Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DJ Lady Drama of Chronicle Radio supports Brittney J's single "All My Love"


Popular Texas based Internet radio DJ, DJ Lady Drama recently added Brittney J's single "All My Love" to the playlist!  When asked about the single Lady Drama's initial response was....


Yes indeed she does DJ Lady Drama.

Brittney J.


GHOST shares his experience directing Music Videos for South Coast Records Artists SOME KOSHER YUPPY & AN-ONE

Music Video director GHOST talks about his experience working on the set directing music videos for South Coast Records' artists SOME KOSHER YUPPY and AN-ONE.  Read all about what he has to say as he breaks down each video separately.

Some Kosher Yuppy "GMATT"
Directed by Ghost

Ghost:  "GMATT" will always be a dope video to me, it was the first time I got to work with the SCR fam.  It was great to link up with people who we could creatively build a visual together, (that's rarer than you would think).  We originally had a crazy fire scene planned but the substance I suggested to use only gave us a like 1 inch blue flame, lol that was my bad.  Another dope thing about the video is the entire video was shot at Yuppies house and at a park behind it.

An-One & Stupid Genius "Old Time Sake"
Directed by Ghost

Ghost:  On set of the Old Time Sake video was real fun.  We shot in a downtown salon/clothing store called EGO LAB, as we tried to decide who would be the main girl, we looked thru the window and noticed one of the females twerking in their underwear saying MUSTARD ON THE BEAT MUSTARD ON THE BEAT, and it was a real fun shoot to be apart of.

Some Kosher Yuppy "Prayers For My Enemies"
Directed by Ghost

Ghost:  We shot "Prayers For My Enemies" in a park right out side of a grave yard, as we walked deeper into the park we noticed a storm or sewage drain with some graffiti on it and spur of the moment decided that would be one of the main performance shots.  I also think there was a funeral going on in the grave yard so we and Yuppy had to leave the crew behind and sneak threw the grave yard to get some of the shots.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Congratulations to Robinlynne for Winning the Award for Best Talk Radio at the 2014 SPREAKER RADIO AWARDS

We would like to say congratulations to frequent South East Hip Hop Magazine supporter and dedicated sponsor Robinlynne for winning in the category for BEST TALK RADIO on the 2014 Spreaker Radio Awards!!!!

Check out Robinlynne's Spreaker Award Winning Network here at 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" featured on HOT BILLION!


Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" is now being featured on HOT BILLION!  Check it out here at this direct link

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" is featured on Djamee's Website!

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" is now being featured on Djamee's website!  Check it out here at

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers For My Enemies" is now featured on FRESH APPLE CURIOUS!


Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers for My Enemies" is getting support all over the world wide web!  One of the latest places to post the single and video is FRESH APPLE CURIOUS!  Check it out here at this direct link

Some Kosher Yuppy's "Prayers for My Enemies" featured on REFRESH N STYLE!

Some Kosher Yuppy's music video "Prayers for My Enemies" is featured on Refresh N Style!

South Coast Records signs Diiamond Royalty

South Coast Records just added another very talented artist to their roster, DIIAMOND ROYALTY!  

Check out her music at her official Youtube page at


Sunday, July 20, 2014

Brittney J's singles are in heavy rotation on the Real West Radio Show!

Brittney J.'s singles "Dark or Light" as well as "All My Love" have been getting played on heavy rotation on the Real West Radio show!  Check out the Real West Radio Show's 50th episode above!

Just Another Day: Talking about Blakk North

Just Another Day...."Talking about Blakk North"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)


On the daily I meet new people.  I tend to have that gravitational pull to artists that are trying to impact hip hop by bringing back what is missing.  When I first heard Blakk North I was able to connect with him as him and I have a lot of the same views when it comes to today's hip hop.  Blakk North is one of those artists.

Blackk North was born in Cincinnati, Ohio.  Where at the age nine, he played with the notion to become a hip-hop artist.  Really not interested in the in the hip hop era, North was influenced by a higher power to pursue this goal. While growing up North began studying other artist’s craft thus developing one of his own.  By age fourteen, North decided that he would take a more active role with his craft by applying himself to song writing.  Over the course of time Blakk North improved his brand of music. He accomplished this by developing different styles of lyrical delivery. Unshaken by minor set backs and disappointments, North continued writing to advance his style to a higher plateau. North recently visited that every plateau by taking control of his own destiny and releasing a six song CD. Though the CD did not give him national recognition it still gave him local recognition with in his own city.  Blakk North continues on his quest to bring the world a new type of sound unlike any other.

I am blessed to be able to collaborate and speak with Blakk North daily.  He has become a great friend and is well on his way to creating an album that will do more then just allowing you to bob your head. Songs like "Excalibur" are thought provoking and insightful, as well as one of my favorites. I look forward to his new project and know for certain this man is about to impact the world of hip hop through knowledge by getting you,  the listener, to see the perception of the world through his eyes.

For those looking for features with Blakk North you can email him @ and to listen to his music go or you can hit him up on fb, twitter, MySpace music.