Friday, April 21, 2017

The top CAROLINA rappers NEXT to become as successful as J. COLE

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine is proud to present a list of the next big hip hop recording acts to come straight out of The Carolinas.  The state of North Carolina has been a hot breeding ground for countless stand out and legendary artists such as Little Brother, Petey Pablo, producer 9th Wonder, Supastition, and most recently J. Cole just to name a few.... but in 2017 there is a new set of rising lyricists that are destined to grow as successful and influential in hip hop as J. Cole and Southeast Hip Hop has listed the most valuable players below.

Ghost Dog has been making lots of noise in the underground hip hop circuit especially in the Carolinas for years now, but after the release of his recent LP DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI which has been critically acclaimed by podcasters and bloggers all across the web the awareness and fanbase for this high skilled emcee has soared to new heights.  Ghost Dog has been a guest on the hit blogtalk radio shows Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, as well as The Rush Radio and has many more guest appearances on high ranking talk and radio shows coming up very soon! 
Purchase Dreams of a Wandering Samurai by Ghost Dog any and everywhere music is being sold digitally.    

Poet / rapper D-Hud has been putting in major work!
Releasing tons of high quality singles and music over the past few months and after hooking up with "Some Guy Named Jay" his buzz has been growing non stop!  Get more updates on his music, upcoming shows and more at

Royal Entry is a serious force in the East Carolina music scene!  He's been receiving a lot of major attention after the release of his music video and single "Time Slippin'" which was also featured on 50 Cent's This Is 50, Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, the prestigious Blacktopia website and more!  His latest mixtape #Gorilla2017 shows the rapper's true skills as he bodies each track with force and confidence with every single line he spits.  Listen to the mixtape at

Lazurus is the truth because he stays "true".  True to the art of hip hop, true to himself, true to his fan base, true to his music and lyrics, and it's a true thing that Lazurus is destined to achieve more greatness especially if he continues dropping truth bombs over true school boom bap golden era beats!  
Connect with Lazurus on social media at these direct links 
Links to Music
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Malk Naz kept it on during the winter with his blazing hot single "Tarzan" and kept it cool in the Spring with "Killer Ice".  Get more updates on his music at his official promo blog at

Flyy Drexler may have "Came From Nothing" (like his hit radio single) but he certainly is something!  His single "Came From Nothing" has gotten spins on terrestrial / commercial radio stations, college stations and XM Satellite radio all across the nation and in 2017 you know he has more great things coming up very soon! 

A-Kween / Ratchet
A-Kween (AKA "Ratchet") has been making lots of changes, not only from her name change from Ratchet to A-Kween, but the style of her music showing more of her versatility as a vocalist, and it's even rumored that the rising songwriter / lyricist will be moving to Atlanta soon, however no matter where she ends up rather it be remaining in North Carolina or changing her base of operations to Georgia, it's safe to say that you can put this gorgeous, business savvy, intellectual woman anywhere on God's green earth, she will triple her worth!  Also no matter how this WPEG Power 98's "Next Big Thing" recipient will evolve throughout her career it's also very clear that she will remain "A-Kween" and will stay royalty in the Carolinas no matter what.

Fa'Ness is a singer / rapper that made a huge name for himself last year with the side dude anthem "I Already Know" and Fa'Ness continues to show "finesse" as his popularity grows.

Yung Abundance has been driving the ladies wild since dropping his Panty Dropping Anthem of 2017 titled "So Wett" featuring Big Mike of Day 26, and it certainly has been leaving the ladies soaked.  With a slew of singles to keep the listeners satisfied for many years to come, he will certainly receive more and more fame, recognition, power and of course money in abundance!  

K.W. The Artisan has pure talent running in his blood, especially since his mother is the prestigious physiologist / life coach and renowned poet and author Adrienne Charleston and new co-host on the well received Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio.  K.W. the Artisan is not only a very skilled emcee but he's also an equally talented graphic designer and illustrator.  Who says that you can only be a jack of all trades and a master at none when K.W. the Artisan masters every trade he's involved in!   

There you have it!  A list of very talented NORTH CAROLINA stationed emcees / rappers / songwriters that Southeast Hip Hop Magazine would bet $1,000,000 and our lives that every single artist on this list will be as successful, powerful and influential as J. COLE in the music industry one day!!

Keep checking back with Southeast Hip Hop Magazine to read up on their progression.  

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