Saturday, October 10, 2015

Interview with Meichell T. Jackson (the future Queen of Late Night Blogtalk Radio)

South East Hip Hop Magazine has a one on one interview with rising podcaster / blogtalkradio host and one of the founders of the Blacktopia Movement, Meichell T. Jackson.  In this interview she talks about her blogtalk radio show, Blacktopia, plans for the future and more!    

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What's up Meichell T. Jackson? 
Meichell T. Jackson:  I'm great.  As the VP of Operations for Blacktopia I've been working hard on our brand. Also, I've been networking and making a name for myself.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as a radio show host?
Meichell T. Jackson:   As a radio host I think I have a laid back approach.  I'm curious about my callers' points of view and lifestyles.  I like to study people and see what makes them tick or what makes them happy.  I should have been a psychiatrist.  (laughs)

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How did your journey into Blogtalk Radio begin? 
Meichell T. Jackson:   As you know, Jay and I created Blacktopia the Facebook group together and it just kind of fell into our lap.  One of our members (Vauban) saw all of the growing success with our related projects and offered us a spot on the radio.  It just seemed to grow from there.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You used to be a frequent panelist on Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, could you tell us about your experience with that? 
Meichell T. Jackson:   I enjoyed the experience and hope to make future guest appearances. Round Table Talk Radio has a vast range of listeners and guests.  Each one of the guests are entertaining and  lead interesting lives.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What was one of your favorite moments on that show?
Meichell T. Jackson:   I have to say one of my favorite moments on Round Table Talk Radio show was the Orange is The New Black Episode.  I liked's honesty.  I learned a lot.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  After being a frequent panelist on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio, you moved on to your own show Crossing The T's.... could you tell us a little about your experience with that? 
Meichell T. Jackson: Yes. I created my own show that was more relationship based.  I had fun doing the show, but it was a learning process.  I used the format to fine tune my approach and find my voice.  I decided to cancel that show and create a new one with a different theme that represents me better as a host.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You have a new show called The Late Night Take Out, with co-host Buddy Hall, could you tell us about this new show?  What's it about?
Meichell T. Jackson:   My new show is not a re-make of Crossing The T's, but a whole different show.  With the time slot being late-night, Buddy and I have more freedom to discuss more adult contents.  We leave it up to the callers to address any issues or conversation that they like. Each show is an open forum and nothing is taboo. Also, have weekly drawings and play music by rising artists.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What are your plans for the future?
Meichell T. Jackson:   I'm working on making a household name, continue to build the brand, and make a name for myself as a radio host.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug?  Any shout outs? 
Meichell T. Jackson:   Yes. I'd like to give a shout-out to all the people who've held me down and continue to support everything I'm apart of.

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