Monday, December 9, 2013

Jay Fresko Interview (THE PRODUCT VOL. 1 COMING DEC. 13th!!!)

South Coast Records artist Jay Fresko stops by and gives us an exclusive one on one interview to discuss his forthcoming digital release THE PRODUCT VOL. 1, his history as an artist, and what to expect in the future!  Read all about what he has to say here....

South East Hip Hop:  What's up Jay Fresko?
Jay Fresko: Chillin' baby.  Living it up.  Enjoying the little buzz we got going!  Ready to get 'em buzzin' worldwide!

South East Hip Hop:  Where does the name Jay Fresko come from?  
Jay Fresko:  My first name is Jason.  My nickname is Fresh.  I'm of Latin descent, Puerto Rican and Cuban to be exact.  Fresco is Spanish for Fresh.  I wanted to show the heritage in my moniker.  So, my rap name became Jay Fresko. 

South East Hip Hop: How long have you been rapping?
Jay Fresko:  It started with poetry in the late 90's.  Eventually I graduated to freestyling over industry instrumentals.  I didn't actually start recording music, until like 2000-2001.  I didn't get serious until '04-'05. 

South East Hip Hop:  What inspired you to become a rapper?
Jay Fresko:  The hip hop scene in the late 90's.  I got to hear some of the best that ever did it. Biggie Smalls, Tupac, Jay Z, Mos Def, Big L, Big Pun, Eminem, Busta Rhymes, DMX, Wu Tang. I learned from my idols. Eventually people started to express how talented I was, I felt like I should take it seriously. So I began rapping under the moniker, Tek-nique da Lyricist.

South East Hip Hop:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?
Jay Fresko:  I'm a Hip hop purist, with mainstream attributes.

South East Hip Hop:  How would you describe your two current singles and videos "Slow Down" and "My Theme Park"?
Jay Fresko: Slow Down is my "Juicy"!  It's a throwback track, with a smooth groove, that makes you wanna move something.  We tried to recreate the scene in Notorious, where Biggie records "Juicy".  Theme park, is a boisterous track, where I'm describing my current lifestyle, which is much like an amusement park, because of all the exciting things happening around us.  It speaks directly to former rhyme partners and collaborators of my early years rapping. Basically reminding them that, they should be enjoying this with me.

South East Hip Hop:  How would you describe the overall feel of The Product Vol. 1?
Jay Fresko:  It's an introductory piece that let's you have an understanding of who and what I am, as well as where I'm trying to go. It's the call, to all, who wanna get on with your boy. Cause this train is leaving now. All aboard.

South East Hip Hop:  Who did you work with for this project?
Jay Fresko:  Most of the production was done with Stupid Genius, he also collaborated on a few tracks.  I also worked with Leck One, Ruff da Rude, DJ Butcha K and Gina Montana. Kissimmee Stix also engineered a few tracks.

South East Hip Hop:  What are some of your favorite songs from The Product Vol. 1?
Jay Fresko: "The Product", "Dirty Girl" and "Helen of Troy".  I love the whole album. There's a lot of good music on there, but those are probably my top three.

South East Hip Hop: Is there anything else you would like to tell the viewers about The Product?  Any last minute information or plugs or announcements?
Jay Fresko:  The Product; Volume 1, drops December 13th on iTunes. Be sure to pick it up. Also keep you ears glued for much more coming from the South Coast Records camp. Real talk, real music. SCR.

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