Tuesday, April 28, 2015

General Grown's Music Video "Built for This" featured in The Video Blast

Current South East Hip Hop featured artist General Grown's music video "Built For This" is starting to catch fire all over the world wide web.  One of the latest places to showcase the hot new video is THE VIDEO BLAST.  Check it out here at this direct link http://www.thevideoblast.blogspot.com

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Cayenne the Lion King performing at The Power of The Tongue LIVE


South East Hip Hop Magazine featured artist Cayenne the Lion King will perform 
on May 1st at 
430 South Dawson Street
Raleigh, NC


Friday, April 24, 2015

Interview with Az-Iz (#Snowdat!!!!)

          South East Hip Hop Magazine recently sat down and had a one on one interview with rising indie hip hop recording artist and current SEHH featured artist Az-Iz.  In this interview Az-Iz talks about his music, some of the struggles he's faced coming up in the music industry, and more!  Az-Iz even touches on some of the recent controversy surrounding his former label IMF (Indie Music Factory).  Read all about what he has to say in the in depth interview below.  

Get more information on Az-Iz at

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Az-Iz?  
Az-Iz:  Surprisingly GREAT! If you know the music business, you know that it is a struggle for an artist that is getting started, but I’m finding my way and building a team that I KNOW has what it takes to make it happen. Having great people around you takes a lot of stress off of you as an artist.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Why do you call yourself Az-Iz? 
Az-Iz:  I was given the nickname by the head of a label I was associated with for several years. The name was given to me because I don’t change.  I’m always me and I give it to you as is…hence the name, Az-Iz.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?   
Az-Iz: I would start by saying, I am just THAT…an artist.  I don’t feel like a lot of kats can honestly say that about themselves and I’m proud that I am a true artist.  Beyond that, I am deep, intellectual, conscious and positive, but at the same time, I can still bring you that street mentality, that hood mentality, after all…I was raised by the streets.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How long have you been rhyming?
Az-Iz: I been rhyming for at least 10 years, but I did not really start taking it seriously as a career until just a couple years ago.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to want to rap?   
Az-Iz:  I realized what it could potentially grow into…what kind of things I could eventually have an impact on…plus, I LOVE it…so, why not?  I mean, at the end of the day…who wouldn't want to be a rapper?

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What projects are you working on now?    
Az-Iz:  Well, I ALWAYS got a LOT of projects in progress.  I got to stay busy to stay on top of my game…but immediately, I have “Time Is Money” (Produced by Young Goku) set to release digitally and physically on May 5th, 2015. I also have another single that will be released a few weeks after that featuring Keyz 2 ThaGame called “Out The Mud” (produced by Brandon Dyer), and I also have my new mixtape titled 2 Weeks Notice coming REALLY soon…probably looking at a mid-May release on the mixtape.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What do you plan to release in the future?   
Az-Iz:  I plan on doing this for a LONG time, I can tell you this, I plan on winning a Grammy REAL soon.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Speaking of the future, what plans do you have for the rest of this 2015?
Az-Iz:  Actually, I got some rather BIG plans for this year.  I am currently planning a big campaign out west in Nevada, Arizona, and California.  In addition to my new ventures with my singles and my mixtape.  Don’t worry, there will be PLENTY of music coming from Az-Iz this year. #snowdat

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  You were recently signed to a label, IMF and you recently left the label because of some issues, would you care to discuss any of that with us to inform other artists that may be interested in working with that label?     
Az-Iz:  As the issue is currently being handled…I am only at liberty to say so much.  I will tell you that artists should always do their research, and not just a google search.  Try to find artists that have taken that route and gotten results, good or bad, and make your decision based off of that.  There are snakes everywhere in this business…it’s no different from the streets. It’s all about being educated on what you’re dealing with. And my recommendation, build your own team.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What is one of the worst experiences you've faced in the industry and how did you learn or bounce back from it?    
Az-Iz:  Believe it or not, I do not look at the current situation with IMF as a major set back.  I only wasted 3 months learning that lesson.  No time wasted is ever a benefit, but I did waste over 4 years with a label that was going nowhere, doing nothing for the artist and basically, for all intents and purposes…intentionally holding me back…so that is definitely my worst experience so far.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What's one of the biggest milestones you've had in your music career so far?  
Az-Iz:  So far this year, I have distributed my first single, dropped my first 2 videos, been featured in TakeOver Magazine, and not to mention, received HELLA love from the fans and supporters as well as plenty of positive feedback from people I look up to in this business.  To me, everything positive is a milestone to remember and help me stay focused and on task.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything you would like to plug?  Any shout outs?  
Az-Iz: First off, shout out to South East Hip Hop Magazine for doing what they do for indie artists… #snowdat    Also, I gotta show love to ALL my people… EVERYbody at #GMT (Grown Man Team), it’s more than a movement…it’s a mentality, also, shout out to The Realistik Network and Lee Fleshman for being a mentor to me and REALLY helping me with my career. Shout out to Keyz 2 ThaGame as well for being a mentor to me and also for motivating me through his music. Shout out to Raine 4 Dayz ENT and POTS Ent in Augusta, Georgia for rocking with me and my team and putting us on venues…shout out to my producers, Young Goku of the Talabandz and Brandon Dyer from the U.K. … and as ALWAYS … #salute the fans

