Wednesday, May 16, 2012

D.I.V. bringing heat to all Regions!

Although rising underground rapper, and one half of the group So O.D., lyricist D.I.V. resides in Yonkers, New York, the artist is surely getting love in all regions of the U.S. including and especially down here from us in the South East! 

Check out some of his official music videos here!

D.I.V. "The Vision" (produced by The Alchemist)

D.I.V. "Puff Pass"

D.I.V. "Never B Alone"

D.I.V. "The Foundation"

D.I.V. "Can't Help It"

Sunday, May 13, 2012

New Mixtape by 2 Piece

Direct Download Link:

Friday, May 11, 2012

Ike Ellis talks about the concepts behind his up coming album Cornbread (coming June 12th 2012) in this Interview


Rising Carolina recording artist Ike Ellis sits down with South East Hip Hop Magazine to discuss his forthcoming album Cornbread.  In this Interview Ike Ellis breaks down the concepts behind certain songs, who he worked with for this project, as well as explaining to the readers why this album is a "must have" for your CD collection or I-Pod.  Read all about what this young, talented brotha has to say.....

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  In one quick sentence, who is Ike Ellis? 
Ike Ellis:  IKE ELLIS is a artist from the bottom who is trying to do more than he done yesterday

How has 2012 been for you so far as an artist?
2012 has been a year of productivity, and rebuilding.  The organization of 100grand Ent and my media company has really propel the organization as an artist.  The amount of opportunities that have been available have been limited, but each opportunity has been maximized at it’s fullest potential.  The knowledge has elevated as an artist.  2012 is a great year as oppose the prior years as an artist.  The confidence is back.  The motivation is back.  The artist of IKE ELLIS is developing to magnitude greater than ever before.

Who are your top 5 emcees?
My list goes like this Tupac, Andre 3000, Biggie, Eminem, Redman  
Let's talk about your forthcoming release Cornbread, how would you describe the overall feel of this album?
The overall feel of the Cornbread album should embody the soul of black.  The album represents the motivation to keep going thru any struggle that is encountered.  The album to me is the element of surprises.  The feeling of being underrated with the ability to conquer any obstacle is the overall feel of the album. All my life, I was considered the underdog and only but a few things in this world help me make thru life.  The Cornbread helped me get thru funerals, good days, bad days, losses, gains, the love in relationships and other topics in life that a human being may incur.  Anybody who knows me well knows I eat a lot of cornbread.

What producers did you work with for this project?
For this project, I worked with ‘Focus’ of Dirtyscopebeatz, Brad M, and B –squared, and Reese-keys

Will there be any guests on this project, if so, who do you have?
The only features are from Qua Qween out of Port City and Picasso the Word Smith of Raleigh NC.

The lead single "Loving You" has you rhyming over a classic sample with the vocals from the original song sped up, and has a real "Boom Bap" feel to it... are the rest of the beats on this album sample based?
 Don’t know if I know what a “boom bap” feel means, but if you are referring to that bounce then yes. There are other samples on album. I couldn’t really capture the soul of black folks with any samples, but I need that bounce. As listener to music, I could get into the sampled music if it didn’t make me feel the music. To feel the music the drums had to be right. I am a universal type artist and my stills are not limited to a specific type of sound. With this album I tried to capture and define that Carolina sound. “Loving you” is a representation of that sound partly, however because Carolina is a melting pot of different type individuals defining the Carolina sound is very hard to do. For example, if you go to Charlotte North Carolina it’s possible you will hear the music that resembles Atlanta sounds, but if you come to Raleigh the New York type instrumentation including the samples are in heavy rotations.  The object was to create a universal sound to hit any city and the people will feel the music. 

How would you describe some of the other beats on this album? 
The other beats on the album are somewhat the same way as “Loving you” . The drums are banging, the bass is dropping but the album is eclectic when it comes to the sound.


What type of topics are you addressing on this album?

Being black in America, the love of the music, the thick skin needed to embrace those who don’t love what you love, the haters, complications with social injustices, dealing with poverty, inspiration to do more even though the circumstances, the love, celebration of life, karma, laws of power just to name a few topics. I concentrated on the universal feel because the world is greater than what we see from the front porch.

Who are the types of people you feel would be able to relate to what you are saying on this album?
Black men in America, woman who have seen struggles, rappers who are trying to make it in the industry, those in poverty, grew up in poverty, those seeking the similar truth and people who like to have a good time even though the days not promised or going well.

In your opinion, what would you say is one of the most creative songs you've recorded?
I don’t think I have recorded my most creative song yet.  When I think of creative I think of songs such as Nas “rewind”  “go he there” was mind boggling to me when I heard it for the first time.  Thus far though maybe the most creative song I would say I recorded was a song I done back on 06 called “Fast Cars and Large Bills”. The song was a true story about a girl who was infatuated with the life, but got consumed so much in the life, that her life was put in jeopardy by contracting the “aids’ virus. 

What is your goal for this album? 
My goals for this album is to sell 100,000 copies independently, establish my position as a respected artist in the industry, and actually achieve things that nobody where I am from have ever done before. 

Speaking of goals, what career goals do you have for yourself as an artist for the rest of 2012?
The career goals are to manage my company to the most maximum of my abilities, build the buzz, and generate income of the god given talents and abilities.  Continue to push when everybody counts me out. Like getting up when rocky got knocked out by the Russian. 

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about yourself and the new album? 
I appreciate your questions about the album.  The album is hot, but it’s great as well.  The topics in this album have been going on for years and will continue unless we as artist make it our business to speak on the truth in this world. 

Name 5 reasons fans should buy this album?
A fan should buy this album because the world needs more thoughts of the social injustices in America.

A fan should buy this album because I put my heart and soul in a pan for the world to eat.

A fan should buy this album because of my commitment to the music.

A fan should buy this album to support the cause.

A fan should buy because I would love them listening to the music even if they didn’t.