Friday, July 28, 2017

POEM: Omni (by Darrell Herbert)

Omni (by Darrell Herbert)

How I made it, how I hate it
Undress my regrets, oh, it's naked
And a penis, was the meanest
Defeat the defeatist 
To do right, just know I can't cope with life
So grab a knife and insert it into my anaconda vice 
Proxy, proxy
News reports of my autopsy
Under the influence, top me
To a cock sucker who's too cocky 
You can't compare your pregnancy to my disease
You can't compare my immaturity to your impurity
Commitment doesn't protect me
Rejection doesn't accept me
And you hope that your lover and your healer are the same people
And that your equilibrium is equal
To revive the idea on how to survive
In due time

In the darkest times, your sign collides with the sublime
In dark times, my sign merges with what's no longer alive 
In dark times, help us defuse what goes on in our minds
Help me escape the cage of inner-rage
A ring for thought, a proposal that won't engage
I wasn't taught, I was lost, similar to Johnny Crain 
Sonya's blade gouges out the eyes of Johnny Cage
To have faith is to remain faithless 
I detest, I detest, Miranda's arrest
So obsessed, too depressed, scared of what comes next
Projects multiplied my insecurity complex
Road to riches, even though you collide with the lane
Slandered estranged, I forget, you slander my name
Just a glimpse or a chance at fifteen minutes of fame
In my feelings, even though you've never felt so strange
In my feelings, even though you've never felt detained  
In my feelings, even though you've never felt my pain

Don't know what to live for
Resurrect what can't be restored
Wet bed, but, burning the page
Can we devour from the sins that I've made?
Or, just destroy all of the obstacles I continue to face
In every instance
Just second guessing my one existence
With resistance 

Don't know my worth no more
Don't want to hurt no more
Show no concern no more

Isn't it scary?
Suicidal thoughts I bury
My dead body I carry
Buried in the cemetery 
My temper isn't temporary
You don't love me as I
So you project and modify

Hate when you say I'm too emotional
But, where are your emotions though?
May you be reminded, that this was always one-sided
Smoking to forgive, drinking to forget how to live
Let's go back to the start
I'm just a sinner who sins his own heart
And you're the sparkling star with no spark

Time after time
All seeing eye I'm going blind
It's a lie to say I'll be fine
With my depressive and explicit rhyme
In danger, of being a stranger
Meeting my maker, but, you're not my savior
What else do you want me to say?
A pedophile who pedals on my day
I'd rather go blind than to see you walk away
Cough drops will make me cough away

Don't die to see me, live to love me
Below I glow with angels above me

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