Sunday, April 30, 2017

Meet Destiny Moriah, the First Lady of Camp Inc. Records

The music game is in for something special with Destiny Moriah hitting the scene. This young lady is a force to be reckoned with and her raw talent cannot be ignored. Born in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, now living in New York, she will grab the attention of music fans all over. Staying true to herself, her stage name stems from her first and middle names. From the age of 3 or 4, Destiny Moriah felt like a star while her parents knew she was destined to be one. Thanks to her father owning a record store where he often played her the classics and her mom who scouted talent shows, auditions, showcases, etc. this shining star could not be dimmed.

Her parents’ belief in her craft allowed her to start on a career path she loves using her knowledge she learned from them; hard work breeds results. Most recently, a major result is her signing a deal with the label Camp Inc. Records to release her new single “Scrumdillyumptious,” produced by Miami’s Keemalizer and Broward County Super Producer TwinkiE; available soon via iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, and everywhere music is sold.
“Scrumdillyumptious” is a sexy tune that will surely have the ladies swaying their hips while singing along; of course the fellas will enjoy watching them. Destiny Moriah’s distinctive, powerful voice captivates her audiences with her wide vocal range accompanied by smooth melodies. This steamy new single serves as a way for a lady to let her man of interest know how taken she is by him with an “I am woman, hear me roar” confidence. In an era of women becoming more empowered, having more of a voice, Destiny Moriah shows it is okay for the woman to make the first move. In this business, she has known challenges of heart break, rejection, along with balancing her personal and professional life; real obstacles everyone chasing their dreams face, but have to remain persistent. Making relatable music that exudes her passion for her craft with true emotion showing her personality is her ultimate goal in an industry that sometimes thrives off of manufactured images. Empowering women is part of her driving force; something that is lacking overall in music, which is at times perceived as degradingly negative instead of positive. “Scrumdillyumptious” will give women a voice that they may lack and old-fashioned society may feel is unacceptable for them to have.
This hot song shows today’s woman can express her sexuality and keep it classy at the same time. It is the perfect get ready for “girl’s night out” song that will also be a hit in the clubs while taking over the airwaves. Do not let the pretty face with petite frame full you, Destiny Moriah is a powerhouse rising to the top.
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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Spotlight: Zeus The Plug

After a year long hiatus to perfect his craft Chicago and New York artist Zeus The Plug is back better than ever! Highly anticipated by fans he will be dropping his debut album Alibi on April 26th available on Itunes and Apple Music store. Chance The Rapper's Grammy winning engineer/producer Jeff Lane worked with him on the album. The album is getting rave reviews and sure to be iconic.

One thing people will appreciate when they get an opportunity to meet me, is the fact that, my music represents the lifestyle.- Zeus The Plug

You can stay up to date with him on all social media sites @zeustheplug

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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Spotlight: STAR MONEY

“Star Money” Deondray Hall (Born February 13, 1991) better known in his city as “Lil Drakey” or stage name “Star Money”, is an American hip hop recording artist, singer-songwriter from Joliet, Illinois. He’s been rapping since the age of 9 years old influenced by a aspiring artist from his hometown by the name of “Reggie Loc”. Star Money is the leader of his own collective, SMG (abbreviated for “Star Money Gang”), and is currently managed by Justin Ball (Ceo) of Gclasstv.
STAR MONEY | “TRUST NONE” [DIR. @DeuceTerintino]:

Listen to Star Money – Without Tryin’ by Drakey  Hall #np on #SoundCloud

Producer Spotlight: Philonius Phunk

Philonius Phunk is a hip-hop and R&B music producer and a member of the nerdcore rap group, Symphonic Pheenix Force (SPF). Born in Ohio and residing in Florida, Phunk brings the noise with elements of Midwest boom bap, 70’s funky synths, and 16-bit gaming hits.  In April 2016, he released his debut compilation, “PhunkoLand.” filled with tremendous nerdcore emcees lacing rhymes over video game remixed beats.  He has produced projects with many artists in the U.S. such as Niko Is, YZM, Ishida, just to name a few.  Check out some of Philonius Phunk’s music and updates on the following links:

Listen to "Hope Ya'll Ready" featuring Tek Force, Twill Distilled, Darealworldsound
Produced by Philonius Phunk

Monday, April 24, 2017



The Journey Begins Now - Not Only Street Recording Artist ILL Bleed brings hardcore, straight to the point urban trap related themes that were inspired by the memory of his deceased sister Shantella, his son Justin Tucker and his late belated father Evert Hopson. 

