Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Polo Young Cocky

His name is Polo Young Cocky.  As of 2015 he's 26 and loves music.  He's been doing music since he was 12 but really took it seriously about 4 years ago when somebody kept telling him that he's a star and that they love his hooks and how his voice sounds on a track.  He says that he's always loved music, it's just like a escape out of his own little world.  He's a very versatile artist.  He raps about what surrounds his life and the people in his life.  He states that he will never rap about what he's never experienced.  He is a father, and has collaborated on music with artists such as KD youngcocky,  Checkmate, Bo Deal, Leoski D, Young Gutta and many more.   

Check out the latest song from Polo Young Cocky titled "Nino" here at this direct link

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