Friday, July 28, 2017

POEM: Omni (by Darrell Herbert)

Omni (by Darrell Herbert)

How I made it, how I hate it
Undress my regrets, oh, it's naked
And a penis, was the meanest
Defeat the defeatist 
To do right, just know I can't cope with life
So grab a knife and insert it into my anaconda vice 
Proxy, proxy
News reports of my autopsy
Under the influence, top me
To a cock sucker who's too cocky 
You can't compare your pregnancy to my disease
You can't compare my immaturity to your impurity
Commitment doesn't protect me
Rejection doesn't accept me
And you hope that your lover and your healer are the same people
And that your equilibrium is equal
To revive the idea on how to survive
In due time

In the darkest times, your sign collides with the sublime
In dark times, my sign merges with what's no longer alive 
In dark times, help us defuse what goes on in our minds
Help me escape the cage of inner-rage
A ring for thought, a proposal that won't engage
I wasn't taught, I was lost, similar to Johnny Crain 
Sonya's blade gouges out the eyes of Johnny Cage
To have faith is to remain faithless 
I detest, I detest, Miranda's arrest
So obsessed, too depressed, scared of what comes next
Projects multiplied my insecurity complex
Road to riches, even though you collide with the lane
Slandered estranged, I forget, you slander my name
Just a glimpse or a chance at fifteen minutes of fame
In my feelings, even though you've never felt so strange
In my feelings, even though you've never felt detained  
In my feelings, even though you've never felt my pain

Don't know what to live for
Resurrect what can't be restored
Wet bed, but, burning the page
Can we devour from the sins that I've made?
Or, just destroy all of the obstacles I continue to face
In every instance
Just second guessing my one existence
With resistance 

Don't know my worth no more
Don't want to hurt no more
Show no concern no more

Isn't it scary?
Suicidal thoughts I bury
My dead body I carry
Buried in the cemetery 
My temper isn't temporary
You don't love me as I
So you project and modify

Hate when you say I'm too emotional
But, where are your emotions though?
May you be reminded, that this was always one-sided
Smoking to forgive, drinking to forget how to live
Let's go back to the start
I'm just a sinner who sins his own heart
And you're the sparkling star with no spark

Time after time
All seeing eye I'm going blind
It's a lie to say I'll be fine
With my depressive and explicit rhyme
In danger, of being a stranger
Meeting my maker, but, you're not my savior
What else do you want me to say?
A pedophile who pedals on my day
I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away
Cough drops will make me cough away

Don't die to see me, live to love me
Below I glow with angels above me

Saturday, July 22, 2017

BIRDY will open up for The Game and Nipsey Hussle on Aug. 12th

SEHH featured artist Birdy will open up for The Game and Nipsey Hussle on Aug. 12th at the SBC Fairgrouds in Victorville, CA.  Check the flyer for more information and details.  

Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady cosigns BIRDY's "West Coast Thang"

Popular blogtalk radio host Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady will have rising Utah based hip hop recording artist BIRDY on her popular show "Welcome to the Cuntry" on July 28th Friday at 9:00 PM ET at this link

Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady is certainly loving Birdy's new single "West Coast Thang", this is what she had to say about the single after hearing it....

"That was hot!! Great hook, word play on beats tight and right Testify" - Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady

Indeed Indeed!


Download Birdy's single "West Coast Thang" everywhere music is being sold digitally!

Birdy's "West Coast Thang" is available on Amazon at this direct link

Friday, July 21, 2017

NEW SINGLE: SwagSwitcha & Terrible Toad King of S.P.F. "Final Count"

Check out the new single from nerdcore hip hop superstars SwagSwitcha and Terrible Toad King of the group Symphonic Pheenix Force titled "Final Count"!  
Listen to it at this direct link


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The SEHH BEST OF JUNE LIST (See who WON BIG from the previous Month)

Alright!  We are just now finishing up the Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF JUNE 2017 LIST!  Sorry to keep you all waiting, but better late than never!  See who won big!  Most of last month's winners aren't even in the hip hop genre!  CHECK IT OUT!

Best Artist (Male): Twicy
The winner in the category of BEST ARTIST (Male) goes to rising Afropop singer Twicy for his new powerful and inspirational single "Head Up"!  Listen to the single at this direct link  For more information on Twicy e-mail his management at

Best Artist (Female): Ebony Archer
Winner in the category of best artist (female) goes to powerful R&B vocalist Ebony Archer for her single "Can't Nobody".  Ebony Archer's single has gotten a lot of great reviews across the web and was even featured on the prestigious Blacktopia website as well.  Listen to the single on Soundcloud here at

Best Group:  The GroovaLottos
The winner in the category of Best Group goes to the soul, funk, blues band The GroovaLottos for their current release ASK YO MAMA!  Get more updates on the band at their official promo blog

Best Collaboration:  D $wi$h & G. Dep
The winner in the category of best collaboration goes to D $wi$h's song "Curtain Call" with former Bad Boy recording artist, and currently incarcerated rapper G. Dep!  Listen to clips from the album here at this direct link 

Best Single:  P.G. Trill Fam "Tryna Get Mines"
The winner in the category of Best single goes to P.G. Trill Fam's "Tryna Get Mines".  The theme of the single talks about how people want to "shine" but don't want to put the time and work in.  You can listen to the single at this direct link  For more information on P.G. Trill Fam, reach out to his management at (Scott G. Management)

Best Mixtape / Compilation / Album:  Ton 1000 Ton's World
The winner in the category of Best Mixtape goes to Ton 1000 for his current release Ton's World!  The songs featured on Ton's world shows a great mixture of the rising Arkansas based recording artists talents and abilities as a true lyricist and songwriter.  Listen to what the artist has to offer by streaming and downloading his mixtape at this direct link 

Best Music Video:  Birdy's performance of "I Made You"
The winner in the category of "Best Music Video" goes to Birdy's live performance video on Reime Schemes set for the single "I Made You" filmed at the Street Motivation concert in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Check out the video here at this direct link

Best Non Music Video:  Relationship War Stories
The winner in the category of best NON Music video goes to the podcast youtube video reboot for the Relationship War Stories series.  Check it out at this direct link

Best Producer:  Philonius Phunk
The winner in the category of "Best Producer" goes to the popular Nerdcore beat maker Philonius Phunk!  Philonius Phunk is a member of the nerdcore hip hop collective Symphonic Pheenix Force, and is best known for sampling popular video games for the foundation of his beats and instrumentals.  Get more information on Philonius Phunk at his official website here at

Best DJ:  DJ Overload 
The winner in the category of best DJ goes to DJ Overload (Leland "Shogun" White) of On the Rise Radio!  DJ Overload has been a strong force in getting independent artists heard on the West Coast, and has helped break many records as a member of the Blacktopia DJ Coalition and Record Pool.  Big shout outs to DJ Overload and his son, the young record breaker child genius DJ Den.  

Best Radio Personality:  Adrienne Charleston
Winner in the category of Best Radio Personality goes to Adrienne Charleston AKA "The Butterfly" and one of the 3 hosts of Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio which airs every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM ET on  Adrienne Charleston brings a lot of great subjects to the round table as well as interesting talking points, and her weekly segment "Butterfly Flow" is a hit among listeners, tune in Tuesday nights to catch The Butterfly speak.  

Best Radio Show:  Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio
Winner in the category for Best Radio Show goes to Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio that airs every Tuesday Night from 9:00 PM to 11:00 PM ET with hosts Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady, Adrienne Charleston and Some Guy Named Jay.  Tune in and listen here at this direct link

Best Website:  Live Press Kits
Winner in the category for best website goes to Live Press Kits.  This website features Electronic Press Kits (EPKs) from various artists, public speakers, bands and comedians for event organizers, and promoters to look at for consideration for their upcoming events when looking for new and exciting entertainment.  Check out the official website here at 

Best Facebook Group:  Blacktopia
The winner in the category for best facebook group goes to Blacktopia:  Black Utopian Society.  It's not only a facebook group but an entire movement to assimilate black folks from all walks of life, and to teach the importance of economic empowerment as well as having some fun too!  Check it out at this direct link

Best Poet:  Kimber~Love
Winner in the category for BEST POET goes to rising award winning Spoken Word artist and writer Kimber~Love!  Get more familiar with her work and upcoming tour dates on her official facebook page at the direct link below.

Best Model:  Tanisha J. Blanton
Winner in the category for best model goes to Blacktopia spokes-model Tanisha J. Blanton!  Check out the official Blacktopia website at

Best Promotions:  Blacktopia's Advertising Service
Winner in the category of best promotions goes to Blacktopia's advertising and marketing services.  Get more information on the service at this direct link 

Big Business Award:  Mobb Boss
Winner in the category of BIG BUSINESS goes to prominent businessman, and rapper MOBB BOSS.  Mobb Boss is making major moves down in Florida and ever since hooking up with "Some Guy Named Jay" for extra PR, his career has taken off in a major way!  Get more updates on Mobb Boss at

Don't like what you see on this list?  So what.... file your complaints by e-mailing


Monday, July 10, 2017

CRAIG & SHEV "Steady Hating" featuring CASSIDY and T-RELL

Raw, gritty street appeal is what you get from Here We Izzz Entertainment’s Craig Blackwell and Shelvon Turner AKA Craig and Shev.  The duo follows up their EP “Power Moves”, with their new single, “Steady Hating” Ft. Cassidy and T-Rell garnering major media attention nationwide.

Hailing from Stubenville, Ohio, Craig and Shev employed Cassidy and T-Rell to create this smooth anthem but did not omit the crafty word-play to stay true to their love of classic hip hop. They traveled to New York City to provide the backdrop for the video. Craig and Shev released Power Moves which, gained attention from reputable websites and blogs after the release of their video “I Don’t Know About That”. Appearing on Worldstar, Thisis50 and more, led them to  a Southern College Tour with Yo-Gotti. Craig and Shev brings that Midwest swing with true to form lyrics creating a much needed refreshing sound for music lovers.  

These guys are focused and have the work ethic of industry vets, expect to see them making major moves for years to come!

Follow Craig and Shev:

IG @craigandshev

Twitter @CraigWestwitit

Saturday, July 1, 2017

MIXTAPE SPOTLIGHT: Ton's World by TON 1000

Check out this week's Southeast Hip Hop Mixtape Spotlight on TON 1000's mixtape TON'S WORLD. Check it out and post your feedback below.

Artist Spotlight: P.G. Trill Fam

Take a look at our latest Southeast Hip Hop Magazine Artist Spotlight on Laurel, MS based artist P.G. Trill Fam!

Listen to his latest singles here at the direct youtube links below
"Tryna Get Mines"

"Dum Dum Way"




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