Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Freestyle's "Crystal Ball" music video featured on The Mixtape Drop!


South East Hip Hop Magazine Featured artist 
Freestyle's "Crystal Ball" music video is now getting love and support on 
The Mixtape Drop!  Check it out here at this direct link......

AT http://www.whoisfreestyle.blogspot.com

Freestyle's "Crystal Ball" gets support from K93

After receiving Freestyle's music from The Giant BlastK 93 is definitely supporting the single and video "Crystal Ball"!  The single and video is now being posted and featured on My K 93 here at this direct link http://myk93.com/?p=2134

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Freestyle of the Arsonists "Crystal Ball" single Now featured on FRESH APPLE CURIOUS!

South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Freestyle's latest music video "Crystal Ball" is being featured all over the place!  One of the latest places to feature the video and single is the prestigious FRESH APPLE CURIOUS!  Check it out here at this direct link

Get more updates on Freestyle at http://www.whoisfreestyle.blogspot.com

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Y Millz Up and Coming Hip Hop Rec Artist In The News, Trauma Radio New EP and Kindle Book Hookah Event

Djamee  Enterprise Logo

Y Millz Up & Coming Hip Hop Rec Artist In The News Trauma Radio New EP & Kindle Book Hookah Event

During Who's Next Wednesday Y Millz will be promoting his new EP Respect My Grind Vol 2, his New Video Up Next as well as his cutting edge approach to leveraging Kindle Amazon to reach his fans globally his next hookah weekly event at Zoodoo Lounge


Y _Millz_Trauma_Radio
Y _Millz_Trauma_Radio
PRLog (Press Release) - Dec. 31, 2013 - NEW YORK -- Y Millz, just released his brand new up EP Respect my Grind Vol 2 on Christmas to the tune of an unprecedated 15K views and over 10K downloads. This is not an esy feat to get the audience's attention when you are independent. Y Millz relly on a highly advanced digital platform to reach his supporters. So whenever he post a blog or an update on his site he gets thousands of eyballs on the posts almost in real time.

On Wednesday January 1st 2014 while most of us will be looking for leftovers or simply be hangover; Y Millz will be out in the field promoting his work live on the radio.

January 1st is also the official lauch of his new video Up Next produced by Protege Beats and directed by Pharaoh True Dynasty Films.

Listen via your mobile phones or desktop computers http://www.TraumaRadio.net or on Apples "Tunein Radio" app (Search Trauma Radio)

Respect  My Grind Vol 2 E P Various Artists

His new Kindle book also tittled Respect My Grind Vol 2 was released on December 31st 13 and will be available for 2 days free to download here http://www.amazon.com/Respect-my-Grind-Vol-2-ebook/dp/B00...

Exclusive fire songs from creative talented unsigned artist along side others.
Don't ever give up on your dreams. Stay MOTIVATED AMBITIOUS DEDICATED.
Y Millz is at the cutting edge of technology; leveraging the Amazon Kindle platform to linkup with new eager fans worldwide. Download this book FREE from Jan 1st to Jan 2nd 2014.

Starting jan 16th and every Thursday therafter; Y Millz Hookah Models in colllaboration with 9Efficient Ent ATM Ent at Zoodoo Nightclub 1518 macombs Rd. Bronx New York.

For complete update bookings and other business inquiries Mgmt polobossymillz@aol.com


Media Contact
Djamee Enterprise
917 250 2800



Freestyle (of the Arsonists) new music video featured on Directly Stated!

South East Hip Hop Featured Artist Freestyle's latest single and music video "Crystal Ball" was recently featured on Directly Stated!  Check it out here at this direct link

Get more updates on Freestyle at http://www.whoisfreestyle.blogspot.com

Monday, December 30, 2013

Host of Vibes Live Robinlynne shouts out the Winners of the South East Hip Hop Magazine's "BEST OF" List.

Robinlynne (winner of The Best Radio Show) congratualates the winners of the "South East Hip Hop Magazine BEST OF" list. Check it out by clicking the youtube video above.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK Mixtape featured in Get Right Music!


South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK Mixtape is now being featured on GET RIGHT MUSIC!  Check it out here at this direct link.  


Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK Mixtape featured on The Mixtape Factory

South East Hip Hop featured artist Rhyme Scheme's ALL BLACK Mixtape is now being featured on The Mixtape Factory!  

Check it out here at this direct link




South East Hip Hop BEST OF 2013

Best Artist (Male):  Jay Fresko


Artist of the year (Male) goes to South Coast Records' Jay Fresko!  Jay Fresko has been making major moves and putting in work for years, but 2013 was definitely one of the best!  Click the link below to watch the music video for Jay Fresko's "Slow Down".    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPcLm4c6I8E

Best Artist (Female):  Shif T.

