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Southeast Hip Hop Single Of The Week: "Free Da Ahks" by Dbo

Stream the Southeast Hip Hop Magazine single of the week from Dbo titled "Free Da Ahks" on spreaker at the direct link below.

Get more updates on Dbo at http://www.Dbomusic.blogspot.com

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The ZYG 808s debut single THE CONCERTO coming JULY 25th!

"The Concerto" is the debut solo single by hip-hop artist The ZYG 808, from his forthcoming album "The Intro". The ZYG 808 first came to national attention as a member of the Grammy nominated band, The GroovaLottos as well as his verse on the Soul Poet's Syndicate's track and music video "Flippin".

An unapologetic Boom Bap Backpack artist, his lyrical content and style together with his knack for unusual song forms (The Concerto is in three distinct sections, with no bridge) sets him apart from most of the others in the game. '808' is a reference to the classic drum machine, and his unique ability to rap and play drums at the same time, astounding audiences up and down the east coast.

At the age of 7, The ZYG 808 made his debut as a studio session player. By age 12, he was headlining the Boston Jazz Fest as a jazz fusion drummer. At age 13, he joined the multi-Grammy nominated band The GroovaLottos as a percussionist and featured MC.

The ZYG 808 is definitely an upcoming artist to watch.

The ZYG 808 is available for interviews and makes custom sound drops upon request.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

TOP 20 performers that NEED to get on a PHILONIUS PHUNK beat NOW!

          Producer Philonius Phunk (member of the Nerdcore Super Group and Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured artists S.P.F.) is no doubt one of the hottest rising producers in the Southeast right now!  Phil has been cranking out classics and bangers for a slew of talented artists across the globe and standing out above the rest with his signature sound of blending funk, with classic video game sounds as well as flipping samples from popular anime, sci-fi and cult classic movies and combining the backdrops with golden era boom bap drums.  Philonius Phunk isn't just a beat maker that knows how to craft trunk rattling "smackers" for your ear drums, he's also a true producer, and visionary that sees a hit from start to finish and knows how to piece together the artists amazing vocals to compose a viral hit.  Philonius Phunk is the mastermind behind the 2018 motivational indie hip hop song of the year "Man on A Mission"!  After listening to many of the Philonius Phunk produced viral hit singles floating around on the web, we are 110% convinced that every artist in the world should have at least one Philonius Phunk produced track in their discography.  

The masterminds behind Southeast Hip Hop Magazine decided to take the liberty of compiling a list of TOP 20 artists that NEED to have vocals over a Philonius Phunk track, and to make this list more challenging and interesting we decided to stay away from the obvious such as suggesting the movers and shakers in the "nerdcore" community such as Mega Ran, YT Cracker, etc. and we've also make the choice of leaving off mega mainstream artists as well.  Sure, J. Cole, Drake, Pusha T., Nas, and many more would (and very well should) murder a "Phunk" beat,  but for this list we have only added independent artists with credible names and a huge buzz in 2018 instead.  Although we have the list numbered, it's certainly not a "ranking" as each of the artists listed here are amazing in their own way and there is no comparison.  Also for this list we will throughly explain why we strongly suggest these particular artists, and the type of song or beat that would set it off when these artists decide to collaborate with the true "Phunk Doctor".  

