Thursday, December 22, 2016

Video Spotlight: General P. "Armed and Dangerous"

Check out the new video from BLAZED UP RECORDING ARTIST, General P. titled "Armed and Dangerous". Watch and listen to the video and post your feedback below.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Interview with BLAZED UP artist GENERAL P.

General P. sits down with Southeast Hip Hop Magazine for a quick, but informative and in depth interview to discuss his music career, hooking up with the prestigious BLAZED UP RECORDS, influences, his overall journey musically and more!  Read all about what he has to say in this amazing interview.

Southeast Hip Hop:  What's up General P. are you ready for this interview?
General P:  What’s up my boy? Yes!  I’ve been excited and ready to talk with you.

Southeast Hip Hop:  How'd you get the name General P.?General P.:  Well  When I was 12 my grandmother always called me a little peze head boy and as I was finding my self as an artist I quickly adapted to the name and started calling my self Lil’ Peze.  By the time I was 15 I erased the “EZE” and in no time I was now known as Lil’ P.  Once again growing and finding my self to become a house hold name as soon as I turned 18 I was little no more that’s when I found myself changing my name for the third time and becoming P. When its all said and done that’s my stage name P.     

Southeast Hip Hop:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
General P.:  I believe I’m a storytelling artist. I try to step out of my confront zone all the time by doing R&B songs or Pop tracks maybe even a great  punch line track but I love to paint a picture when I do music. I’m not the artist to release a lot of freestyle songs I love substance.

Southeast Hip Hop:  What inspired you to want to do music?
General P.:  My brother Travis “Treydub” Vann he was the start of it.  Then the 2000’s paved the way. I’m also a huge Jadakiss and Jim Jones fan so I mixed a little of them in there at times.

Southeast Hip Hop:  What events lead to you hooking up with Abiss and getting signed to Blazed Up Records?General P.:  Well the biggest notice was me prematurely releasing my first album entitled Eig8t. I got a lot of great reviews in my first week but as a manger Abiss quickly took notice, seen potential and gained her interest in me. I’ll say a few weeks after that I had a show in Waterbury, CT she attended and performed, immediately after her set I was next to perform thank god she stayed to watch.  I performed a track off my album called “N.W.A (Fucc 12) with a dope artist named C.U.J.O and when our set was over ENCORE !! The entire club was yelling “RUN IT BACK” so we performed again back to back and 48  hours later abiss and I had a meeting and sealed the deal.    

Southeast Hip Hop:  You are currently working on a project with Blazed Up Records, could you tell the readers a little more about it?
General P.:  No, Blazed-Up Records is working with me on a project. Eig8t. I have 10 mix tapes but this is my first album. Like I said I was established already I came to the table prepared, the label saw me as a great fit and we negotiated a deal to bring the album to life by better marketing, better strategy and label backings.  

Southeast Hip Hop:  Who are you working with for this project?
General P.:  My producer is “Matrix Man” owner of Bendin Beatz, he produced 90% of the Album and also wrote the single O.M.O., My artist advisor “Citi Truth” of O.M.O productions. Also the various dope artist on the CD.  

Southeast Hip Hop:  Who would you like to work with that you haven't already worked with before?
General P.:  My dream is to work with Jadakiss and Jim Jones.

Southeast Hip Hop:  How do you feel about the current state of Hip Hop?
General P:  I believe the new generation lost the sense of music. I feel the more garbage they produce the harder it will be for great artist and local artist  to make It.

Southeast Hip Hop:  Who are your top five emcees of all time, and you have to do with without naming 2Pac, Biggie, Nas or Jay-Z?
General P.:  To be honest I'm really not into any of those rappers, Yes they paved the way but I missed that era I’m in the 2000’s era.
1. Jadakiss 2. Jim Jones 3. Drake 4. 50 Cent  5. General P

Southeast Hip Hop:  What has been your two biggest milestones or highlights that you have experienced in your music career right now?
General P.:  My milestone would be producing 14 music videos and shooting 10 more as we speak. Highlights thus far? Getting signed to Blazed-up Records.

Southeast Hip Hop:  Is there anything you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?
General P.:  Follow me on my social sites (Facebook- Sincere Vann) or (Instagram @RealGeneralP.) No Shout Outs. 

