Friday, March 10, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Royal Entry

Name: Royal Entry (Harold Cottingham)
Age: 30
Origin: Fayetteville, NC

Royal Entry's Bio:
In an era where the ability to create and produce music for mass consumption is readily available for anyone with an Internet connection, it's easy for artists to get log jammed behind countless numbers of emails, twitter DM's, Facebook hits and constant requests to "check out my new song" from "up and comers" who put more time into self promotion than honing their craft. That's where an artist like Royal Entry stands out from the crowd. Here's an artist who spends more time fine tuning lyrics to make sure listeners connect with the essence of the message than worrying about how many tweets he gets retweeted. Someone who constantly reviews his flow, delivery, presence, words to make sure no line is wasted. His attention to detail is second to none.

Though he was born in Florida he moved to Fayetteville, NC shortly after. Once in "The Ville" his family moved to Greensboro then Pennsylvania and finally back to Fayetteville, where he eventually put down roots. During that constant "upheaval" Entry fell in love with and found solace in Hip Hop. Drawn to the gritty beats and masterful wordplay of the "Golden Era" he eventually started to pen His own lyrics. Drawing inspiration from greats like Biggie, Nas and Scarface it's easy to see where his style developed from.

Over the better part of the last decade Entry has mastered his own style of fierce lyricism. With a distinct in your face, but not over the top delivery and witty wordplay he has the ability to pull listeners in and keep them hanging on every word. Having performed shows around the local NC circuit from Raleigh to Fayetteville he has his sights set on a much bigger stage. With artists like Royal Entry carrying the torch it's easy to see why the future of Hip Hop looks brighter than ever.

Royal Entry has opened for a number of guests, including:
Cappadonna of The Wu Tang Clan
Tanya Morgan
Thee Tom Hardy

Performances from 2006 to Present:
Local 506 – Raleigh, NC Southland Ballroom – Raleigh, NC
Cat’s Cradle – Raleigh, NC Raleigh Music Hall – Raleigh, NC
The Brewery – Raleigh, NC Fire and Ice – Charlotte, NC
The Blind Tiger – Greensboro, NC The Skate Shop – Raleigh, NC
The Bee’s Nest – Fayetteville, NC The Whiskey – Wilmington, NC
Jack Spratts – Chapel Hill, NC Six Forks Pub – Raleigh, NC
The Pour House – Raleigh, NC Berkeley CafĂ© – Raleigh, NC
The Black Flower – Raleigh, NC Deep South The Bar – Raleigh, NC

Projects by Royal Entry:
Lyrical Mastermind Volume I (2007)
Mind of A Soldier (2010)
Listen To My Tape (2013)
Season Of The King (2016)
#Gorilla2017 (2017)


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