Saturday, March 23, 2013

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Freaky Noize" (Single of The Week)

Take a listen to the South East Hip Hop Magazine "Single of the Week" by Mr. Boom Boom Bang titled "Freaky Noize"!    DJs this single is a Strip Club banger for sure!!!! 

If you want more information on this artist check out his official promo page at

Interview with C. Suave (Atlanta Georgia based artist talks about his past, present and future in this New Interview)

Rising Atlanta based recording artist C. Suave sat down and had a one on one interview with South East Hip Hop Magazine.  In this interview C. Suave talks about his past experiences as an artist, his forthcoming mixtapes, and more!  Read all about what he has to say in this interview.

South East Hip Hop:  What part of the U.S. are you representing?
C. Suave:  Georgia...... The South Eastern Region


South East Hip Hop:  How long have you been rhyming?
C. Suave:  I've Been Rhyming since I was 17.


South East Hip Hop:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
C. Suave:  First of I am a well dedicated artist who works on his craft more than anything .... I like telling my life story cause I feel like if you keep it real then there's other people that can relate... that's mostly going through the same situations.  So I am an Hip Hop/R&B Artist who loves to tell the truth and loves making music for the ladies but can also be lyrical..... I also write my own music.

South East Hip Hop:  What would you say makes C. Suave different from any other artist in the game right now?
C. Suave:  I would say I focus on the inspirational side of life into my music so really if I'm making a song that's not about the women, I'm really speaking to that kid or teenager who is dealing with the world on his back and needs some up-lifting music to help him cope thru the hard times ...knowing that his situation will get better if he believes in his self.

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of your favorite artists?
C. Suave:  Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kid Cudi , TIP, OutKast , Maxwell, Usher, Chris Brown, Justin Timberlake, Nas, Drake, J.Cole

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of the artists that you have worked with?
C. Suave:   Hustle N Flo and just some in house artists on my team

South East Hip Hop:  Who would you like to work with in the future?
C. Suave:  TIP , Lil Wayne , Drake , J.Cole Usher Trey Songz

South East Hip Hop:  What types of beats bring out the best in what you do?
C. Suave:  Well smooth rather calm chilling beats where I can vent out to the world.

South East Hip Hop:  Who are some of the beatmakers/ producers that you worked with?
C. Suave:   Obrian , Epik the Dawn , Vybe Beatz , Best Keep Secret , Naux

South East Hip Hop:  What beatmakers would you like to collaborate in the future?
C. Suave:  Mike Will Made It , Key Wayne , Kanye West , Dr.Dre , Dj Khaled , Timbaland

South East Hip Hop:  Do you buy beats, and what is your method for selecting beats?
C. Suave:  Most of the time I buy beats and then I have my in-house producers make me some beats, and the way I select my beats is thru the concept I'm trying to bring out in the current project.  I'm all about telling a good story and keep it sonic-ally perfect making the songs marry each other thru the project.

South East Hip Hop:  What was one of the worst experiences you've had as an artist so far and how did you bounce back from it?
C. Suave:  Not being able to release my mixtapes back to back or at least in the time frame I wanted to cause of the situation I was in my life .... going thru family problems plus was out of a job and had no source of income so I wasn't able to record or keep a steady buzz, but now I'm back with a more deeper story and more dedication to the music and making it.

South East Hip Hop:  What has been one of the highlights of your career so far?
C. Suave:  My first show opening up for Kirko Bangz In Columbus, Ga ..... It was a pretty big crowd and a lot of women there (laughs) I love the women so yeah I had a better great response back from the crowd off of my performance and being on stage was a high for me I really enjoy performing.

South East Hip Hop:  In your opinion what would you say is one of the best ways to get your music out there?
C. Suave:  Really Hip Hop to me was raised from the streets so I would say your street Game should be up so Mixtapes and just demos being handed out where ever you go and also being at clubs interacting with DJs but also the use of the Internet is a great way now of days and I believe you need to have both Street buzz and Internet buzz to get heard so any from of media outlet is a good way too

South East Hip Hop:  What are you working on right now?
C. Suave:  I am Working on my current mixtape "Hardly Influenced" with a special surprise DJ that's co-signing it can't give you call the details at this moment but it's gonna be big for Music in General!

South East Hip Hop:  What do you have planned for the rest of 2013?
C. Suave:  Dropping the Hardly Influenced mixtape in the early winter Nov. 11 ....dropping my first Music video in the Summer for the first single on the mixtape .... and doing shows all down in south Florida region and also just around the Ga ....hopefully hit some other states in the process after I release the Mixtape

South East Hip Hop:  Speaking of the future, where would you like to be within the next 5 years?
C. Suave:  A Grammy - Award winning Artist , with at least Three platinum Albums and 10 Platinum singles with a whole bunch of guest features and a lot of Tour Money while having a lot of Merch out and A Big Record Deal .. while making my own independent label also

South East Hip Hop:  Is there anything else you would like to plug? Any shout outs?
C. Suave:  yes , "Hardly Influenced : The Mixtape" coming out Nov.11 2013 ... ALSO be on the lookout for my first music video "Trillion" one of the first singles of the mixtape, and be on the lookout for Da Frat Mixtape at the End of 2013 ....and D.O.E mixtape around the same time .... Special Shouts to the Fans and SOUTHEAST HIPHOPMAGAZINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT'S DA FRAT N***A!!!!!!