Sunday, September 9, 2012

DJ Colossal Presents THE SEAL OF APPROVAL VOL. 1 (hosted by Ike Ellis) MIXTAPE

Check out the latest mixtape from the legendary DJ Colossal!

DJ Colossal Presents...  
The Seal of Approval Vol. 1
(hosted by Ike Ellis)

Track List
1.  Ike Ellis Introduction
2.  Ike Ellis "Good Good"
3.  D.I.V. "U C Me" (featuring Hop Da Great & Nuf $ed)
4.  Dolo the Bandit "Get Down"
5.  L.E.G.A.C.Y. "Reckless"
6.  PGR Boyz "Swag Game"
7.  Cutthroat Smitty "I'm Gone"
8.  Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Eatin' Good"
9.  Caliktro "Look At Her Go"
10.  Young Nino "Lookin' Good"
11.  Mono Bagends "On Fire"
12.  Ike Ellis "Shake Ya Body"
13.  J Midd & Ying Yang Twins "Choosin'"
14.  DJ Mega-Blaster & Celsius911 "Strip Game"
15.  Ike Ellis "Loving You"

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