1.  Reime Schemes
Kicking off the list is a popular staple in the West Coast music and entertainment scene, Reime Schemes.  Reime Schemes is a powerful lyricist, and an equally influential businessman and has helped countless independent artists increase their fans and listeners by having them as guests on his popular West coast radio show On The Rise Radio, providing them with opportunities to be featured in his On The Rise Magazine, and booking several rising stars to perform on many of the concerts organized by the prominent businessman himself.  Behind the scenes and in many circles in the industry Reime Schemes has even been compared to Jay-Z with being able to produce timeless music as an artist while making successful power moves and wise investments behind the scenes.  Many legendary Hip Hop artists such as Mopreme Shakur, Keith Murray, The Terror Squad, Yukmouth of the Luniz, Spice 1, Kurupt, Bad Azz of the Dogg Pound Gangstaz, and more have all had the pleasure of collaborating with Reime Schemes on previous releases, and producer Philonius Phunk is a name that should certainly be added to the growing list of heavyweights to work with Mr. Schemes.  Reime Schemes would sound perfect over piano laced track composed by Philonius Phunk, but if these two musical geniuses decide to work together any instrument would do although a piano would be preferred.  To make matters even better, Symphonic Pheenix Force artist L.X. should set the tone by opening up the song with a hot verse (or a trash talking monologue) to warm up the listeners for Reime Schemes appearance.

2.  Soundz Grate
We believe that producers and artists should always challenge themselves in order to reach a higher level, and Soundz Grate working alongside Philonius Phunk would certainly challenge and push the two artistically beyond anything anyone of us are used to.  Soundz Grate is a brilliant songwriter / singer, and although Philonius Phunk has gotten behind powerful vocalists and singers before, in order to satisfy the thirst of their respective fan bases these two should stay away from the obvious soulful, rhythm and blues song and aim for a more experimental ballad.  Soundz Grate and Philonius Phunk are both equally creative, and we would hate to hear just your average, basic R and B single coming from these two.  A Philonlius Phunk produced Soundz Grate track should take the listeners on a journey to another dimension, with an instrumental that sounds as if it was constructed in a studio in another galaxy, while Soundz Grate incredible songwriter skills should open the listeners brain.  Soundz Grate powerful vocal chords will open up a warp zone to a level that has never been explored before.  Get familiar with Soundz Grate by visiting his promotional blog at http://www.SoundzGrate.blogspot.com    

(Mr. Lif of The Perceptionists on the left, chopping game with the 
legendary North Carolina based emcee Ghost Dog)

3.  Ghost Dog
Ghost Dog has professed his unbridled love for "geek and nerd" culture and media in various podcast and blog interviews, and his undying appreciation for anime, video games, comic books, martial arts and sci-fi movies can be heard all throughout the lyrics of his songs.  Although Ghost Dog is primarily known in the underground music scene for the traditional golden era boom bap hip hop sound, with his countless references and nods to nerd culture he should fit perfectly over traditional nerdcore sounding beats and the fans would eat it up!  There are many type of beats that Philonius Phunk could throw at Ghost Dog, but we believe there are two types of beats that would drive the fans nuts.  The first style of beat should have Ghost Dog spitting over a classic 8-bit sample with smacking boom bap drums.  The topic could be anything and it doesn't have to be an obvious song dedicated to the "nerds", or even a nod to classic games.  We advise Ghost Dog to go full Mega Ran and just make a hot song period, about any subject, however it would sound great over a classic chopped up 8-Bit sample or loop.  The 2nd song suggestion is that he should certainly make another song inspired by anime just like his viral hit "Way of The Ninja" was influenced by Naruto.  Philonius Phunk should dig in the "crates" (and by crates we mean search google for a sample) to find a rare, unrecognizable sample from an underrated anime movie or show, flip that and for the hook have a DJ (such as DJ Flash of the Justus League) scratch out the hook DJ Premier style!  This will drive all the fanboys nuts and have all the fan girls throwing their panties on stage during one of Ghost Dog's upcoming show dates.  This song should have been done yesterday!  If you aren't familiar with Ghost Dog's superb lyricism then check out his recent single "Way of The Ninja" at the direct link below 

