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YAWABEARS featured in The Carolina Inquirer.


(a proud sponsor of South East Hip Hop Magazine) was 
recently featured in The Carolina Inquirer!
Check it out here at this direct link


DJ Nero Maserati's CW3 featured on The NEW Mixtape Kingdom!

DJ Nero Maserati's new mixtape CW3: Reloaded is now being featured on THE MIXTAPE KINGDOM!  Check it out here at this direct link

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

"Miss Cupcake" has great things to say about DJ Nero Maserati's New Mixtape CW3 Reloaded

Amanda "Miss Cupcake" Chavarria, one of the top rising promoters in Chicago had 
a lot of great things to say about DJ Nero Maserati's latest mixtape CW3:  Reloaded!  
Read what she had to say below!   

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Salute to Nero Maserati this will be my mixtape of the wee...he got all the hits and new music you will love..this will 

definitely be my fitness motivation music!



Rhyme Scheme inks deal with Indie Music Factory


Rhyme Scheme is making major moves!  He was recently signed to Indie Music Factory (INGrooves/ Universal) and it's been buzzing all over the net!  Get more details about this classic signing here on the Indie Music Factory's Official Website at this direct link

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Just Another Day: Black Organs for Sale (NOT the Musical kind Either!!!)

Just Another Day...."Black Organs For Sale (NOT the Musical Kind Either!!!)"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)

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Check out the latest mixtape from DJ Nero Maserati here at this link

DJ Nero Maserati's CW3 is NOW on SPINRILLA!


South East Hip Hop Magazine featured DJ, DJ Nero Maserati's latest mixtape CW3: Reloaded is now available on SPINRILLA!  Check it out here at this direct link


Saturday, December 20, 2014

Interview with Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer

We recently spoke to one of our newest sponsors... Mrs. Iris Nutsugah of YawaBears!  She talks about the bears and the children's clothing line as well as the history and the future of the company in this interview!  Also check out YawaBears at this direct link

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  I am well.  The YawaBears team is well, too. Yawa Bears is growing everyday. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been making YawaBears and the children clothes? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  YawaBears is a new company.  YawaBears was born October 31, 2013.  Our first YawaBear was made October 2013.  YawaBears clothing line started six months later. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How did YawaBears all begin? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  YawaBears started with an idea the first of October 2013. I, Mrs. Iris Nutsugah wanted to purchase a teddy bear for my Grandbaby's  expected birth but after searching for an Africentric teddy bear without any success, I decided to design one.  Now, our (YawaBears) motto is "the new baby behind me". 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: For those that may not know, what does "Yawa" mean? Educate the readers. 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  In the Ewe language, Yawa means a female child born on Thursday. The Ewe African culture, the child is named in a ceremony called an "outdooring". 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What type of material do you use? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  YawaBears and our children clothing are made with African Wax Prints. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How would you describe your products for those who haven't seen the designs yet? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  YawaBears products are designed to attract and appeal to the modern-western Afri-centric and Afro-centric fashion models, ceremonials, events, and everyday users. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who do you make your products for? Who are the types of people that would enjoy the brand the most?  
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer: YawaBears products are made for children. Each YawaBears' is uniquely designed  and hand picked by the customer of their choice to select an African-Wax Print which is then, hand-stitched made to last.  We guarantee the stitch!  Additional YawaBears products are: African Wax Prints personalized quilts, designer children cloths, photograph ceramic tiles, YawaBears T-shirts (children) and YawaBears clothes and doll cloths by request.  Our services include personalize embroidery and YawaBears models event planning. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How can people look at the designs and buy the products? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  YawaBears is on FaceBook, Esty, and to purchase.  Most personalize orders are done by request via email, webpage and facebook contacts. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Do you make custom designs? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  Yes, we make specialty custom designs.  We work with the customer from start (selecting out an African Wax Print), body measurements if needed to the finish design product - free photography for children only. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What do you have coming for 2015? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  The YawaBears Team have a few projects lined-up.  We are recruiting YawaBears models to expand our brand collectively designing a range of children sizes.  We have in our plans to instruct - up and coming young fashion designers (children sewing classes only). 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention about YawaBears? 
Mrs. Iris Nutsugah, YawaBears Designer:  Yes, YawaBears intend on participating in more events through out the year. Announcements will be posted on Facebook and Twitter. Like our page to keep up with updates.  We would encourage our YawaBear viewers to take advantage of our FREE gifts when available for example, our children photography sessions, t-shirts, and more give-aways through out the year. The YawaBears Team plan to open a store- front soon, and, finally, I would personally like to invite all to journey with YawaBears and the Africanrise Organization to travel to West Africa to see where our African Wax Prints are purchased. We buy all of our African Wax Prints from West Africa (Ghana).   Also a shout out to the YawaBear team.....Mirror Me Media Photographer, and Media, Sylvanous Nutsugah, Jewerly Designer and Tiffany Jones, Coordinator.