Currently, in discussion with Cash Money / Universal, Atlantic Records, and Sony A&R; along with his manager dB Heard.  ILL Bleed and his management team are presently establishing tour agreements in Canada, Nevada, Georgia, Ohio, Kansas, and Missouri in accordance with affiliate booking agent Creative Amusement Talent Agency.

You can find ILL Bleed’s music at Not Only Street Records, All Major Online Outlets, Talk Of The Town, Vintage Vinyl and Elucid Retail Record Stores in St Louis, Missouri., follow him on IG: Check out the MJ Badd video @ #notonlystreet #illbleed


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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Classic SOULJA BOY song co-produced by BE CHAP BEATS

Be Chap Beats got one of his highest beat placements a few years back co-producing the song "Trap Freestyle" for Soulja Boy alongside MPC Cartel!  Check out the full song at this direct link


Friday, April 21, 2017

The top CAROLINA rappers NEXT to become as successful as J. COLE

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine is proud to present a list of the next big hip hop recording acts to come straight out of The Carolinas.  The state of North Carolina has been a hot breeding ground for countless stand out and legendary artists such as Little Brother, Petey Pablo, producer 9th Wonder, Supastition, and most recently J. Cole just to name a few.... but in 2017 there is a new set of rising lyricists that are destined to grow as successful and influential in hip hop as J. Cole and Southeast Hip Hop has listed the most valuable players below.

Ghost Dog has been making lots of noise in the underground hip hop circuit especially in the Carolinas for years now, but after the release of his recent LP DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI which has been critically acclaimed by podcasters and bloggers all across the web the awareness and fanbase for this high skilled emcee has soared to new heights.  Ghost Dog has been a guest on the hit blogtalk radio shows Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio, as well as The Rush Radio and has many more guest appearances on high ranking talk and radio shows coming up very soon! 
Purchase Dreams of a Wandering Samurai by Ghost Dog any and everywhere music is being sold digitally.    

Poet / rapper D-Hud has been putting in major work!
Releasing tons of high quality singles and music over the past few months and after hooking up with "Some Guy Named Jay" his buzz has been growing non stop!  Get more updates on his music, upcoming shows and more at

Royal Entry is a serious force in the East Carolina music scene!  He's been receiving a lot of major attention after the release of his music video and single "Time Slippin'" which was also featured on 50 Cent's This Is 50, Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine, the prestigious Blacktopia website and more!  His latest mixtape #Gorilla2017 shows the rapper's true skills as he bodies each track with force and confidence with every single line he spits.  Listen to the mixtape at

Lazurus is the truth because he stays "true".  True to the art of hip hop, true to himself, true to his fan base, true to his music and lyrics, and it's a true thing that Lazurus is destined to achieve more greatness especially if he continues dropping truth bombs over true school boom bap golden era beats!  
Connect with Lazurus on social media at these direct links 
Links to Music
Social Media Links

Malk Naz kept it on during the winter with his blazing hot single "Tarzan" and kept it cool in the Spring with "Killer Ice".  Get more updates on his music at his official promo blog at

Flyy Drexler may have "Came From Nothing" (like his hit radio single) but he certainly is something!  His single "Came From Nothing" has gotten spins on terrestrial / commercial radio stations, college stations and XM Satellite radio all across the nation and in 2017 you know he has more great things coming up very soon! 

A-Kween / Ratchet
A-Kween (AKA "Ratchet") has been making lots of changes, not only from her name change from Ratchet to A-Kween, but the style of her music showing more of her versatility as a vocalist, and it's even rumored that the rising songwriter / lyricist will be moving to Atlanta soon, however no matter where she ends up rather it be remaining in North Carolina or changing her base of operations to Georgia, it's safe to say that you can put this gorgeous, business savvy, intellectual woman anywhere on God's green earth, she will triple her worth!  Also no matter how this WPEG Power 98's "Next Big Thing" recipient will evolve throughout her career it's also very clear that she will remain "A-Kween" and will stay royalty in the Carolinas no matter what.

Fa'Ness is a singer / rapper that made a huge name for himself last year with the side dude anthem "I Already Know" and Fa'Ness continues to show "finesse" as his popularity grows.

Yung Abundance has been driving the ladies wild since dropping his Panty Dropping Anthem of 2017 titled "So Wett" featuring Big Mike of Day 26, and it certainly has been leaving the ladies soaked.  With a slew of singles to keep the listeners satisfied for many years to come, he will certainly receive more and more fame, recognition, power and of course money in abundance!  

K.W. The Artisan has pure talent running in his blood, especially since his mother is the prestigious physiologist / life coach and renowned poet and author Adrienne Charleston and new co-host on the well received Blacktopia Presents Round Table Talk Radio.  K.W. the Artisan is not only a very skilled emcee but he's also an equally talented graphic designer and illustrator.  Who says that you can only be a jack of all trades and a master at none when K.W. the Artisan masters every trade he's involved in!   

There you have it!  A list of very talented NORTH CAROLINA stationed emcees / rappers / songwriters that Southeast Hip Hop Magazine would bet $1,000,000 and our lives that every single artist on this list will be as successful, powerful and influential as J. COLE in the music industry one day!!

Keep checking back with Southeast Hip Hop Magazine to read up on their progression.  

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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Artist Spotlight: D-Hud

Get familiar with up and coming Southeast based hip hop recording artist D-HUD!  Get more updates and information on his music, upcoming shows and more at

Get familiar with rising Poet and Author VERONICA THORNTON and her latest BOOK

Veronica Thornton a.k.a. Vee is the author of “Universal Colloquies Inside of Me” was always gifted with the art of verbal and written communication although she was never a big talker yet quite the observer and listener due to her severe childhood skin issues that plagued her until approximately 19 which helped her see people differently than others because many refuse to look past aesthetics to see the true person.  Looking beyond the surface was/is her specialty because many make assumptions based on appearance unaware that some things are beyond a person’s control. She quickly learned that some of the ugliest people are packaged very well.  Her empathetic feelings towards others also caused her to look within herself for answers that many had no answers for or did not want to address.  

It took some time and searching for Vee to learn and accept what her purpose is.  She seemed to have a knack for writing and for some time brushed it off as others just being kind.   She went from job to job never quite finding her niche when she wasn’t working she was focusing on her education attending various institutions of higher education.  In her educational pursuits she has received a Medical Secretary diploma as well as an Associate’s degree in Business Management while dabbling and researching philosophy, psychology and religion. As her interests are vast in nature her curiosity and ability to be open minded led to many discussions and debates among various people from different cultures and economic backgrounds further educating her on the ways people view the world.  She has an appreciation for all things creative and artistic which she found to be her strengths which include writing, painting and photography.
Vee is from Cleveland, Ohio a mother of 2, poet, author, writer, motivational speaker, and counselor.  Many refer to her as a free spirit which she views as a compliment because to love and be loved is one of the greatest feelings a person can have and give.
Vee’s links

Universal Colloquies Inside of Me
Veronica Thornton (Vee)
Brief Synopsis
Universal Colloquies Inside of Me is a book of poetry that asks its readers to have conversations that go beyond the surface.  It takes you on a journey in philosophy, sociology, self-awareness, and love while using rhythmic eloquence to highlight often felt yet unexpressed feelings and circumstances.  The author utilizes nature in a variation of ways to illustrate how we are all connected and the messages and life lessons really are universal. Although, they are often transmitted and received in different ways. From the beginning Vee tells you exactly who she is in the poem entitled “Who Am I” as she addresses all of those things within the pages to follow. It is a book that will leave you feeling inspired while also giving you a different perspective about some things.  Overall it will definitely lead to having deeper conversations also known as colloquies. 
Available at:

Artist Spotlight: Birdy

          Birdy is an aspiring hip-hop/rap artists from Salt Lake City, Utah. Growing up Birdy’s musical talents was inspired by his father and mother inspiration and love for hip-hop music (mostly west coast and southern hip-hop, early east coast hip-hop) and the history behind it all. His parents also loved oldies, pop, and r&b from the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s which Birdy is also inspired by. He started writing music when he was 9 years old and slowly gave up song writing when he was 16. Years later in 2011 after the birth of his first child he got an internship working in a studio called Spy Hop Productions for a year where he learned how to mix and record. After Spy Hop Birdy took some course online at Full Sail University for music and business. After gaining more knowledge in the music biz Birdy started performing local shows in his home state, Las Vegas and California (local shows and headlining acts) for Spice 1, King Lil G, Jayo Felony, OG Domino, Suga Free, Bushwick Bill of The Geto Boys and Rhyme Scheme. Birdy is continuing his music career by now building his brand (Fly Distribution Ent.) giving back to his community, getting his story heard around the country and worldwide.

Facebook Page



Google Plus

iTunes (west coast thang by birdy) (west coast thang by birdy)'

Friday, April 14, 2017

Celebrity Publicist Michelle Magee cosigns Marcel P. Black!

Celebrity publicist Michelle Magee (known for working with acts such as Mr. Cheeks of the Lost Boyz, Waka Flocka, Ludacris, Ice Cube's Da Lynch Mob and more) is loving Marcel P. Black's music, especially the single "Cry Freedom".  This is what she had to say about the rising artist....

Marcel P. Black is truly a professional recognized by many major media sources.
He represents real hip hop talking my about social issues and not garbage. Salute to him and keep up the good work Marcel!
- Michelle Magee

Indeed Indeed!

Listen to Marcel P. Black's new single and video "Cry Freedom" here at this direct link on youtube

Artist Spotlight: Twicy

African Pop Singer TWICY tells the viewers a little bit about who he is.......

I'm Ernest Bright Acquah popularly known with the stage name Twicy.  I started music at the age of 10 singing with the school choir and performing songs of Akon and Ne yo .I'm inspired by Akon, Ne yo and Africa's number 1 artist stonebwouy from Ghana. I was born in a town called Agona Swedru in the Central region of Ghana on 12th January 1994. I completed Senior High School in the year 2013 and i have been into music since then. I aspire to be Africa's number 1 artist and the whole world as well.

Listen to the new single from Twicy here at this direct link

Add TWICY as a friend on Facebook here

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Tammy Thomas (Poetess)

Purchase Tammy Thomas' book Emotional Soul of a Poetess on AMAZON

Tammy S. Thomas was born and raised in Newport News, Virginia, into a military family. which she still resides at and take on the role as a single mother and grandmother. As a teen she thought of herself as unique and a loner, even though she had friends. Tammy discovered an outlet while writing in her journal to express her feelings. This was her way of dealing with her emotions. Along the way she began writing poetry, but didn't know exactly what it was. She explains that writing is a way of relaxing and she enjoys it very much.

In 2011 she connected on Facebook and started to write poetry. Since then she has caught attention of other writers and friends with her catchy words and metaphors. They have told her that they can relate to her poetry and was inspired by them.

In 2015 she made her first interview appearance on Blacktopia Round Table Talk internet show to discuss her poetry and other issues in the community. And in 2016 she was invited back for a second interview and also had the pleasure of being a headliner for two poetry events on the show.

Tammy since then has became an author with Creative Talents Unleashed Publishing Company in October, 2016. And published her first anthology book in January of 2017, and also her first, solo poetry book in February of 2017.

Tammy hopes to continue to inspire through her words and to encourage others not to be afraid to speak out.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF MARCH 2017 (See who the WINNERS are!!)

Alright!  We are BACK!  Check out our monthly BEST OF list for March 2017!  We also have new categories as well!  SEE WHO WON BIG THIS MONTH!

Best Artist (Male):  D-Hud

Southeast Hip Hop's BEST MALE ARTIST for the MONTH OF MARCH goes to the rapper / poet D-HUD!  D-Hud has been dropping many singles for 2017, and during the month of March he as kicked things up a notch with releasing a new single with his "partner in rhyme" Malk Naz, re-releasing his popular poem dedicated to encouraging and empowering black men, and making several podcast appearances to get his name out among a wider audience.  Check out D-Hud's official promo blog at

Best Artist (Female):  Siren Seraph

Winner in the category of BEST ARTIST (FEMALE) goes to Siren Seraph of the prestigious rising NERDCORE Hip Hop group SPF (Symphonic Pheenix Force).  Listen to her vocals and verses on the songs and you will certainly know why the spot for this month goes to this talented, creative lyricist.  Also check out the group's new single "About To Start Rapping" too.  Get more familiar with Siren Seraph and the rest of the gang at these direct links below.

Best Group:  Metanoiz

  The winners in the category of BEST GROUP goes to the hip hop twin brother powerhouse duo Metanoiz!  The group has a sound that meshes the traditional golden era, boom bap sound from the 90s with more up to date progressive lyrics and their signature sound works!  Listen to one of their latest singles and music videos "404040" featuring Chris Rivers (the son of the late Big Pun) by clicking the direct link below.

Best Collaboration:  Cooley High & Mystikal "Big Ol'"

Best Collaboration goes to Louisiana based hip hop super stars Cooley High along with veteran and former No Limit Soldier Mystikal for the song "Big Ol'".  Listen to this soon to be viral hit single here at this direct link

Best Single:  Scotty Beamin & General P. "I'm On The Block"
The winner in the category of best single for the month of March 2017 goes to Blazed Up Records' very own Scotty Beamin featuring General P. titled "I'm On The Block"!  Both of these very gifted New England based emcees body the track, and you can listen to it for yourself on the Southeast Hip Hop Magazine SPREAKER Radio Network at this direct link

Best Mixtape / Compilation / Album:  Ghost Dog DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI

The winner in the category of BEST ALBUM OR MIXTAPE goes to rising North Carolina based hip hop lyricist GHOST DOG's latest project DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI!  The album is available on iTunes and anywhere music is being sold digitally...

Best Music Video:  Reime Schemes "Island Flame"

Winner in the category of best music video goes to Reime Schemes for his hot new single and sexy video "Island Flame"!  Watch the music video for yourself at this direct link

Best Non Music Video:  "What About Your Friends?"

The winner in the category of Best NON Music Video goes to the viral hit drama web series "What About Your Friends?".
See the drama, and the lives of all the characters in the story by going to

Best Producer:  Be Chap Beats

The winner in the category of best producer / beatmaker goes to BE CHAP BEATS!  Be Chap Beats has been pumping out hot tracks for many rising indie artists, and if you would like to hear some of his amazing beat making skills then check out his official website at

Best DJ:  DJ Den

The winner in the category of best DJ goes to DJ Den, the child prodigy and the boy (or MAN) behind the music for the hit blogtalk radio show ON THE RISE RADIO with hosts Leland "Shogun" White (who is also DJ Den's father) and Reime Schemes that airs every Wed. Night at 9:00 PM EST.  Although DJ Den isn't even old enough to spin at the club, he flips records better most club DJs 3 times his age!  He may be young, but he is certainly a classic DJ.

Best Radio Personality:  Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady 

Winner in the category of best Radio Personality goes to the renowned Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady of Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio that airs every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST and the "Welcome to the CUNTRY" Specials that air on select Friday Nights at 9:00 PM EST as well!  Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady is certainly a strong voice on Blacktopia and the Podcasts On Demand Network.  "Babs" asks the guests very tough questions and she certainly gets nosy during her "Interrogation Sessions".  Fans and listeners can check her out at

Best Radio Show:  Person 2 Person with Tina Wright

The winner in the category of Best Radio Show goes to Person to Person hosted by Tina Wright!  Tina Wright is certainly one of the stars of the BRPP Network and after listening to her popular show that airs on Tuesday Nights at 8:00 PM EST you will certainly know why!  Find out by listening here at

Best Website:  CW Music

The winner in the category of best website goes to CW Music!  Check out the official website here at this direct link

Best Facebook Group:  Real Talk

Winner in the category of Best Facebook group goes to REAL TALK, a place where members can be themselves and just "keep it real"!  Check it out here at this direct link

Best Poet:  D-Hud

Rapper D-Hud also wins in the category of "Best Poet", after releasing his poem dedicated to encouraging black men titled "Black Man".  Listen to the powerful poem here at this direct link

Model of The Month:  Tanisha J. Blanton

Model of the Month goes to Blacktopia spokes model Tanisha J. Blanton!  Take a look at her in the Blacktopia Beauty Model Calendar at this direct link

Best Promotions:  Southeast Hip Hop Magazine

The winner in the category of BEST PROMOTIONS goes to Southeast Hip Hop Magazine.  That's right, we are giving it to ourselves for the month of March 2017!  If you are an artist and would like to know more about our promo and advertising services to assist artists in creating more awareness for their music then click the link for more information

Big Business Award:   Felicia Rivers

The winner in the category of "Big Business" goes to Felicia Rivers, the writer, director and executive producer of the viral hit drama web series "What About Your Friends?" as well as the creator of Geechie One Magazine.  Check out the drama web series on youtube at this direct link

Tell us what you think?  Who do you think should have won?  Who do you think should win for the upcoming list?  Who would you nominate?  E-mail us at and voice your opinion!