4.  Mz. Ariez
Mz. Ariez is another performer that should have 
already blessed a Philonius Phunk beat with her vocals, however being that the two are in the same area in Flordia there is still a great possibility that they may make magic happen sooner than later.  Now, the fans of the prominent businesswoman, model, actress and rapper Mz. Ariez and those familiar with the work of Symphonic Pheenix Force may scratch their heads thinking as to how a collaboration between the two totally different acts would actually work being that it may be hard to even imagine their target audiences in the same room together, let alone the artists themselves, but trust us on this one.  Mz. Ariez is primarily known for catchy hooks, and easy to recite chants that make great club anthems such as "Drip" and "Flipping It Up", just imagine Mz. Ariez repeating a hypnotizing chorus over an electronic video game style backdrop mixed with hard hitting drums, snares and booming bass and 808s provided by the Phunk-master.  This match made in Florida music scene heaven will have the nerds as well as the average club / party-goer running to the dance floor or breaking their neck bouncing and calling out the hook!  Even better, make it a male vs. female call and response song and add The Terrible Toad King of S.P.F. to the track and you'll have the club banger of the year!  Lets cross our fingers and hope that we can at least get something similar to this in 2019!  Get more updates and information on Mz. Ariez at her official promo blog http://www.MzAriezblog.blogspot.com     

5.  DoomzDay Bat
One of the reasons it's been unusually and extremely hot this Spring and Summer is because the Texas based hip hop recording artist DoomzDay Bat released a video to his recent single "Never", and when he decides to add more heat to a Philonius Phunk beat the world may very well blow up!  Now that will be DoomzDay for real!  DoomzDay Bat collaborating with Philonius Phunk would be a great day to remember in southern hip hop as well as in the nerdcore genre.  The artists' name is DOOMZDAY BAT, a stage name the comic book fans and nerdcore audience could truly appreciate, and to add on to that he has a banging single titled "Ivan Ooze" (inspired by The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers villain of the same name), it's only right that fans be treated to a collaboration with Philonius Phunk and DoomzDay Bat.  We could picture a solid loop crafted by Phunk, with very little change up and have DoomzDay alongside with the rest of S.P.F. where each emcee kicks a mean 16 or better yet, 24 bar verse with no hook or break in between the vocals, each emcee killing it and trying to outdo the next.  It could work on many different levels!  Get connected to DoomzDay Bat by visiting http://www.DoomzDayBat.blogspot.com

6.  P.J. Dakota
When we think of P.J. Dakota, we think the Missy Elliot of the next generation.  Don't get it twisted, P.J. Dakota is a very unique and talented artist on her own, she's not exactly the "new" Missy Elliot, but rather the FIRST P.J. Dakota, but the reason we think Missy Elliot is because she is a multi-threat, multi-talented female recording artist the same as her, but bringing her own flavor to the kool-aid.  P.J. Dakota can sing, rap, write phenomenal songs, compose, and the list of bullet points on her resume goes on and on.  Just like Missy Elliot, we can certainly imagine a Timbaland / Missy-ish collaboration between her and fellow composer Philonius Phunk.  Phunk, just like the multi-platinum producer Timbaland is known for adding all types of different "strange sounds" into the layers of his beats.  Both P.J. Dakota and Philonius Phunk are excellent when it comes to thinking outside of the box musically, just imagine what the two could come up if they were both to put their minds together.  Get more information on P.J. Dakota at her official promo blog at http://www.PJDakotablog.blogspot.com

7.  Flyy Drexler
North Carolina based hip hop recording artist FLYY DREXLER put out some MEGA HITS over the past two years, starting with the street anthem "Came From Nothing" followed by the powerful and inspirational song about shaking the crabs in the barrel mentality with "Bring You Down" and hitting another home run with the dark, gritty 2018 smacker "Skyype" and the NC MC seems to have even more juice left in him.  With the juice he has left, he should most definitely use it to power up a song produced by the magnificent Philonius Phunk!  With Flyy Drexler's above average songwriting abilities, we can only imagine how the final product would pan out.  Flyy Drexler needs to get at Philonius Phunk today to make more magic happen.  The two of them could certainly crank out an epic hit record for 2019!  Get familiar with Flyy Drexler by following his official promo blog at http://www.FlyyDrexler.blogspot.com

