Los Angeles. He also has lived in Stockton Ca. & Phoenix, Az. This brother has laid his melodic vocal juices over instrumentals since the early days of rap. As a young rapper Threi started out in the group Hardcore with guest star Ice Cube in 1988
on production along with Wax Dawg for the groups first single on South Mtn Records. He went on to the group D30ICE which performed on HBO in Rapmania… .
During the N.W.A. days Ice Cube and Threi became roommates recording music and writing songs throughout Ice Cube's school days in Phoenix at ITT Tech. Ice Cube then learned Threi was very skilled with music & clothing. With Ice Cube going solo from group NWA he made Threi part of his Lenchmob group from Phoenix,Az. and took Threi with him on several tours as an official member. Threi quickly put together some amazing clothing and secured a merchandising agreement with Mckenzie River Corp. to advertise for St. Ides beer and Ice Cube. Threi 's success extends beyond the world of rap as he has done merchandising for Ice Cube's Death Certificate tour. He also helped created the movie set for "Friday". Threi has appeared on MTV's Rags-n-Gear so you can see he keeps a lot on his plate. Threi is focused and driven Producers of most of Threi's tracks for this album are from legendary Lenchmob producer Chilly Chill, Eijay Of Embryo Soul Music and Dee Da Bad Guy of Orange Room Music whom Threi had the pleasure of working directly with on several projects due for release. A collaboration with Mac-doe of La Zuu Tribe and legendary west coast rap artist Duv Mac/Tfl Music.
He learned how to put together a gold and platinum album from the legend Ice Cube, rule#1-I will always be fan of rap music 1st.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Wayon drops the re-release of “Slow Motion” featuring Kevin Cossom through Snoop Dogg’s label The Return of Doggy Style Records

Wayon drops the re-release of “Slow Motion” featuring Kevin Cossom through Snoop Dogg’s label The Return of Doggy Style Records

Camp Inc. Records and their artist WayOn are thrilled to announce the re-release of “Slow Motion” featuring Kevin Cossom through Snoop Dogg’s label The Return of Doggy Style Records, available available for purchase/download via: iTunes, Google Play, Tidal, Spotify, Sound Cloud, and Pandora as of 6/2016.
Slow Motion is a smooth mix of hip-hop meeting R&B and lyrics that many can relate to.  The positive, soulful vibes provide a sound that listeners can two-step to in the club or listen to while cruising down the highway.  This is WayOn’s first majorly released single, but he is currently working on new projects set to release by the end of 2016.
WayOn has been signed to Camp Inc. Records since January 2014 as a solo artist and has performed at numerous venues and events throughout Florida.  As of June 2016, WayOn signed a re-release deal with Rap/Hip-Hop legend Snoop Dogg and his label Doggy Style Records; joining Snoop’s The Return of Doggystyle label and movement as the only independent artist out of Miami, Florida.
Listen to “Slow Motion (feat. Kevin Cossom) – Single” by Wayon on Apple Music.

Social Media:
Twitter: @TheRealWayOn(
SnapChat: TheRealWayOn
Please make sure video plays: