Monday, November 28, 2016

Gospel Singer getting Publicity, and Spins on Secular and Hip Hop Platforms

Rising Gospel recording artist Terrie Rimson has been getting a lot of attention with her single "Blessin' Me", and the buzz has been expanding beyond the Christian stations and outlets and now being played and supported by more secular and mainstream hip hop platforms, blogs and radio with special assistance by Southeast Hip Hop's "Some Guy Named Jay".  

This is exactly the way the songstress intended.  Terrie has stated in various recent interviews that she would love her music to reach ears beyond just the "church folk" and heard and enjoyed by many, and in past few weeks her prayers have been answered with all the new fans, publicity and support she has recently acquired!  God continues to keep on blessin' Terrie Rimson for sure!  

Listen to her single at this direct link 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Lil' Hines featured in The Source Magazine Online

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Lil' Hines was recently featured in The Source Magazine Online for the remix to his single "A Few" featuring Nino Brown!  Check it out here at the direct link below

Monday, November 14, 2016

Artist Spotlight: General P.

Check out our latest Southeast Hip Hop Magazine artist spotlight on General P.!

Raheem "General P" Vann-Davidson was born on May 13, 1989. Named Lil' P at the time, he was an original member and the founder of the music group Test the Bee. In 2004, P released his first solo mix tape "Why P", distributing 1,000 copies to friends, family, and his local high school to gain a small amount of a following. In 2006 T.T.B recorded and produced their second mix tape "Da Reunion", which quickly got shelved due to a falling out and a split of the group. Shortly after leaving his group, P became a dancer under Full Circle's dance team, In Da Mix. In 2008, Swagg Boyz, an affiliate of Full Circle, was introduced to P with the opportunities for advancement in his rap career and signing to an independent label. Through his experience and determination, P quickly rose to the top and earned the ranking of General which is how he acquired the name General P. In September of 2010, General P Release his third mix tape "On My General Shit", producing 5,000 copies to once again bring a lot more fame and more opportunities to further his ambitious mind set of being the next big icon. Since 2010 General P have released two parts to his Three series Mix tape, "Taken" & "Taken Vol.II Melodies". 

Listen to his latest single "Trouble in The Eig8t" here at this direct link

DJ Mellie Mel (of The Fleet DJs) gets behind THE CUFFING SEASON ANTHEM OF THE YEAR

Popular DJ, DJ Mellie Mel (of The Fleet DJs) gets behind the single the critics and bloggers are calling THE CUFFING SEASON ANTHEM OF THE YEAR, "So Wett" by Yung Abundance and Big Mike of Day 26!  This is what she had to say about the single.....

I like it. It's got that intimate/naughty

factor, but it's still tasteful. Production is nice.

- DJ Mellie Mel (of The Fleet DJs)


Listen to The Cuffing Season Anthem of The Year "So Wett" by Yung Abundance & Big Mike of Day 26 here at this direct link

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Arod Somebody

WASHINGTON,D.C – November 20, 2016 –  
Arod Somebody ,is D.C.’s newest rapstar, who has a highly
anticipated EP and EP VLog set to release on Spinrilla on
November 10th. Arod has been active on the scene since the
release of his debut mixtape “Feelin Good Livin Better”.
After spending seven years behind bars, the 25 year old is busting
through all barriers while taking the music  industry by storm.  

The EP and EP VLog is dropping just two weeks after Arod’s smashing performance at the infamous Howard homecoming. Arod Somebody on the path to greatness, as Arod follows the footsteps of legends who have also debuted their talents at Howard’s Homecoming Yard Fest. Among those legends are notable artists such as: Notorious BIG, Jay Z, etc. 
Signed to Major Life Music Label, Arod is well supported to continuously propel his career forward. Arod Somebody is coming into his own realizing that his success influences others to Changed Up (second video release) but he will keep it Steppin(debut video release). 

