Saturday, August 6, 2016

PhLi Cargo - Stiff Arm Music Video and

Tell Me About PhLi Cargo….
PhLi Cargo aka Anthony Love was born December 21 on the south side of Chicago. PhLi Cargo is the most organic artist in the game today and his goal is to NOT put out fake music or represent anyone or anything fake for that matter. His plan is to bring the South Side of Chicago to life. Renegade!

Why should I become a fan of PhLi Cargo? 
If you like authentic food, you would go to an authentic restaurant. If you want organic music, you listen to PhLi Cargo. There’s nothing fast food about my sound. This is my craft, and I love it. I take my time, and I put out quality music.
What is your long-range objective?
To open doors. Everyone deserves a real chance. I want to create outlets for me, my family, and other people. I’m doing just that through my music.
How has your education prepared you for your career?
Knowledge is power. It’s not the institution, its the education. I guess you could say I stole a lot of knowledge, but everything you want to know is somewhere out there. At what cost are you willing to pay to get it?

Are you a team player? 
I talk about giving an assist in a lot of my rhymes because I like to see others make it. To me it’s more gratifying to help the team win. I can’t imagine or believe I did it alone, "only WE shall overcome".
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