Get more information on YawaBears at

Interview with DJ. Nero Maserati (CW3 RELOADED!!!!!)

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently got in touch with veteran Chicago based DJ, DJ Nero Maserati to talk about his new mixtape CW3 Reloaded that drops Dec. 20th (right along with this interview), his previous mixtapes and just chopping game in general with the Grandmaster Turntablist himself!  Read all about what he has to say!  Shout out to Chi Ann Management for the hook up!

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How are you doing DJ Nero Maserati?
DJ Nero Maserati:  I'm good. Life is great. Blessed

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been spinning?
DJ Nero Maserati: I been spinning since I was 13. So for a very long time.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to want to DJ?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Actually I want to learn to play an instrument but the lessons was to expensive.  So my mother got me some mixing equipment.  If I can remember some Techniques Sp1's and a Gemini mixer, and she told me my grandfather was a DJ so it's in your blood.  I guess it was cause it feels so natural to me.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who or what are some of the things or people that influenced you?
DJ Nero Maserati:  I been influenced my whole life by music. I seen the greatest play in concerts.  Marvin Gaye, George Clinton, Cameo, Run Dmc, LL Cool J, Kool Moe D, NWA just to name a few, and I always told myself I want to do that. Music....

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You've dropped several mixtapes throughout the years, what are some of those mixtapes?
DJ Nero Maserati:  First mixtape I was ever apart of was with my bro Potency. We had a promotion company called 312T, and we put together a mixtape of course with the same name 312T.  The T was for Takeover.  Then I did my second mixtape with Dawreck (Triple Darkness).  It was called Living Legend.  These mixtapes was long before now and what I'm doing. Now my catalog is extensive like I dropped 21 mixtapes this year. From BUMP J, BO DEAL, DO OR DIE AND TWISTA. To MASERATI CHRONICLES, CHICAGO'S WAY 1 & 2, GLOBAL NEWS, AND DOIN #'S VOL 1~4. Just to name a few. And the all can be found on SPINRILLA.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe a DJ Nero Maserati mixtape?
DJ Nero Maserati:  They describe themselves. Each one is different. Have they own lanes. You have to listen for yourself and come up with an description. Outside of that I'm CHICAGO'S HOTTEST DJ. Best description ever. They represent who I am.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You have a new mixtape set to drop on Dec. 20th, could you tell the readers a little about that?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Yeah CW3 RELOADED.  CHICAGO'S WAY 3. The saga continues.  I'm putting together a classic. Chicago underground with a few out of town guest. All original music.  All I can say it's #DOPE. I know I didn't say much cause I don't want to give anything away. Just be prepared when it drops. I'm ending the year with an incredible Mixtape. I know everybody that listens to it will enjoy it.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What can listeners expect on this upcoming mixtape?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Super #DOPE underground rap/hip~hip. Some legends. Some independent artists. Some mainstream artist. Something for everybody. Very well rounded. I got some California love, New Orleans love, and a lot of Chicago love on this project.  A Classic Mixtape.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What sets DJ Nero Maserati aside from all the other DJ's in the game?
DJ Nero Maserati:  I'm an artist driven DJ.  I support the underground and independent artist.  I'm like they A&R. I break the music. I don't follow trends I set them. By introducing new sounds and artist to game. Rather it be from Chicago or not. If its dope I will play no matter where I am at a club doing a party or at an event hosting an open mic. I play it. I give it to the people. Most DJ'S only follow whats trending.  You don't stand out that way.  So if one of these artist break I did my job, and can say I was apart of that.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What has been two milestones in your career as a DJ right now?
DJ Nero Maserati:  One milestone is I threw some incredible concerts. Waka Flocka, Project Pat, Travis Porter, Maino, Zed Zilla, Scarface. Just to name a few. But my biggest milestone was my club the Rap Factory. Deemed CHICAGO'S Mecca for hip~hop by the Legendary Psyh(Psychodrama). We gave Chicago a great platform, and had some of CHICAGO'S HOTTEST UNDERGROUND ARTISTS there. BO DEAL, CRUCIAL CONFLICT, PSYCHODRAMA, PARIS BUELLER(BAND KAMP) KATIE GOT BANDZ, CO STILL, DAWRECK. Just to name a few. We set a mark on Chicago with it.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What was one of your worst experiences as a DJ and how did you learn or bounce back from it?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Can't recall a bad experience in being a DJ.  I guess losing the Rap Factory cause of the city officials, and Dj Nero Maserati was born from it.  Wasn't a real bounce back cause to this day it never seemed like a fall to bounce back from. Just created another lane and started doing Mixtapes. 180,000 views
and over 40,000 downloads collectively I say I'm doing great.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Who are some of the DJ's that you respect in the game right now?