About Arod Somebody:
Young, ambitious, overnight superstar-in-the-making Arod Somebody is gaining a larger fanbase daily. Arod Somebody is a Washington, D.C. native. He is captivating the attention of many not only within the DMV, but throughout the industry as a whole. Gaining notoriety Arod’s music is buzzing in the streets. Breaking out seemingly overnight with his well-received mixtape Feelin Good Livin Better, Arod has been pouring gasoline on his own fire ever since.

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Featured artist General Grown performing at Marc Raine's Single Release Party


General Grown will perform live at Marc Raine's single release party on Friday, Nov. 11th at Level 9.  Level 9 is located at 3054 Damascus, RD in Augusta GA!  COME OUT!


Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee cosigns The Keith Clark Collection

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee known for working with artists such as Waka Flocka, Ludacris, Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, Ice Cube's Lynch Mob and more certainly supports Keith Clark's all natural skin care products provided by the Keith Clark Collection.  This is what she had to say....

A natural approach to body care. No synthetic chemicals just all natural, soothing and relaxing ingredients. The Keith Clark collection should be in every household across the globe. He provides a wide variety of products and fragrances. - Michelle Magee

Indeed Indeed!

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Tuesday, November 1, 2016



Robby The Elf Releases his much anticipated pre-holiday video “Somebody To Love” to show his versatility. It is a romantic video to get you in the mood for finding love before the holidays of your single.

The Holidays are a time for giving; and nobody knows that better than Robby The Elf. Years serving as Santa’s go-to man and chimney cohort, North Pole’s head helper set aside sleigh maintenance and reindeer games when the Claus organization heard his demos. Blown away, Kris Kringle ordered he step down as gift wrapper to become a real rapper, leading to the creation of a new musical genre dubbed Christmas Crunk. But being the world’s first elf MC hasn’t come without its challenges. And in the constant face of humbugs and grinches, Robby has learned an important lesson: that the best gifts to give during the Holidays are ones of hope and love. He learned that back in 2005 when he officially became Robby The Elf. He explains, “I had become homeless again that December. I knew I was going to be lonely and depres holidays. But other people go through that too, I thought. So what can I do based on my talents that can help them? I decided on Robby The Elf because elves help during the holidays. No one knows much about elves. Santa gets a lot of credit but it takes teamwork. With the current state of music today, and all the hate, I wanted to give a little good.”

That’s why positivity is the secret weapon in Robby The Elf’s musical arsenal. Without it he wouldn’t have been able to prevail over homelessness and survive cancer – and so he’s spreading the word of its unlimited healing power with holiday originals like “Magic From Elves,” (his first song ever recorded that landed at #1 on the charts) and the rest of his 2008 debut album The King of Christmas Crunk. His 2011 record The Meaning of Christmas had seven songs that also spoke of good vibes, while raising awareness about the importance of elves. Since then he’s released a pair of singles for those who hate the holidays and those who are just haters – “Kris Kringle” and “Don’t Be No Scrooge.” “I realize that the holidays are not always jolly and jingle bells,” he says. “It brings sadness as well. I merely desire to help those less fortunate. That’s what Christ did and Saint Nicholas also. I d Robby The Elf lives in Upstate South Carolina where he continually records new material. He can be spotted year-round on television talk shows, at church and charity events, or performing at local music venues. On the web:
twitter @RobbyTheElf

POEM: "Sluggish Pile" by Darrell Herbert the Artivist

Sluggish Pile by Darrell Herbert

Explained all of this
My soul was born on the seventh day of the seventh month in the seventh year
I inherited spiritual powers throughout the course of time
I even fought in Africa in the twelfth century
Why is this so different?

It's not a language issue, its my limited mind
I have an irritation in my soul
Some people have a wide mind like the universe
But my mind is not interesting enough in this tiny box
Of all the possible ways I could have offed myself
Ankles were low down on the list
Suffered from a combination of things which were caused by a combination of things, tried incredibly hard not to
Pain like that persists, though, and inhabits you
It wears you like a skin, barbwire and grapevine
We're in the dark ages when it comes to understanding depression, and even darker regarding the mind

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