Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Marcus Sincere

Check out our latest Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Marcus Sincere!

Marcus Sincere's New Single 
"That Hoe Over There"

Marcus Sincere Bio

The MerriamWebster
Dictionary defines the term “Sincere” as: 1. having or showing true
feelings that are expressed in an honest way and/or genuine 2. real: not false, fake, or
pretended. This is a suiting description of this rising young superstar quickly emerging from
United States. His unorthodox style, the uncanny lyrical arrangement and the unmatched
intensity through which he delivers his message, fuse together perfectly to create the Phenom
known as Sincere.

The product of NorthColumbus Mississippi’s Morningside projects to Kenosha Wisconsin, Marcus Sincere; or as he is more commonly known by close family and friends, Damarcus Pratt, was molded by the harsh realities of life very early. Raised in a single parent household, along with his two sisters, Sincere used his intrigue for music as a means to channel his anger, frustration and pain – a natural consequence of growing up in a motherless home. “Music later became more of a constructive outlet for the pressures of day to day life, but it initially started as just an appreciation for good music and the moments it creates,” Sincere expresses when asked to recall his early days in music.

Taking this approach, using music as a therapeutic means to express himself, ultimately ignited a passion; and what was once considered nothing more than mere therapy sessions started turning into very real studio sessions.  With his hit single, “Turn up,” set to make its debut, Sincere has taken
the accelerated pace of his career in stride. “It’s all about humility...I mean, let’s be honest, to
do this for a living is a privilege, and one not afforded to the many. Artists need to understand
that we [artists] are servants of and for the people.” This mentality has allowed Sincere to
instantly become a fan favorite, not only amongst those in the streets from which he was raised
and represents with every lyric he spits, but also in and throughout many of the urban
communities across the southeast. Sincere believes there has been yet another momentum
shift in the current state of HipHop, one that is taking us back to its origins. One can sense the
excitement in his voice as he describes what he projects to be a blindinglybright
future for HipHop, “Substantive lyrics, inspiring performances and respectable competition are all now back on the table. The bar has been reset, the people won’t be fooled anymore.” When asked
specifically about his artistry, Sincere alluded to his “team” and references not only his artistic
message but that of his entire movement, from the label to management and explains how his
artistry is encompassed in everything it does. “When we initially set out and made a decision
to pursue this thing professionally, we all agreed that it would be with and for a purpose. That
purpose, we later discovered was/is to assist in the collective efforts to ensure the evolution of
HipHop,hence the label’s name, Transcendence”.

With strong musical influences from the old school greats like Al Green and Michael Jackson
and some of HipHop’s legends like Nas, 2pac and Mobb deep along with fundamentally core
values rooted in church and family (and a father who continues to water his creative seeds),
this young man is primed for success. “I’m making music for any and everyone who appreciates
real talent, creative minds and meaningful discussion, now let’s just see where that takes us...”
and one can’t help but think that where it will take him is straight to the top. His music is
his demeanor – mysterious and his motives are very clear – transcendence

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