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Monday, November 14, 2016

Artist Spotlight: General P.

Check out our latest Southeast Hip Hop Magazine artist spotlight on General P.!

Raheem "General P" Vann-Davidson was born on May 13, 1989. Named Lil' P at the time, he was an original member and the founder of the music group Test the Bee. In 2004, P released his first solo mix tape "Why P", distributing 1,000 copies to friends, family, and his local high school to gain a small amount of a following. In 2006 T.T.B recorded and produced their second mix tape "Da Reunion", which quickly got shelved due to a falling out and a split of the group. Shortly after leaving his group, P became a dancer under Full Circle's dance team, In Da Mix. In 2008, Swagg Boyz, an affiliate of Full Circle, was introduced to P with the opportunities for advancement in his rap career and signing to an independent label. Through his experience and determination, P quickly rose to the top and earned the ranking of General which is how he acquired the name General P. In September of 2010, General P Release his third mix tape "On My General Shit", producing 5,000 copies to once again bring a lot more fame and more opportunities to further his ambitious mind set of being the next big icon. Since 2010 General P have released two parts to his Three series Mix tape, "Taken" & "Taken Vol.II Melodies". 

Listen to his latest single "Trouble in The Eig8t" here at this direct link

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