Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mono Bagends talks about his new single "You Drive Me Crazy" and Still has Love for The South!

Last year in 2012, South East Hip Hop Mag interviewed Mono Bagends about his banging single "On Fire"!  Although Mono Bagends is stationed in New York, the northern rapper reached out to Virginia production team Luxxary Music for that good ol' South East sound that got our attention and we just had to give him a feature.  Well now in 2013, Mono Bagends has returned with another banging single by the name of "You Drive Me Crazy" and South East Hip Hop is one of the first to sit down and talk to him about Mono Bagend's latest banger in this in depth one on one interview! 

South East Hip Hop:  What are four words you would use to describe your latest single "You Drive Me Crazy"?   
Mono Bagends:  Club, Dance, Fast Paced, Fun

South East Hip Hop:  After dropping "On Fire" in 2012, what made you want to follow up with that single with "You Drive Me Crazy"?   
Mono Bagends: 
I wanted to come out with a single that was different than the first one. I am a
versatile artist and I wanted to show that. Both records are hot and will appeal to
different audiences

South East Hip Hop:  What makes "You Drive Me Crazy" different from "On Fire" and in what ways are they similar?  
Mono Bagends:  You Drive Me Crazy is more fast paced and built for a club and the radio.
On Fire is more of a radio record in my opinion. I don't really think there are many
similarities between the two records. If an artist keeps coming out with the same
type of records that is wack in my opinion.

South East Hip Hop:  Although you are based in New York, you don't have much of a "New York sound", would you agree, and if so is that something you are doing on purpose?
Mono Bagends: 
I don't really know if I have a NY sound or is not something I concentrate  

on. I make the records the way I hear them. I have heard that before though. Just  
being me.

South East Hip Hop:  How would you describe your audience?  Who are some of the types of people that listen to Mono Bagends?  Who do you make your music for?
Mono Bagends: 
I make the music for myself. I don't make records thinking a particular crowd of  
people will like it or not. My audience consists of people who like a complete artist. Lyrics, hot beats, versatility and a great stage presence.

South East Hip Hop:   Let's talk about the producers of the single "On Fire" for a sec., would you consider working with Luxxary Music again for another record, and have you worked with them for other records in the past?
Mono Bagends: 
Yes I would work with them again...we made a great record and no I have not worked  
with them before "On Fire"

South East Hip Hop:  Speaking of the people you've worked with, in the past you've collaborated with Mac Peoples and T-Weezy from Texas, do you have plans to collaborate with those artists again in the future?
Mono Bagends: 
I would work with T-Weezy again...we have made lots of records together...we have 
lost touch with each other but that happens in this business...when the time is right we will get back to work. No to Mac Peoples.

South East Hip Hop:  How did you hook up with Mac Peoples and T-Weezy?
Mono Bagends: 
I met T-Weezy 10 years ago through another producer Roc1. We talked a bunch on the  
phone and met up in NY...Mac's label heard the breakin em down record and asked if he could get on it.

South East Hip Hop:  Why wouldn't you be willing to work with Mac Peoples again?
Mono Bagends:  We make completely different types of doesn't match up.

South East Hip Hop:  Are there any other artists from Texas that you wouldn't mind working with that you haven't already before?
Mono Bagends: 
No one comes to mind.

South East Hip Hop:  Getting back to your current single "You Drive Me Crazy", you have a singer on the hook by the name of Mela Bela... how did the two of you hook up to collaborate on this song?
Mono Bagends: 
I was in the studio listening to the record when she walked in and started singing...I thought she sounded dope and we sat together and made the record right there...we  

shared in the whole process. She is a great singer and a beautiful person inside and out. I feel blessed to have come across her in life.

South East Hip Hop:  How did you and Mela Bela meet?
Mono Bagends:  She was walking into the same building I was walking into. She was carrying something heavy and I ran to hold the door for her and we started talking. Funny how things work out.

South East Hip Hop:  What's next for Mono Bagends?
Mono Bagends: 
To take this thing to the next level...My phone and e-mail have been very busy lately..I am loving it..I will be releasing either an EP or LP shortly....

South East Hip Hop:  Are there any last words?  Anything else you would like to plug?
Mono Bagends: 
I want to thank you for the interview and supporting my movement. Thanks to the fans of my music. Any promoters can hit us up at Here are some  

links where you can follow my career:

Thursday, February 7, 2013

MCBEE-X "I'm The King Pin" Promotional Video

Veteran rapper, MCBEE-X is back!  This time better than ever! He returns with the lead single "I'm The King Pin" (which will be featured on his new LP The Return of The King Pin).  The single also features the legendary Donald D. and Soul SK!  The new LP will be released through ACM Records!

Although MCBEE-X is originally from Lynwood, CA, the South East certainly has love for this West Coast lyricist!

If you want more updates and information on MCBEE-X's forthcoming project due Early March of 2012 then go to his official promotional blog at

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