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Shining even harder. Still grinding for my underground and independent artist.  A few rap awards. Making history. RICH God willing.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What are your plans for 2015?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Actually more Mixtapes. Internet Radio (no Blog Talk). Dropping a few singles.  Doing more events.  Getting back into concert Promotion. Fashion, and making Money.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Any last minute plugs or shout outs?
DJ Nero Maserati:  Shout to Chicago. All my people out here grinding to make a difference and keeping a culture alive. Love all of you. Cause without the music and the artist I would have no purpose.  Also shout to all my people across the states and globe. Appreciate the opportunity to be allowed to get your music heard. Shout to my Management ChiAnn Management. She's doing a great job keeping me focused and on point. And shout out to SOUTHEAST HIP HOP MAGAZINE.  APPRECIATE THE SUPPORT.

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RHYME SCHEME signs to Indie Music Factory / INGrooves / UNIVERSAL

South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Rhyme Scheme announces his deal with Indie Music Factory which is being distributed through N Grooves / Universal!  Check out the official video for yourself here.

South East Hip Hop For Better Health: St. Louis Woman Runs for 9.3 Miles!!!!

South East Hip Hop for Better Health:   
St. Louis Missouri woman Karen Royal-Barnes shares a wonderful experience with us.... she recently completed a 9.3 Mile run!  Read all about her experience below.

Good Morning South East Hip Hop Magazine!!! So yesterday I ran my very 1st official 15k (9.3miles) 

in the StL 15k/5k Hot Chocolate Run!!!! I was so excited to Finish it!!! I ran the entire course which was 

about 85% Hills!!!! Yikes!!! 2.5 years ago I would have never imagined I would be a Runner....I have 

worked hard on my Fitness which has resulted in me shedding 84 lbs!!! (26 more to go)....Well now 

begins my training to run my very 1st 1/2 Marathon (13.1 miles) in April 2015!!!!

Thanks for sharing that wonderful news with us!  Looking forward to hearing more about your journey to your first 1/2 Marathon in April 2015!


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South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist RHYME SCHEME signs a deal with Indie Music Factory/ NGroovesUNIVERSAL.  
Click the video for more information

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Just Another Day: Killing Black Men Is Now Legal

Just Another Day...."Killing Black Men Is Now Legal"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)

Just another day.

Wow!  It's been a while hasn't it?  A lot has been happening in the world of hip hop but that isn't the topic for today.

Last night, December 3, 2014, I caught wind that the officer who had put a choke hold on Eric Garner was not indicted by the grand jury.  A few weeks prior Darren Wilson, who shot and killed Mike Brown, was also not indicted.  Do you see a pattern here? It has become very clear that the black man has become the new target and it's now hunting season. 

In 2013, 5000 African American and Latinos have been killed by police. That's in 2013!!! The stats since then have jumped at an alarming rate. Now, I have to make one thing very clear, Caucasians have also been a target of police brutality as well, however, African Americans make up for the majority.
In America there is an estimated 1.4 million gangs that are throughout the United States alone. The question I would ask is are the police, CIA, FBI, Military, and other government jurisdictions included in that 1.4 mill? If you look at what gangs are said to commonly do you would then see similarities. The reason why I bring this up is because with every gang they have a target, with every gang they have an agenda or mission, with every gang there is some who tries to get rid of evidence or has someone to take the fall... In these cases these officers are being protected by their top dog, they hide behind their colours and are protected because they wear them. They are devoted to the badge, they will not do anything to dishonor it even if it means not holding each other accountable. 

As I sit here right now I feel empty.  Knowing my black brothers continue to go through this fight makes me angry. I feel a sense of loss for every life that has been taken. 
I believe that there are other methods to using excessive force. We are NOT animals we are human beings. We were once kings and queens and even then people worked hard at robbing us of that. 

My fear, right now, is that this genocide will continue until the black race is wiped out COMPLETELY! It's bad enough that our people kill and hurt one another but now we have this to add to the struggle. It's like that double edged sword no matter what side your on your gonna get sliced. Our anger, our frustrations, at this time stems from a lack of leadership. We have lost our voice and those who used to speak for us. Not even hip hop speaks up for what is unjust anymore!!! Because of this we have no hope, no one to turn to, no one to tell us everything's gonna be ok. We are alone in this fight.  Tupac said that when people feel a sense of hopelessness, and that their voices aren't heard, they will react.

I pray that things change IMMEDIATELY. We are running out of time! I have said this many times and will say it once again, What is the best way to create a NEW WORLD ORDER?  Wipe out those who will stand up against it!!!

This is only the beginning of what could be the end!!!

Think about it and feel free to add your responses! Dialogue and conversation needs to be had about this topic. Make sure you check out JOYNER LUCAS DEAR AMERICA (DON'T SHOOT) on you tube and iTunes. This man is the voice that will put all this into perspective. He is what this generation needs....peace love and prayers to all of you. Be safe! 

Check out WE BUILD HITS this Saturday. The focus will be on these current events. Show will be on 6-8 central standard time.

Fb Renee Batson 
Ig afrosoul
Twitter afrosoul420

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Industry Insider DONNA WEST gives some good advice to Artists

Comment by Donna West on November 20, 2014 at 11:00am
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Robinlynne is a serial hip hop website killer. If you didn't know already she has been destroying businesses for years under the cover of a minster. She has a severe diagnosed personally disorder. I would run the other way or call the authorities if she is near.

Check out her profile at

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Just Another Day: Meet Mr. Corey Oz

Just Another Day...."Meet Mr. Corey Oz"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)


          It has been quite sometime hasn't it. But not all is lost!  I am back and will be posting some new blogs that will be sure to peek your interest.  A few months ago I interviewed Mr. Corey Oz. I was immediately blown away by his creative mind and his dedication to the art of music.  I have decided to post his bio just so all of you can see what this man has achieved. He is definitely one that I admire and look up to as he is a creative genius.  Currently he has been working with Nazo Bravo, another incredible talent, and he is also working on his own material. 

Facebook: Renee Batson
Twitter: afrosoul420
Instagram: afrosoul
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Check out Mike Cobain's Interview with South East Hip Hop Magazine here at 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mike Cobain's Interview in HOT BILLION Interview With Mike Cobain – Fucc Da World 

Take a look at Mike Cobain's interview with HOT BILLION here at this direct link

Shout out to Djamee Raphael!

Shys Debiocci featured in The Microwave Blog for being "HOT RIGHT NOW"

The Microwave Blog

Shys Debiocci was recently featured in THE MICROWAVE BLOG for being "HOT RIGHT NOW"!  Check out the interview here at this direct link

Team Hungrrry Supports Brittney J's Music

Charles BeastKing, the President of TEAM HUNGRRRY supports Brittney J's single "All My Love".  This is what he had to say.....

I'm loving her voice I wanna feature her 

on one of my shows on my E.a.T 

network an the bars from him killing it I 

love the hook. Hit me asap.

(Charles BeastKing of TEAM 


Check out Brittney J's single "All My Love" here at this link