8.  Shys Debiocci
Shys Debiocci continues to strangle the streets, putting out classic hood smackers for your ear drums month after month.  Just imagine how many wack emcees will get murdered at the hands of Shys over a grimy Philonius Phunk beat!  Follow Shys Debiocci on IG @ShysDebiocci https://www.instagram.com/ShysDebiocci/

9.  Mobb Boss
Mobb Boss is a true boss in the industry, and one of the boss moves he should make this year is hooking up with Philonius Phunk for a beat.  Mobb Boss is also another Florida stationed recording act, just like S.P.F., so the union between Philonius Phunk and Mobb Boss would be another powerful match in Florida music scene heaven.  Mobb Boss is also known for painting vivid images with his lyrics, almost like an audio movie, and with that being said S.P.F.'s SirenSeraph should sing the hook to the song to create even more of a dramatic effect.  It would work!  Get more information on Mobb Boss at http://www.MobbBoss.blogspot.com 

10.  Jane Doh
Jane Doh is certainly the rookie of the year when it comes to Florida's independent music scene.  Her single "Bop" was a strong debut record where she explains how she demolishes the competition and haters by "bopping" on them.  The single opened plenty of doors and ears to her raw style.  While the streets and radio were still "bopping" to Jane Doh's "Bop" her buzz continued to grow tremendously after releasing the dedication to single mothers "Babymama Cry" just a little afterwards.  Both singles got the attention of many people, as well as industry insiders in the Florida entertainment scene, especially after having her songs featured in the popular Blacktopia Mobile App., and the songs even reached the ears of Philonius Phunk himself.  We aren't sure how familiar Philonius Phunk is with the other artists featured on this list, but we do know that Jane Doh is certainly on Philonius Phunk's radar, and even expressed interest in working with her during a social media post.  We aren't sure if the two actually connected but Southeast Hip Hop would love to follow up and be the first to break the song if that should come to pass!  When Jane Doh decides to spit over Philonius Phunk verses she should invite S.P.F. members Swag Switcha and L.X. to rhyme alongside her for the song.  Although there is no doubt in our mind and in the minds of Jane's growing fan base that she can handle her own over a Philonius Phunk beat, we would love to hear how she rocks alongside other members of S.P.F. for sure.

(K.W. the Artisan working the merch table for his mother, renowned motivational speaker, businesswoman, therapist and author Adrienne Charleston at her official Butterfly Flow: Finding Your Flow release party / book signing.  Purchase Adrienne Charleston's books at http://www.Adrienne-Charleston.com and Adrienne Charleston is also a host on the prestigious Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio which will return very soon, visit http://www.blogtalkradio.com/PodcastsOnDemand for more updates).

11.  K.W. the Artisan / Maleek Brown
K.W. the Artisan (King Wonda Boi) AKA the 3 Legged Octopus AKA the Midday Marauder AKA the Son of a Butterfly AKA The Master Key AKA The Last Action Figure AKA The Man with A Million Names is also known for his many different aliases, but in addition to being known for having many names he's also known for ripping the mic, and his amazing comic book illustrations.  You all know that Nerdcore Hip Hop and comic books go together like a bunch of names that go together, and two names that should certainly go together are Philonius Phunk and K.W. the Artisan!  We can imagine the man behind The Higher Ups University over a smooth Phunk produced track with the style and vibe of that reminds the listeners of early 90s Native Tongues material.  Mr. Billion Names could rhyme about any subject over the track of course, but to spice it up even more K.W. should add plenty of comic references in the lyrics!  Perhaps the song could end up being on the soundtrack to the forthcoming as yet untitled graphic novel he's working on with Jonathan Coleman of Blacktopia.  Hold your head we are about to see!


12.  Nikia
R and B singer / songwriter Nikia continues to make huge waves in the independent music scene, and even more so with the release of her latest single "Do U" that's available on iTunes, Amazon and many places where music is being sold digitally.  Nikia is also gearing up to release her next full length project Not A Fairy Tale due later this year, and although her producers are preselected, it would never hurt to use a Philonius Phunk beat for a remix.  We can certainly imagine Nikia and S.P.F.'s SirenSeraph collaborating with the songbird to construct a powerful duet!  The pair could make an awesome powerful anthem for the ladies!  Let's hear it!   

13.  Twicy
It's hot in Ghana, not because of the temperature and the weather alone, but Ghana is hot because rising pop singer Twicy resides there and wherever Twicy goes he certainly makes it hot!  Now that the powerful vocalist has linked up with Dailey's Entertainment for management, he will soon make his way to the United States to make it hot over here as well.  To add more heat to the climate, producer Philonius Phunk should offer the Prince of Ghana's Pop Scene a fire track that will match Twicy's fire songwriting abilities and silky smooth vocals.  They can certainly create a massive heatwave together.  

14.  D-Hud
D-Hud has already had the pleasure of spitting a mean 16 over a Philonius Phunk produced track.  D-Hud has cranked out many bangers over the years, but recently he's been known more for kicking a stand out verse on the song the critics and bloggers are calling the Alpha Male Anthem of 2018, "Man On A Mission" which was produced by Philonius Phunk of course.  After listening to his verse on "Man on A Mission" we already know that D-Hud can murder a Phunk beat, now it's time to crank it up a notch.  Instead of a single, or another guest verse.... Philonius Phunk and D-Hud should consider working on a collaboration EP project together!  We believe that the two are very well capable of cranking out a classic, also toss in a few guest verses from artists such as Malk Naz, or even a killer hook from The Terrible Toad King and BAM, we have the EP of the year!  Get familiar with D-Hud's music at http://www.D-Hud.blogspot.com

15.  Blazed Up Records
We believe that Philonius Phunk's diverse style of production is suitable for everyone, although he's dominating Nerdcore Hip Hop, there is nothing stopping Philonius Phunk from just dominating the hip hop genre as a whole.  Blazed Up Records is a diverse record label that has many different styles of hip hop artists ranging from the horrorcore music coming from artists like C.U.J.O. the Hellhusky, traditional east coast hip hop provided by artists like Scotty Beamin', to even diverse battle rappers like Younga B.  Blazed Up Records has it all and we are sure that Philonius Phunk has something for every artist on the roster.  It would also be nice to hear the label's CEO and flagship artist Abiss The Lyricist bless a few bars over a banging Philonius Phunk beat as well.  

16.  Mason Parker
As we mentioned earlier with K.W. the Artisan, comic books are a huge part of the nerdcore hip hop universe and with Mason Parker's Paperback Hero Saga digital comic and his overall appreciation for the arts, the emcee/spoken word artist could create a masterpiece off a classic Philonius Phunk beat while paying homage to nerd culture.  Calling Mason Parker's lyrics "deep" is certainly an understatement as it's hard to find any one word that encompasses everything that Mason Parker is as a brilliant performer and well rounded person, and there isn't a word out there that could sum up his wide range of amazing gifts, but we are positive that Philonius Phunk can come up with a beat that will bring out even more of the best in who he is!  Get more familiar with Mason Parker and The Paperback Hero Saga at http://www.IAmMasonParker.com and follow Mason Parker on IG @IAmMasonParker

17.  Yungg Fattz and N.O.V.A.A.
Ok we sorta cheated on this list.  Instead of listing 20 individual performers we listed an entire label roster earlier with Blazed Up Records, and we are combining two individual solo acts for number 17 as well.  If you are familiar with at least one of these artists, then you absolutely know who the other one is and why we listed them together!  These two Colorado based recording artists make magic together.  Their chemistry in the studio and on songs are so magnetic that it makes legendary singing / rapping duets such as Warren G. and the late Nate Dogg seem like two complete strangers who sound awkward on a song together, and that's not to downplay and speak ill of the the artistic unions of some some of the greatest and legendary tag team performers in urban music history, but it's only to further explain how well these two get down together.  Yunng Fattz is a powerful rap artist with a distinct tone and N.O.V.V.A is a singer that has a voice that can make screaming fan ladies across the globe throw themselves on stage with every note he belts.  The two continue to make magic together, and to keep up their winning streak they should certainly trade verses over a magical sonic backdrop provided by Philonius Phunk!   

