ADVERTISE with South East Hip Hop

Advertise with South East Hip Hop Mag
If you own a business, have a service to provide, product to sell or website to promote, advertising with South East Hip Hop is a great way to reach a broader audience, create awareness for your service or products and increase revenue!  If you are interested in advertising with us e-mail for more information.

This is What our Advertising Package Includes:
*  Banner Space on South East Hip Hop
*  A lifelong link added to the sidebar of South East Hip Hop
*  Sponsored Posts and Ads 
*  An effective write up on your product or service.
*  Weekly mentions on podcast shows featured on 2 Good 4 Radio.
*  Advertising in The Giant Blast e-Mail blast and Mobile Device App.
*  Sidebar banner ads on web pages and blogs within out network.
The Ad Campaign Lasts for 5 Weeks

For more information e-mail us at

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