Saturday, June 30, 2012

Mono Bagends has Love for The South

Although he's not from the South, rising New York based rapper Mono Bagends certainly has a lot of love for the Southern artists, beats and the South in general, even his latest single "On Fire" has sort of a Southern Swag to it, mainly due to the producers of the track Luxxury Music are based in Virginia, and because we feel that his latest single is soon to hit big and get a lot of love and support here in the South, we have decided to show our love and support for this talented artist.  Check out our interview with the one and only Mono Bagends and read up on what he has to say.... 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What are 4 words that would best describe you as an artist? 
Mono Bagends:  Innovative, Unique, Entertaining, Real.

Although you are in New York, we feel that your single "On Fire" would hit big here in the South, would you agree with that? 
Thank you and yes I would.  This song is a timeless record that could stretch across any region.  It is positive and inspirational with a dope beat, hot hook, ridiculous lyrics and a tight flow. Any fan of hip hop can get behind that. 

Speaking of the south, are there any artists, producers, DJs, or promoters that you've linked up with down here so far? 
"On Fire" is produced by Luxxury Music, they hail from Virginia.  I have also worked with an artist Mac Peoples in Texas..we did a record called "Breakin em Down".  In addition, my boy T-Weezy is from Texas.  We have done a lot of records together.  Been with him for a years.  I always liked South Beats...a lot of energy and crowd appeal.  I got love for the south. 

Have you ever done a live show anywhere down here in the South?  
I have done shows in Texas, Miami, Arkansas and Virginia. The show in Texas was crazy!!! We had a shake off and two chicks got on stage and stripped completely naked....good If any promoters out there want to reach out to me about doing shows you can hit me up at 

What are some of the places you would like to visit in this region?  
I love Miami....I have been there numerous times and love going back. Atlanta, North Carolina and San Antonio Texas would be tops on my list as well. But I'd like to go anywhere where people are feeling my music.  I put on a great show live and would give them a great time. 

Who are some of your favorite southern artists?  
Ludacris is my favorite.  He is highly skilled and very entertaining.  I like T.I. a lot also. 

What southern artist could you see yourself doing a collaboration song with?  
Ludacris....I believe our styles would mesh well and that we could make a great hit. We could make a fast paced high energy club banger!! 

Who were some of your biggest influences? 
Number one would have to be DMX...I just related to him on a high level. His spirituality pertaining to God and the devil really connected with me.  Eminem as well...he opened the door for artists like myself. 

Where do you see hip hop going in the next 5 years?  
I never like to answer this question because you can't really plan out your future.  You never know where life will take you.  The expression is "the quickest way to get God to laugh is to announce your plans to him". 
Any links or sites you would like to plug? 
Absolutely. Everyone should check out my video "On Fire" on you tube (link below)....The visual brings the song to life. A man overcoming his struggles to fulfill his destiny. Here are other links where you can follow my career and hear great music. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

DJ Tremayne presents Street Starz Vol. 9 (hosted by Juvenile)

Check out the latest mixtape by DJ Tremayne of the ODT (Ov'R Da Top) DJs tiled Street Starz Vol. 9 hosted by Juvenile.  The mixtape features artist such as Mr. Boom Boom Bang and more!  Check it out at the links below.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Video Spotlight: Ike Ellis "Good Good"

Video Single from the King of the Carolinas, Ike Ellis off the Please Rewind mixtape. Post your feedback on the video in the comments section below.