Wednesday, October 19, 2011

J*Midd proves that you can party Sober!

Rising Atlanta, GA rap sensation J*Midd sits down with South East Hip Hop Magazine to discuss his latest single "I Know How To Party", future projects and explains that you don't need alcohol to enjoy yourself.  Read all about what he has to say.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What has J*Midd been up to these days?
J*Midd:  I am recently working on my new Project entitled The Redefinition Of Party.  I feel the club scene and party scene as a whole has changed tremendously, and has somewhat grown awkward. I feel that the message that the music industry sends to our youth is out of line and straight up unnecessary.  When I say The Redefinition Of Party I party in my own way.  I prove that I can be in the club stealing the spotlight, but in a clean and conservative way.  No drink in my hand.  Don't have to be high or taking a female home every night after a show.  I prove I can make chart topping music without cursing or being explicit [or] talking about the everyday norms that music talks about Bottle Poppin', Smoking, Sex, etc.. This is a message I feel is needed and could definitely be a new market in itself, targeting more younger kids as well as their parents. Being ok to buy the CD for the kids is a source most other explicit music can't target.
Outside of that I have a CD coming out in December backing the "I Know How To Party" campaign.  Same concept as the album dropping next year.  All positive uptempo songs, proving what I mean when I say "I Know How To Party".

How would you describe your latest single "I Know How To Party"?
"I Know How To Party" is definitely a down south, ATL, Club banger... It has the bounce to really get a crowd hype, and a catchy repetitive hook that can get stuck in the heads of anyone who hears it.  As I mentioned above.  I party in my own clean and positive way.  So this is one of my ways of subliminally stating "I Know How To Party" and take over the spotlight and in a direction our youth needs to be directed toward. 

What makes you "Mr. I Know How To Party?"
NO ONE is doing what I'm attempting to do.  Be a light in a dark world.. Everything is drink this, smoke that, Take her home and smash.. and all the above.. So I've taken the "gentleman route" as far as being the good clean cut guy, coming to take your girl if your not careful type way.  I have a positive vibe to me, always smiling, always standing out in a crowd, always sober, respectful, and genuine.  THAT is the life of the party in my eyes, and a route no one has taken.  That is why I think this concept and lifestyle as a whole is a great marketing tool that can generate a lot of opportunities.

We also see that you are selling promotional T-Shirts to go along with the "I Know How To Party" theme, do you plan on doing T-Shirts for other songs or other types of designs to further promote what you do?
I'm becoming known for my clothing and apparel product.  Last years was "Where's The Party At" and "HaterProof" for 2 songs I had.  This year is "I Know How to Party."  I always like coming up with creative ways to brand and market the records I push, and T-Shirts and other merchandise are a great way to get the visuals and the brand out there in the streets.

Getting back to your forthcoming album Redefinition of a Party, what else can listeners expect to hear on this project?
I touched on this a little bit in the previous questions, but this album will consist of high energy, Top 40, Euro, Hip Hop, and even some Rock.  All high energy, good positive and clean songs that young kids can listen to, as well as the older crowd.  My sound and delivery is very different and unique, you will never hear the melodies and harmonies I do anywhere else.  My goal is to definitely stand out with something different and very special when this album drops. I have high expectations for it.

How would you describe the perfect Party Atmosphere?
The perfect party atmosphere for me is all about where the music is.  When the music is loud and the lights are flashing, people are more focused on just having a good time, wanting to dance and get lost in the music. 

A lot of people are catching on to your music through the Internet and we see that you have become one of the most talked about up and coming artists on Mocospace's Mobile Community, how do you feel about that? 
I feel very humbled to hear that.  I'm glad people are responding and respecting the music, knowing its very different. I would love to build personal relationships with everyone that shows love to the music. I'm definitely a people person.  I'm definitely appreciative and hope that they all get a chance to hear the entire project soon.

Aside from rapping, do you have any plans of getting your hands in any other projects in the Entertainment industry such as acting or anything else?
I have been approached to do some acting and modeling.  I'm open to do anything that involves networking and opening doors.  My strong point is song writing, so getting into the publishing aspect is my main goal for sure.
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Monday, October 10, 2011

Who is Mr. Boom Boom Bang?

Atlanta, GA based recording artist and producer Mr. Boom Boom Bang has certainly been making a lot of noise with his blazing hot new single "Fa Sure", recently we here at South East Hip Hop Mag caught up with the bright young vocalist to discuss his forthcoming mixtape titled The Big Bang 2, and to answer the question that has been on the minds of a lot of fans... "Who exactly is Mr. Boom Boom Bang?" read all about it as he gives us that explanation in this interview.

South East Hip Hop:  Who is Mr. Boom Boom Bang?

Mr. Boom Boom Bang:  Mr Boom Boom Bang is a remarkable individual musically, mentally, physically and all about bringing the better good in people.

Who are the FlyStarz?
Flystarz is a movement and also a rap group featuring Mr Boom Boom Bang and Tae, something we came up with right after high school.

It's said that one of the things that kicked off your music career was winning a contest that lead to you being featured on a Greg Street mixtape awhile back.  What was the song that won the contest and how would you describe the song for those who haven't heard it?
Yes, Greg Street definitely gave great opportunity to Flystarz, we were one of the artists picked for a mixtape of his and did a show with Rick Ross, Players Circle, alog with Travis Porter and many other artists that were up coming on the grind at the time, that was a great learning experience and we definitely had a great time.  The name of the song was "Icing on My Cake".

It's said that Swizz Beats is one of your influences as a producer/rapper... what was it about him and his style that gave you inspiration?
Yea, I definitely admire Swizzy's work, he has some of the greatest drum patterns and unique sounds in tracks.

We see your music being promoted a lot by The Giant Blast, from their e-mail blast newsletter to their affiliated blogs and everywhere in between.  How did you hook up with the popular Internet Promotion company/ digital record pool and what made you and your management decide to work with them to create more awareness for your forthcoming mixtape The Big Bang 2?
Management told me Giant Blast was great and I was willing happy to participate. And now that I see how Giant blast works hands on, I can say that I’m very pleased.

Speaking of The Big Bang 2, what can fans expect to hear on the mixtape?
The Big Bang 2 is on another level, I get a lott more personal with the product verses mostly party tracks, I'm giving my audience a lott to think about and relate to. I declare it’s a classic. I cant wait for you guys to hear!

How did you hook up with DJ Scrill?
I was told that DJ Scrill is a worker and not only a DJ but a business man and that’s a characteristic that sustains strength within our team and hes done nothing but prove what I was told and more, shouts out to that dude DJ Scrill!!

In another interview you said that you may take a break from rapping and focus more on songwriting and producing, are there any artists that you would really like to work with as a producer?
I would love to produce tracks for Beyonce, Chris brown, Lil' Wayne, Rihanna, Nikki Minaj, the list goes on.  I just want to be the greatest!

What would you say is the difference between a beat maker and a producer is, and which would best describe you?
A producer is responsible for the overall direction of a recording and also gets placements. I don’t know what a beat maker is I never been one….

Is there anything that you would like fans to know about you that they already don't know?
If  theres anything I would like my fans to kno it would be that love conqors all. Ive been lied on, deceived by those I only look out for and made money because they were jealous of my position in situations. But I never fight fire with fire, I fight it with truth and a level head and that kept me favor so there for I never lose. Live your life this helping man that will deceive you and watch how blessed youll be by the greater power there of. This way of life defines who I am.