The Best Female artist of 2013 goes to ACM Recording artist Shif-T!  Listen to and watch the music video to Shif T's single featuring Tyga of Young Money titled "Rappa Slash Rocka" here at this link

Best Single:  Some Kosher Yuppy 

"In Due Time"

Hands down, the best single of 2013 goes to Some Kosher Yuppy's "In Due Time"!  The critics (V-Dot, Michelle Magee, etc.), bloggers (The Beat Yard, Hollywood Online, Dimez on Deck, etc), and DJs (DJ King Shine, Robinlynne, DJ Colossal, Afrosoul, DJ Ms. Royale, etc.) all gave the single great reviews and support!  If you haven't heard the single yet, find out what you missed by clicking this link here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vCEZV172pmY

Best DJ:  DJ Ice

DJ Ice (featured DJ)

This was a tough pick!  There were oceans of DJ's eligible for "SEHH Best DJ of 2013", DJ King Shine, DJ Ms. Royale, DJ Colossal and the list goes on, but one of the best mixtapes released this year, Indy Street Heat co-hosted by DJ Ice held enough weight to tip the scale in his favor!  Check out the mixtape here at this link  http://coast2coastmixtapes.com/mixtapes/mixtapedetail.aspx/indy-street-heat

Best Producer:  Stupid Genius

Stupid Genius produced some of the BEST BEATS OF 2013!  Listen to some of those bangers at http://www.southcoastrecords.com 

Best  Music Video:  "Just Ask" 

by Wess Musiq (directed by Tim Carr)

The Best Music video of 2013 goes to Wess Musiq's "Just Ask" (featuring Al Skee and Casino Redd), directed by Tim Carr!  We are all tired of seeing rap videos with the same visuals and themes (standing on the corner, rapping inside of a strip club, in the studio, etc.), so director Tim Carr and recording artist Wess Musiq decided to take things in a different direction by creating a live action version of the video game Grand Theft Auto 5!  Watch the actual video by clicking the link below 

Big Business Award:  

South Coast Records

The Big Business award goes to the record label South Coast Records!  Why?  Because they are doing big things and doing big business!  Check out their promotional blog at http://www.southcoastrecordsblog.blogspot.com and the official website at http://www.southcoastrecords.com

Best Collaboration:  Rhyme Scheme 

featuring D.I.V. & Revolver 

"Time Will Fly"

Jay of The Giant Blast thought it would be a great idea to put rising New York based artist D.I.V. and current Californian emcee Rhyme Scheme on the same track, and just like most of Jay's ideas this turned out to be an instant classic!  Listen to it here 

Best Promotions:  The Giant Blast

The Giant Blast provides one of the best music marketing, advertising, promotional and PR services for artists and labels on the web today (aside from the SEHH Promotional Service of course).  In the past years The Giant Blast has worked records for Grandmaster Melle Mel, DJ Khaled, Slip-N-Slide Records, State Property's Omillio Sparks, Sadat X, Ying Yang Twins, Special Ed, and Petey Pablo just to name a few, and in 2013 The Giant Blast kept up the great work by "blasting" music from clients such as Mono Bagends, Rhyme Scheme, Mr. Boom Boom Bang, Arlis Michaels, Ike Ellis, MCBEE-X, PerfectPryzm, Zemy, Freestyle of The Arsonists and more!  Lots of independent and unsigned artists have to wear multiple hats, but The Giant Blast believes that artists should just focus on creating the art and making great music, and hire companies like The Giant Blast to get the word out and do the leg work!  If you are an independent artist and you are interested learning more about The Giant Blast's promotional services then e-mail TheGiantBlast@aol.com

Best Radio Show:  

Vibes Live with Robinlynne Mabin

The Award for Best Radio Show goes to Vibes Live hosted by Robinlynne Mabin.  Listen to why her show is so popular by clicking this link http://www.vibeslive.com

Best Blog:  The Beat Yard

The Award for Best Blog goes to The Beat Yard.  Now we must admit that this blog/ web page isn't updated as often as we would like, but when they do make updates The Beat Yard has some of the best blog entries on the web, with in depth interviews talking with producers about their beats and artists about the types of beats they like to use, music reviews, beat reviews, etc.  The Beat Yard also does a great job of connecting artists and producers!  Check out some of their posts here at http://www.thebeatyard.blogspot.com 

Best Youtube:  2 Good 4 Radio
The Best Youtube goes to 2 Good 4 Radio.  Not for having awesome visuals, but for posting some of the most interesting, fun and entertaining podcasts on the web!  Listen to some of the podcasts, rants and interviews here at http://www.youtube.com/2Good4Radio

Model of The Year:  Nika Williams

Model of the year goes to the lovely, beautiful and talented Nika Williams!  When Nika Williams isn't burning up the runway or posing for a photo shoot, you can catch her making audiences roar with laughter in comedy clubs across the U.S.  Yes, you read that correctly, Nika Williams is a beautiful model that performs stand up comedy and she is hilarious!  Nika Williams also has a nice body, and a nice body of television and film work under her belt, appearing on shows from Hannah Montana, VH1's Best Week Ever, Nick Cannon's Short Circuits, All of Us, 2 Broke Girls and more!  Don't sleep on Nika!  If you are, this recent podcast interview featuring Nika will certainly wake you up http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoRANcJZop0

Album/Mixtape of The Year:  


Album of the year goes to Wess Musiq's POWER N PLEASURE!  Fans and viewers of South East Hip Hop Magazine couldn't wait to get their hands on this project and pump it in their iPods!  Check out the album for yourself at these links
iTunes Link:  https://itunes.apple.com/lv/album/power-n-pleasure/id771018842

Best Mobile App:  

The Giant Blast Mobile Device App.

There are lots of great new apps available and one of our favorites and a SEHH recommended app is The Giant Blast Mobile Device App.  The app keeps it's viewers and subscribers updated on music and entertainment news, and allows visitors to stream music and view pics from the app as well.  Subscribers can also receive blog posts from South East Hip Hop Magazine as well!  Click this link to install the app. IT'S FREE

There you have it folks!  THE BEST OF 2013 

(according to South East Hip Hop Magazine)!  

If you are reading this list and feel that it should have 

been different then feel free to posts your 

suggestions below or e-mail us at