Wednesday, August 30, 2017

P.G. Trill Fam's Music is being featured on Many Websites!

Mississippi based rap recording artist P.G. Trill Fam's latest singles "Tryna Get Mines" and "Dum Dum Way" have been getting tons of major attention on various podcasts and the world wide web as well.  Here is a list of recent websites, blogs and web based publications to feature the singles and their direct links.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine's Artist Spotlight section.

"Tryna Get Mines" featured in The Brand New Hip Hop Blog. features "Tryna Get Mines" and "Dum Dum Way"

Had "Tryna Get Mines" featured in the Microwave Blog

P.G. Trill Fam listed in the Best of SEHH list for June.

"Dum Dum Way" featured in Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine 

"Dum Dum Way" featured in 50 Cent's This Is 50.

"Dum Dum Way" featured on The Next Time You're High

"Dum Dum Way" featured in The New Mixtape Kingdom

DJ BME cosigns "The Dum Dum Way"

"Dum Dum Way" featured in Black Vibes.




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Monday, August 28, 2017

FANS can help rising artist BIRDY put together the music video for "WEST COAST THANG"

Now fans of the rising Utah based hip hop recording artist BIRDY can help the young rising artist put together the official music video for his soon to be underground classic "West Coast Thang"!  All fans have to do is join his official PATREON page and make a small donation, the money from the donations will go towards the production of the official video for "West Coast Thang"!  Fans and viewers are also allowed to give suggestions for the upcoming video after making the donation, and BIRDY will also treat fans to new and exclusive music and other perks for making the donation!  You can make the donation by joining him on PATREON at the direct link below!  HELP THIS BIRDY FLY!!!!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Artist Spotlight: YBless

YBless was born into struggle yet decided not to the let struggle define him, but rather he chose to define the struggle. “Life is a lesson if you just listen and learn from it” states Bless. Always having a true love for music Bless began to write at the early age of ten and quickly transitioned into producing as well. Understanding the benefits of working smarter not harder Bless decided to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others, carefully watching what the industry leaders were doing and customizing those elements to fit his mold. Bless feels his style stands on its own, that there is no one quite like him which makes him confident that his time to shine is now. With a goal to bring back the love and respect to the game, Bless intends to showcase his personal struggles for others to relate to thus creating a connection to build from. “My Struggles are not your struggles, my pain is not your pain, but the elements that create them share a common bond”. With an inner drive, passion and pure determination Bless knows that he has much to offer the industry and his fans, now he just needs his chance to prove it.

Check out YBless on Youtube at these direct links

Follow YBless on Social Media

Thursday, August 10, 2017

DJ BME is LOVING the "Dum Dum Way"

DJ BME of the Blacktopia DJ Coalition is loving the new record from P.G. Trill Fam titled "Dum Dum Way" here is what he had to say........

"This a club banger/strip club banger..different! #TurnItUp #DjBME"

INDEED INDEED! Listen to the single at this direct link



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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Los Napoleones

Get familiar with rising Afro-ton group from France, LOS NAPOLEONES!  

Check out the stats and get more information on them at these direct links.

Group of Afro-Cuban : Los Napoleones Style music : Afro-ton ( reggaeton + Afro) Label : Daleyamusic Email :


Website Links

Artist Spotlight: Da-Mind

Da-Mind is originally from Beaufort S.C.  After high school he moved to Atlanta, GA to chase his dream as a Hip Hop recording artist.  Not only his he a rapper but he's also the CEO of Da-Mind, LLC an independent record label.  As a songwriter he only chooses the best for his fans, and as an artist he chooses wisely of what he wants his fans to hear, he recently stated.  

Da Mind says that he is bringing "smoking hot tracks without all the drug use and violence".  His new single "I'M NEW "is smoking hot and a chart topper once it start to hit the air waves, Follow DA MIND on TWITTER @DaMindakaJames

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Allen Saint Phillips delivers heartfelt message with single "Shots Heard Around The World"

Listen to the new single from rising singer Allen Saint Phillips titled "Shots Heard Around The World" here at this direct link

Listen to the heartfelt powerful message in the lyrics.  We are all hoping and praying for a better and safer world to live in and this song conveys that message.  Check it out and post your feedback below.  Get more updates on the artist Allen Saint Phillips at his official promo blog at 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Artist Spotlight: PEDRO RAMON

Pedro Ramon

Pedro Ramon Is An Aspiring MC/Songwriter From Jersey City, NJ. Based Out Of Honolulu, Pedro Ramon Has, According To Various Experienced Musicians, Released An Ep That "Should Be Played On The Radio.

Pedro Ramon Proudly Served 8 Years In The United States Army And Served In Afghanistan Two Times. The Military Taught Him Discipline, Perseverance, And To Look At The Big Picture. In Doing So, He Has Become The Right Man For The Job, When It Comes To Creating A Legacy Of Continued Success In The Music Industry.

In 2005, Pedro Ramon's Father Passed Away When He Was 17. It Taught Him To Cherish The Moments He Has With The People In His Life, Because Tomorrow Isn't Promised. It Also Granted Him The Ability To Be Able To Relate With Others That Have Had A Similar Experience Of Losing A Parent At A Young Age.

Today, Pedro Ramon Has Made It Plain That Since He Can't Go A Day Without Thinking About Music, That He's Of The Right Frame Of Mind, Attitude, And Talent That Can Actually Make It.

“I Believe There's A Calling For All Of Us. I Know That Every Human Being Has Value And Purpose. The Real Work Of Our Lives Is To Become Aware. And Awakened. To Answer The Call.”
― Oprah Winfrey 


POEM: Praise (by Darrell Herbert)


Praise was hard for me to take
And I didn't know how to handle it
I didn't know what falling in love was because I never experienced it
I didn't feel worthy because I was rejected
I've envied people who are blissfully happy

Just know I paint my sin
With several vitamins
Eleven sentiments
Coupled with Vicodins 
Percocet, mixed with insecurities and Zamicet

I'm not to be understood
For the great or good, I am no good
Pain's un pleasurable
Insecurities unbearable
Hysteria, so hysterical
Miracle worker quitting on a miracle
Heaven is not somewhere I'll go
It's who we are
Of not knowing the soul
Hell if I know