Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Poet / Entertainer / Author Spotlight: Justin "Soul Quest" Toney

Author Justin ‘Soul Quest’ Toney gives a fresh tone to literature’s daughter, poetry.  Born in 1986, Author Toney became in touch with his soulfulness as a young tyke, at the age of 7 when he first began singing in the children’s choir at his church.  His expressions of feelings and ideas artistically penned began at the age of 14 in Wichita, Kansas once he was struck with “a curious inspiration”.  It was through music and poetry he sprouted his roots within the creative arts which would soon become his passion.  A young Toney would first showcase his performed work at talents in Iraq while in the U.S. Army in 2005.  Later to share his poetic theatrics at open mic and slam poetry events, at Phatt Katz Jazz & Comedy Lounge, The Sentient Bean, Club Mutuals all within the Savannah, GA area as well as other venues.

Author Toney, a graduate of Armstrong State University in 2013 and also a participant in a poetry critique group with the Deep Kids program where his education included studies of literature, creative writing, poetry and critique courses all in which helped to shape and inspire his cleverly written proses.  A man of plethora of gifts and talents, his heart is just as extendable.  ‘Soul Quest’ Toney, has been a mentor to others within his poetic community as well as a tutor to the youth.  His pure love for the written arts inspires him to motivate others to tap into their own strengths as he offers positive critiques, suggestions for improvement and instructional feedback. 

Author Justin Toney has been published in several publication throughout the years.  Some of his printed work includes features in poetic anthologies published by Inner Child Press: "Hot Summer Nights" and "A Gathering of Words: Poetry & Commentary for Trayvon Martin" (both 2012), Honey Drip Radio Magazine first issue, Armstrong State University's 2013 Calliope: "Unhinged Edition Publication (as an entry author and editorial board member), Sweet Nectar Publishing: "Poetic Gumbo: Selected Poems" and "Hurricane Katrina Couldn't Break Us" (both 2013), Poetry & Prose Magazine (2012), and LYFE Magazine (2013). All in which lead to encouragement for him to present his own collection of poetry, Evolution of Soul: A Journey through Poetry” (2015).  The fire in this poet’s eyes, the inspiration within his soul, and the passion within his heart will all continue to brighten this author’s future as a writer.  For this is only the beginning of Author Justin ‘Soul Quest’ Toney’s journey as he continues to “eat and breath poetry”, making it a part of his soulful structure to help others and guide lives with an art form in which he believes “is so much bigger than us”!

Check out the book Evolution 

Below is a blurb for my book: 

Toney’s style is a blend of Free-versing, Slam, Spoken word, and Traditional. In his first collection, Author Toney’s book “Evolution of Soul: A Journey Through Poetry”, his verses splatter a metaphoric mind pictorial, painting visuals of love, consciousness, sensuality, darkness, inspiration, and more. Indeed, there are parallel subjects from similar poets, both historical and modern day; however, Toney’s perspectives are inked in an assortment of American vernaculars depicting his own life’s journey.  

Also swayed by many musical genres, the quintessence of his lyrical pen is filled with vibrant soulfulness. Author Justin Toney’s expressions are multi-layered and personable. His artistic use of both figurative language and wordplay will stimulate your inner passion. You will detect within his poetry an introduction to his cleverness, while he conveys superlative imagery. Toney believes “poetry connects to one’s soul”, and I too agree. "Evolution of Soul" is not only a collective of poems, but also an impressionable page turner.

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