Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Lazurus

To Benjamin Curtis, “Lazurus” is not simply a stage name, it defines the literal story of his life. Born March 2, 1987, baby Benjamin died on the same day. Fourteen minutes after taking what was thought to be his last breath, Benjamin came back to life—earning him the nickname “Lazurus” that has stuck with him to this day. Lazurus has kept his original birth certificate, death certificate, and second birth certificate as proof of what can only be described as a miracle.

Just as Lazurus’ entrance to this world was dramatic, so has been the live he has lived since. His wisdom extends beyond his years, but that wisdom has been earned through many widely varied life experiences. Lazurus graduated high school early, worked two jobs while putting himself through school, earned two Associate’s Degrees, worked for a top video game design company, and abandoned all that to pursue his true passion—hip hop. In pursuit of his dream, he has experienced homelessness, loss of loved ones, and all the emotions that come with those events. All of these experiences and emotions can be heard and felt through his music. Lazurus describes himself as a storyteller utilizing his generation’s method of communication, hip hop,to share these many life experiences.

Influenced by Canibus, Eminem, and OneBelo from Binary Star, Lazurus began rapping at 17. He has put out six solo albums since: Ego Trip (March 2006), Raw, Uncut, and Lactose Free (January 2008), Limerence(February 2008), Long Days and Fast Nights (September 2008), The Fusion Dance (October 2008), AlieNation (August 2010), Solstice (Dec 2012), Do It Yourself (2017). In 2005, Lazurus came together with Rsonist and together created the group Lazrso. The group has since expanded to include S. Gold, Streets and Millie Vaughn. Lazurus has performed on virtually every stage in North Carolina, as well as various venues from the Northeast to California—performing with local artists as well as big names such as Chitty Bang, Tyga, Tanya Morgan, Little Brother, Nappy Roots, Wale, Digable Planets, BOB, Trae The Truth, Wiz Kahlifa and many many more. .

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