Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Artist Spotlight: Darrell Herbert (The Artivist)

This Southeast Hip Hop Artist spotlight is dedicated to the poet Darrell Herbert.  Not only is he a poet, but he's also a self described "Artivist" as well (an artist that is also an activist).  

Here is a little more information on Darrell Herbert the Artivist, in his own words.....

I am a recipient of a National Silver Medal and Gold Key, presented by the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards of 2014 for his poem “Racism in America.” U was selected as a final inclusion for the “The Best Teen Writing Of 2014,” by Hannah Jones. My nationally recognized poem also earned me a performance at the prestigious Carnegie Hall, a performance at Pratt Institute’s Pratt Manhattan Gallery, a congratulatory letter written by Senator Charles E. Schumer, and a participating member of the Art.Write.Now 2014 Tour. In addition to this, my nationally recognized poem was even taught inside of West Chester East High School. My poetry has also been featured in the likes of Writers- Black Artists Connected Blog, Yellow Chair Review, Poetic Treasures Magazine, Media Blast Press, as well as in HangTime Magazine and The Lemonade Stand Magazine three consecutive times respectively.

Keep checking back for more updates on Darrell Herbert.

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