18.  Slow Chemical
We mentioned K.W. the Artisan, Mason Parker, and now we have Slow Chemical here on this list!  Slow Chemical is another rap artist / comic creator.  We already know Slow Chemical is quite familiar with the sounds of S.P.F. and Philonius Phunk, and if Slow Chemical haven't blessed a Phunk beat yet, it's not too far-fetched of an idea seeing that the two have been showing each other love and support through social media.  If and when Slow Chemical grabs a Philonius Phunk beat, we would love to hear him plug his comic book series on the song, or even better, just a simple Slow Chemical song sharing the mic with other members of S.P.F. would suffice (at least for now).   

19.  Da Mind
Georgia stationed rapper, and frequent guest on Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio, Da Mind has been blowing up with the release of his animated music video "Dropping Change".  The animation and video is highly entertaining, and would certainly be appreciated in the "Nerd Core" community as well.  Da Mind would sound amazing over a Philonius Phunk beat.  If they decide to work together, another flash animation music video would be a great look to fuse their separate fan bases and have them come together to enjoy a new hot single.  Get more updates on Da Mind at his official promo blog http://www.DaMindBlog.blogspot.com  Check out his animated music video for "Dropping Change" at 

20.  Adrienne Charleston and Tammy Thomas
One of the last acts we would like to mention are also separate but equal acts, however we wanted to acknowledge them both together.  The poetesses and admins of the prestigious Blacktopia:  Black Utopian Society Facebook Group Adrienne Charleston and Tammy Thomas!  Adrienne Charleston and Tammy Thomas' powerful words and poems would sound excellent recited over a strong Philonius Phunk backdrop.  We could imagine the two saying their poems at the end, or even the beginning of an S.P.F. song to set the tone.  If either of the two decide to release a spoken word album, they should certainly consider recruiting Philonius Phunk for production on the project.  Nerdcore or not, Phil has Phunk "phor" all "phlavors".  Purchase Adrienne Charleston's new book "Butterfly Flow: Finding Your Flow" at http://www.Adrienne-Charleston.com and you can purchase Tammy Thomas' debut poetry book "The Emotional Soul of a Poetess" on Amazon at this direct link https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1945791179/ref=as_li_qf_asin_il_tl?ie=UTF8&tag=produ0f7-20&creative=9325&linkCode=as2&creativeASIN=1945791179&linkId=7c1123847772b63dafb928366d2d00cc

This is our list some of the most powerful performers that we would love to hear over a Philonius Phunk beat!  Philonius Phunk is well on his way to becoming one of the most prestigions music composers in not just the Nerdcore genre but in the world, and you all should certainly catch him while he's still climbing because very soon the young gifted producer will have a meteoric rise!  Thank you all for being apart of this chapter of the journey.  Philonius Phunk is certainly a "man on a mission".  Listen to "Man On A Mission" at this direct link 

Visit Philonius Phunk's official website at http://www.PhiloniusPhunk.com


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Interview with actress ANGELA ANDERSON of HBO's Vice Principals and the film TWERK

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine talks with actress Angela Anderson about her role in the new short film dramady titled TWERK written and produced by Felicia Rivers of Geechee One Productions.  In this interview Angela talks about her role in the movie Twerk, working with Danny McBride and Walter Goggins in the HBO series Vice Principals, her method for getting into character and more!  Read all about what she has to say.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Hello Angela Anderson, how are you?
Angela Anderson:  I'm doing fine. How are you?

