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Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF FEB 2017 LIST (See all the WINNERS for Feb. 2017)

You all asked us for it, so we brought it back to Southeast Hip Hop Magazine just for you all, the readers and viewers!  The return of the monthly Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF list!  Here is our list for February 2017!

BEST ARTIST (Male):  Malk Naz

Winner in the category of BEST ARTIST (MALE) goes to rising hip hop recording artist MALK NAZ.  Malk Naz has accomplished so much in so little time, and after hooking up with "Some Guy Named Jay" to further promote his current single "Tarzan" he has gotten much more publicity as an artist.  In recent history the rising rap recording artist has been featured in prestigious hip hop blogs and publications such as This Is 50, The Beat Yard Magazine, Waka Flocka's Supastars Magazine Online and many more!
Get more updates and information on MALK NAZ at his official promo blog

Best Artist (Female):  Nikia

The Winner in the category of BEST ARTIST FEMALE goes to R&B singer / songwriter NIKIA!  During the month of February there was a lot of buzz and hype on social media surrounding the release of her new single "Gone" featuring Dee is currently available on iTunes!  Nikia is also preparing to release a new album this summer!  Keep checking back for more updates and check out her official website and her official promo blog for more information.

Best Single:  General Grown "All Gas, No Brakes"

The winner of the BEST SINGLE for the month of February goes to General Grown's "All Gas, No Brakes"!  If you need something to help you get up and go and put you in the right frame of mind, General Grown's "All Gas, No Brakes" is certainly the MOTIVATIONAL ANTHEM of 2017!  
Listen to it for yourself at this direct link:

Best Mixtape / Compilation / Album:  Hear Tha Unheard

The winner in the category of BEST MIXTAPE / COMPILATION and project for the month of February goes to HEAR THA UNHEARD Vol. 2 The Superstitious Version!  This project is rich and full of solid bangers provided by artists under the H 2Our FAMILY United LLC and Don Mealz Entertainment umbrella.  Take a look at what they have to offer here at their official promo blog link at

Best Music Video:  Nikia "Gone"
Image result for Nikia Gone

Winner in the category of best music video goes to the official music video for R&B singer Nikia's "Gone" featuring Dee!  Watch it here at this direct link

Best Non Music Video:  Rory Bressler's Book trailer for A Story of Struggle,

The Best NON Music video, youtube video goes to the Book Trailer for "A Story of Struggle" written by Rory Bressler.  The trailer breaks down what the book is about and the inspiration behind why Rory wrote it.  Watch the official trailer at

Best Producer:  Be Chap Beats

The Winner of the BEST PRODUCER / BEAT MAKER of February 2017 goes to BE CHAP BEATS.  After you listen to the tracks composed by Florida based beat maker BE CHAP BEATS then you will instantly understand why he was selected for this spot!  Listen to his beats for yourself at this direct link

Best DJ:  DJ BME

The winner of the BEST DJ for the Month of February goes to DJ BME!  DJ BME has been dropping some of the best mixtapes so far in 2017.  DJ BME is also a member of prestigious record pools and DJ coalitions such as The Nerve DJs, Virdiko DJs, Wu-Tang Coalition and the rising Blacktopia DJ Coalition and Record Pool!  

Best Radio Personality:  Tina Wright

The winner in the category of BEST RADIO PERSONALITY goes to Tina Wright AKA The Quiet Poet of the popular WBRPP Network shows "Person to Person" and 1/3 of the NEW Rush Radio Show!  Tina Wright has a laid back, "we are just having a good ol' conversation" approach to her interviews, so no wonder everyone wants to talk to Tina! 
Listen to any of Tina's shows at

Best Radio Show:  Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio

The winner in the category of BEST RADIO Program goes to the popular blogtalk radio show BLACKTOPIA PRESENTS Round Table Talk Radio with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Adrienne Charleston and Some Guy Named Jay which airs every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST.  Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady conducts some of the best interviews ever heard on blogtalk radio ever, as she digs deep with her questioning, and goes beyond the surface to pull information from the guests featured on the show.  Adrienne Charleston provides great commentary as well as follow up questions for the guest.  Some Guy Named Jay acts as more of an announcer, "Master of Ceremony" as he plugs sponsors, introduces guests, segments and callers and make announcements regarding upcoming shows.  The chemistry between the three is pure magic and they provide the listeners with a perfect blend of information and entertainment!  Fans can listen to the shows at

Best Website:  Poetess Elle McLin

The winner in the category of best website of February 2017 goes to Poetess Elle McLin's a shared format for poets.  The website allows poets, writers, authors, songwriters etc. with another outlet to express themselves to a broader audience and highlight their talents and abilities.  Doesn't matter if you write short stories, poems, lyrics, whatever, all forms of expression through creative writing is welcome on 

Best Facebook Group:  The Hot Boxxx

Winner in the new category of Facebook Group goes to secret group known as the HOT BOXXX!  The Hotboxxx is a great place to meet new people on social media, joke, unwind and have a great time.  Although there is no particular mission statement for the group, the main purpose is just to have a great time, speak with new friends and be amused.   

Poet of The Month:  Tammy Thomas

The winner in the category of Best Poet goes to Tammy S. Thomas the author of the new release Emotional Soul of a Poetess and one of the star poets of Blacktopia's "Wed. Night Poetry".  Get more information on her book and where to purchase it at

Model of The Month:  Tanisha J. Blanton

The winner in the category for MODEL OF THE MONTH of February goes to Blacktopia Spokes Model Tanisha J. Blanton.  Tanisha J. Blanton was recently one of the highlights of the 2017 Blacktopia Beauty Model Calender and the picture you see above is her "Miss February" shot!  
See more of the Blacktopia Beauty Model Calendar at

Best Promotions:  Lady Viper Promotions

The winner in the category for BEST PROMOTIONS goes to Arkansas based event organizer and party promoter Latosha McKnight for Lady Viper Promotions.  When she's not running the night life scene in the mid west, she's making a way for artists in the area, sharing their music on social media as well as introducing them to better avenues to be seen and heard.  She's also a member of the prestigious Blacktopia Social Media Street Team, Blacktopia Digital Record Pool and DJ Coalition as well as an admin in the Southeast Hip Hop Magazine and Blacktopia facebook groups.  
Check her out for sure.

Big Business Award:  Monumental J.O.E.

The Southeast Hip Hop Award for Big Business Feb. 2017 goes to entertainment mogul Joe Ciampa BKA Monumental J.O.E.  Joe has his hands in plenty of major projects such as acting as producer of the critically acclaimed urban drama web series CITY OF WAR which is available to stream on youtube as well as the Blacktopia and Giant Blast mobile apps.  Take a look at the web series here at this direct link 

Attention Artists, if you would like your music featured in more blogs and websites such as CW Music, Southeast Hip Hop Magazine, Black Vibes, The Beat Yard, New Mixtape Kingdom, and more! Then e-mail for more information on that :D Get your music featured beyond social media and your sound cloud pages.

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