Thursday, March 16, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Slow Chemical

Slow Chemical real name Ryan White was born and raised in New Orleans. He started rapping at the age of 11 and started recording music at the age of 21. Doing shows in Virginia, Atlanta and Maryland. He has 4 solo albums and 3 group albums and 2 group ep to his credit.

Slow chemical first released Compare to None in (2006) Respect the game not the Chain (2008) he later formed the group SDC where they would drop the group debut album in (2009) called Bang before the Theory 2012 was his most ambitious year where he dropped a solo album and a group ep just a month apart from each other the solo album was his third and called “being a gentlemen’s Overrated (2012) and he formed a new group called the “never silver spoon fed” dropped their debut ep called Even gods must Die he would go three years between projects as the “Never silver spoon fed” would drop their first album in (2015) called “why repent??? Imma do it again” his latest effort dropped in January of (2017) and it’s called Unfiltered History.

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