Wednesday, December 4, 2013

FIVE REASONS........ Promoters Should Book SOME KOSHER YUPPY

1.  Some Kosher Yuppy knows how to move the crowd!  S.K.Y. always gives 110% every time he's on stage, and he certainly brings a lot of energy to the atmosphere.

2.  Some Kosher Yuppy knows how to BRING a crowd!  This South Coast Records flagship artist will certainly bring followers and help pack out the venue!  Although Yuppy is a young newcomer, still growing and building a fan base there is still a great deal of viewers and listeners that support the movement and will surely come out to see Some Kosher Yuppy perform live!  

3.  Some Kosher Yuppy makes excellent music!    Watch one of his most recent music videos "In Due Time" here and let the music speak for itself.

4.  South East Hip Hop Magazine will cover and/or advertise the event!  Yes we said it, promoters, if you want more publicity on your shows, and events then book Some Kosher Yuppy!  Not only will we send someone out there to do a write up on the event, but we will assist with advertising and creating more awareness for the gathering using our publication, associated e-mail blast and network of blogs and web pages.  

5.  Promoters will get a quick return on their investment!  (see reason #2).  Booking Some Kosher Yuppy is definitely "worth it" in more ways than one.  

If you are a promoter, or event organizer and you are interested in booking Some Kosher Yuppy for your next event just e-mail and we can make that happen!

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