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Could you tell the readers a little about you?
Angela Anderson:  I'm a mom of and Nana of 9, I have been a Realtor for 12 years and I have been an actress for almost 4 years now.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been acting, and what inspired you to take that route?
Angela Anderson:  I started acting in the last part of 2015. I was in the Flea Market here in Ladson SC and I was approached by a casting director and asked if I would like to audition for a role in a HBO series. I said "yes".  We had just stopped by to get me some new chaps we had been riding our Harley Davidson. About that time my Husband came up and started cussing and threatened to kick his ass!  All the while he had his I-PAD video tapping the entire time,  So after a few mins I cussed at my husband and put him in his place! (laughs)  Well I apologized to him and he said the director saw my video and he wanted me to do an audition the next day. So me and my crazy hubby went to it and I looked noting like the other women. They looked like a granny who baked cookies and I looked like a Gemma Teller from S.O.A ( Sons of Anarchy) I Had Blonde hair with Dark chunks almost like a Salt & Pepper hair color, two toned!!  (laughs) I walked in everyone knew us from the video, Long story short They LOVED me, Director David Gordon Green actually told me I was a NATURAL!  So I got the Role of Robin's Mom ( Trailer Trash Queen) with HBO Vice Principle and I played off Walter Goggins also of SOA.  I ended up getting to do 2 of the 8 episodes in season 2.  I also got to work with Danny McBride.
Related image

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses?
Angela Anderson:  I like Goldie Hawn, Matthew McConaughey, Kate Hudson, Bill Patton, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett, Clint Eastwood and lots of people.  

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe your method for getting into a role?
Angela Anderson:  Get in a quite room, with my lines memorized I just put myself in my mind as the person!

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What are some of the roles you've had so far?
Angela Anderson:  Single mom (Trailer Trash Queen),  Office manger (Crazy White Groupie), Detective, Nurse, Warehouse worked, Best Friend And will be playing Foster Mom, Anchor lady and Bartender/cocktail waitress.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What has been your favorite project that you were involved in?  
Angela Anderson:  So far  HBO VICE PRINCIPLES.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Could you tell the readers a little about your role in Geechee One's TWERK movie?
Angela Anderson: I played the office manger where the girls worked and I also have a Big Crush on the Rapper they also liked, so I get them to take me with them to the audition.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How did you get the role?
Angela Anderson:  Felicia ask me if I wanted to be in a Music video. I said yes of course, I wanted to work with her since I missed getting to audition for Angles Revenge.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What has been one of your worst experiences in the acting business and how did you learn and grow from it?
Angela Anderson:  Working with people who try and hustle you for money when your first starting and you get taken.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What are two big milestones you've had in your career so far?
Angela Anderson:  Working With Danny McBride & Walton Goggins with David Gordon Green as director on Vice Principles & Then Working as both an Actress and a Wrangler on Halloween 2018 (got other cast members to set & make sure they got to wardrobe, make up etc and was on Set ready then after every thing back to wardrobe etc and back home in NC)

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention that we haven't so far?
Angela Anderson:  PLUG My New Film "THROUGH THE EYES OF JUSTICE" with me playing [the role of] "Cora Watkins" and Demi Johnson actress from Goose Creek, SC.  She will be playing "Jane Martin".  My husband Matthew Anderson will play the role of detective Joseph Sandy.  Please go to our  Face Book page THROUGH THE EYES OF JUSTICE.       
We also have a go fund me account and a Kick Starter account!
Go to our page and click on our links !!


The short film TWERK by GEECHEE ONE PRODUCTIONS is available on Amazon at this direct link


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S.P.F. will rock the house at NEXGEN (July 14th)!

Image result for Ongaku Overdrive's NEXGEN

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine featured artists S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) will rock the house at the upcoming Ongaku Overdrive Presents NEXGEN live concert event on July 14th!

The event will be held at.............

The Geek Easy Bar & Lounge (View)
114 S Semoran Blvd Ste 6
Winter Park, FL 32792
United States

Purchase your tickets at the direct link here

Follow the group and their music at their official website