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

NEW MUSIC: Robby The Elf "The Holiday Craze"

The Holidays are a time for giving; and nobody knows that better than Robby The Elf. Years serving as Santa’s go-to man and chimney cohort, North Pole’s head helper set aside sleigh maintenance and reindeer games when the Claus organization heard his demos. Blown away, Kris Kringle ordered he step down as gift wrapper to become a real rapper, leading to the creation of a new musical genre dubbed Christmas Crunk. But being the world’s first elf MC hasn’t come without its challenges. And in the constant face of humbugs and grinches, Robby has learned an important lesson: that the best gifts to give during the Holidays are ones of hope and love. He learned that back in 2005 when he officially became Robby The Elf. He explains, “I had become homeless again that December. I knew I was going to be lonely and depres holidays. But other people go through that too, I thought. So what can I do based on my talents that can help them? I decided on Robby The Elf because elves help during the holidays. No one knows much about elves. Santa gets a lot of credit but it takes teamwork. With the current state of music today, and all the hate, I wanted to give a little good.”
That’s why positivity is the secret weapon in Robby The Elf’s musical arsenal. Without it he wouldn’t have been able to prevail over homelessness and survive cancer – and so he’s spreading the word of its unlimited healing power with holiday originals like “Magic From Elves,” (his first song ever recorded that landed at #1 on the charts) and the rest of his 2008 debut album The King of Christmas Crunk. His 2011 record The Meaning of Christmas had seven songs that also spoke of good vibes, while raising awareness about the importance of elves. Since then he’s released a pair of singles for those who hate the holidays and those who are just haters – “Kris Kringle” and “Don’t Be No Scrooge.” “I realize that the holidays are not always jolly and jingle bells,” he says. “It brings sadness as well. I merely desire to help those less fortunate. That’s what Christ did and Saint Nicholas also. I d Robby The Elf lives in Upstate South Carolina where he continually records new material. He can be spotted year-round on television talk shows, at church and charity events, or performing at local music venues.

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Sunday, December 11, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Malk Naz

Check out this Southeast Hip Hop Magazine artist spotlight on rising North Carolina based rap recording artist Malk Naz!  Get more updates and information on the rising star at his official promo blog at 

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Thursday, December 8, 2016

VIDEO SPOTLIGHT: General P. "Trouble In The Eig8t" (BLAZED UP RECORDS)

Check out the new music video by Blazed Up Records recording artist General P. titled "Trouble In The Eig8t"! Watch it and post your feedback below. Keep checking back for more updates on GENERAL P. and BLAZED UP RECORDS.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Real, Crazy and Honest!

Real, Crazy and Honest.
These 2 radio hosts are going to make you go huh?! What?! No she didn't!
Anything and everything goes! Controversial sells on the airwaves and mix in some witty wordplay and you have the recipe for success.

The CBS Cat and Dulaa show out of Memphis, TN. is remarkably unique. The chemistry between the 2 hosts is unmatched. The show is full of humor, sarcasm. Their show is unscripted so you never know what you will get when you tune in!  Only 2 topics are off limits and that is Religion and Politics.

Cat joined CBS KWAM 990 on October 1st, 2016 and has already made a huge impact. Dulaa has been with the company for quite a long time. He was Cat and her former co-host's board operator and they have now worked as co hosts for a month building their brand.

Cat was always a comedian and entertainer at heart entertaining friends and family since childhood. Born on December 11, 1978 in Memphis, TN. Cat is the wife of celebrity Tattoo Artist Jeff "flea" Watts. They have together 5 children.

Cat wowed audiences with her Crazy Bizarre News and sometimes vulgar outbursts. Cat poked fun at celebrities as well as herself. This chick is a blunt blonde with no filter. She is real, honest and does not beat around the bush. People love her combination of sweet and sour if you will. Cat has the thick skin it takes to make it in talk radio.

Aside from being co host of the show "Dulaa" is a musician who has always had a country blues swag rooted in his music. He has infused his love for country music into his song writing and music production. He has produced and written songs for several artists as well as theme music for radio shows. A man who can obviously wear many hats he is excited to have crossed over into the world of talk radio and is challenged by keeping the FCC off their back.


Thursday, December 1, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Meant2B

Meant2B, comprised of Tre' McCoy and Dele Olasiji, has been dubbed one of the hottest R&B sensations coming out of the Midwest. Recently, Meant2B signed a distribution deal with EMPIRE, an American distribution company and record label based in California. Some notable singles recently distributed by EMPIRE include “Broccoli” by D.R.A.M and “All the Way Up,” by Fat Joe, leaving Meant2B in stellar company. 

Understanding the bar is high following their widely successful party anthem, "No Ring" produced by Chris Cutta, Meant2B continues to innovate and diversify their sound.

Set to begin work on their next EP, Meant2B has teamed up with Kannon Entertainment’s seasoned Producer, Caviar.  “Cavie”, who has worked with artist such as T.I.,   E-40, and Cee-lo Green, is sure to push the envelope on this EP and further fuel Meant2B’s upward trajectory in the industry. 

With a new track titled "Prayers" produced by The Secret Specialitst Caviar, A-Tripp and Payback, Meant2B takes a stand on social awareness and the feeling of hopelessness that many people are feeling today.

Meant2B "Prayers" Vevo Link: