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Southeast Hip Hop BEST OF MARCH 2017 (See who the WINNERS are!!)

Alright!  We are BACK!  Check out our monthly BEST OF list for March 2017!  We also have new categories as well!  SEE WHO WON BIG THIS MONTH!

Best Artist (Male):  D-Hud

Southeast Hip Hop's BEST MALE ARTIST for the MONTH OF MARCH goes to the rapper / poet D-HUD!  D-Hud has been dropping many singles for 2017, and during the month of March he as kicked things up a notch with releasing a new single with his "partner in rhyme" Malk Naz, re-releasing his popular poem dedicated to encouraging and empowering black men, and making several podcast appearances to get his name out among a wider audience.  Check out D-Hud's official promo blog at

Best Artist (Female):  Siren Seraph

Winner in the category of BEST ARTIST (FEMALE) goes to Siren Seraph of the prestigious rising NERDCORE Hip Hop group SPF (Symphonic Pheenix Force).  Listen to her vocals and verses on the songs and you will certainly know why the spot for this month goes to this talented, creative lyricist.  Also check out the group's new single "About To Start Rapping" too.  Get more familiar with Siren Seraph and the rest of the gang at these direct links below.

Best Group:  Metanoiz

  The winners in the category of BEST GROUP goes to the hip hop twin brother powerhouse duo Metanoiz!  The group has a sound that meshes the traditional golden era, boom bap sound from the 90s with more up to date progressive lyrics and their signature sound works!  Listen to one of their latest singles and music videos "404040" featuring Chris Rivers (the son of the late Big Pun) by clicking the direct link below.

Best Collaboration:  Cooley High & Mystikal "Big Ol'"

Best Collaboration goes to Louisiana based hip hop super stars Cooley High along with veteran and former No Limit Soldier Mystikal for the song "Big Ol'".  Listen to this soon to be viral hit single here at this direct link

Best Single:  Scotty Beamin & General P. "I'm On The Block"
The winner in the category of best single for the month of March 2017 goes to Blazed Up Records' very own Scotty Beamin featuring General P. titled "I'm On The Block"!  Both of these very gifted New England based emcees body the track, and you can listen to it for yourself on the Southeast Hip Hop Magazine SPREAKER Radio Network at this direct link

Best Mixtape / Compilation / Album:  Ghost Dog DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI

The winner in the category of BEST ALBUM OR MIXTAPE goes to rising North Carolina based hip hop lyricist GHOST DOG's latest project DREAMS OF A WANDERING SAMURAI!  The album is available on iTunes and anywhere music is being sold digitally...

Best Music Video:  Reime Schemes "Island Flame"

Winner in the category of best music video goes to Reime Schemes for his hot new single and sexy video "Island Flame"!  Watch the music video for yourself at this direct link

Best Non Music Video:  "What About Your Friends?"

The winner in the category of Best NON Music Video goes to the viral hit drama web series "What About Your Friends?".
See the drama, and the lives of all the characters in the story by going to

Best Producer:  Be Chap Beats

The winner in the category of best producer / beatmaker goes to BE CHAP BEATS!  Be Chap Beats has been pumping out hot tracks for many rising indie artists, and if you would like to hear some of his amazing beat making skills then check out his official website at

Best DJ:  DJ Den

The winner in the category of best DJ goes to DJ Den, the child prodigy and the boy (or MAN) behind the music for the hit blogtalk radio show ON THE RISE RADIO with hosts Leland "Shogun" White (who is also DJ Den's father) and Reime Schemes that airs every Wed. Night at 9:00 PM EST.  Although DJ Den isn't even old enough to spin at the club, he flips records better most club DJs 3 times his age!  He may be young, but he is certainly a classic DJ.

Best Radio Personality:  Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady 

Winner in the category of best Radio Personality goes to the renowned Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady of Blacktopia Round Table Talk Radio that airs every Tuesday Night at 9:00 PM EST and the "Welcome to the CUNTRY" Specials that air on select Friday Nights at 9:00 PM EST as well!  Barbara the Cuntry Cleaning Lady is certainly a strong voice on Blacktopia and the Podcasts On Demand Network.  "Babs" asks the guests very tough questions and she certainly gets nosy during her "Interrogation Sessions".  Fans and listeners can check her out at

Best Radio Show:  Person 2 Person with Tina Wright

The winner in the category of Best Radio Show goes to Person to Person hosted by Tina Wright!  Tina Wright is certainly one of the stars of the BRPP Network and after listening to her popular show that airs on Tuesday Nights at 8:00 PM EST you will certainly know why!  Find out by listening here at

Best Website:  CW Music

The winner in the category of best website goes to CW Music!  Check out the official website here at this direct link

Best Facebook Group:  Real Talk

Winner in the category of Best Facebook group goes to REAL TALK, a place where members can be themselves and just "keep it real"!  Check it out here at this direct link

Best Poet:  D-Hud

Rapper D-Hud also wins in the category of "Best Poet", after releasing his poem dedicated to encouraging black men titled "Black Man".  Listen to the powerful poem here at this direct link

Model of The Month:  Tanisha J. Blanton

Model of the Month goes to Blacktopia spokes model Tanisha J. Blanton!  Take a look at her in the Blacktopia Beauty Model Calendar at this direct link

Best Promotions:  Southeast Hip Hop Magazine

The winner in the category of BEST PROMOTIONS goes to Southeast Hip Hop Magazine.  That's right, we are giving it to ourselves for the month of March 2017!  If you are an artist and would like to know more about our promo and advertising services to assist artists in creating more awareness for their music then click the link for more information

Big Business Award:   Felicia Rivers

The winner in the category of "Big Business" goes to Felicia Rivers, the writer, director and executive producer of the viral hit drama web series "What About Your Friends?" as well as the creator of Geechie One Magazine.  Check out the drama web series on youtube at this direct link

Tell us what you think?  Who do you think should have won?  Who do you think should win for the upcoming list?  Who would you nominate?  E-mail us at and voice your opinion!  

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