Rhyme Scheme featured in Hip Hop Weekly!

Hip Hop Weekly

Heavy Weight West Coast artist Rhyme Scheme is now being featured on HIP HOP WEEKLY!  Check it out here at this direct link

News From Blacktopia: Arli$ Michaels, Jaime Saine, Rhyme Scheme, Mr. Boom Boom Bang, Cayenne the Lion King, 9Ten Mobb and Boss Hippy ALL mentioned in BLACKTOPIA

" I'm excited for the launch of Blacktopia.org. The success of Blacktopia on Facebook has been a astronomical. I can't wait to see what great things are next for Jay and Blacktopia. I'm along for the ride. We're going to bust through the ceiling. Blacktopia will be #1 source of Black media, entertainment, and business. Fasten your seat-belts."
-Meichell T. Admin and Blogger/Writer for BLACKTOPIA

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

XClusive Wednesday will premier New Music from Mr. Boom Boom Bang!

DJ Disspare is loving South East Hip Hop featured artist
Mr. Boom Boom Bang's new music so much 
that he will debut the new single "Down Low" 
for Xclusive Wed to his listeners!

Check out the show tonight on 

Call in (657) 383 - 1848 
The show starts 9 PM EST!

We break records!!!!!! Tune in This Wednesday to Xclusive Wednesdays @9pm eastern 8 pm central (Winnipeg time ) with Breezie F'Baby (USA) & DJ DISSPARE (Canada) call in 1-657-383-1848 @breezie_f_baby @grip101

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Just Another Day: Started In New York

Just Another Day:  Started in New York
by Renee Batson

This day was unlike any other day...and it all started in NEW YORK!

April 12/15 was the day I left to go from Canada to New York City. 
Now, I have been to New York several times before but on this occasion it was vastly different from the times before. 


From the moment I got off the plane I connected with Brooklyn hip hop artist SKANKS.  SKANKS is an artist I had met through a mutual associate, CASH BILZ, who is affiliated with super group BANKAI FAM. BANKAI FAM is a hip hop crew based out of Brooklyn and crown heights area.  I compare them to the WU TANG of this generation. Their music takes you back to the boom bap essence of hip hop.

Mike Fuego

Skanks allowed me on the first of many rides.  First stop was to meet with MIKE FUEGO & ELIJAH.  I didn't think on this day I would get the chance to get on the mic, but, God works in mysterious ways which led to my vocals being dropped on Elijah's album PARTY IN THE GHETTO.  That was only one great moment, nothing could prepare me for what I would soon be witness to.  As we chopped it up and had business like conversation, Mike said to me that he wanted me to hear something before we were about to leave.  Of course I'm always down to listen to creativity and artistic expression.  The one thing I remember Mike saying was that he wanted to put together an LP like NAS' classic ILLMATIC album.  Now my immediate reaction was that his record needs to be razor sharp to be able to meet that standard. 

Well let me tell you, from the first beat drop, to the first word, to the first verse, to the hook and story-line, Mike Fugeo got me.  All I heard was ILLMATIC in a new rhythmical form.  His delivery and concepts were what I would call SICKSTREETNEWYORK; on point with no static.  That was day I got to see  pure brilliance at work!  But that was only the beginning!

Ave Boyz

DAY 2 brought AVE BOYZ into my vision.
I have known EBURNA for a minute.  Upon seeing him he introduced me to several others which included super producer CHYNO ON THA BEAT, and then he introduced me to the street flow styles of FATAL CASHFLO. These artists make up this amazing squad, which is not limited to just the three.  They incorporate everything that is the BRONX and hold each other down like family.  LOYALTY OVER EVERYTHING is the motto.  True to the street, these lyricists are the voice of their hood.  Their concept for their newly released mixtape is pure genius.  They took elements of the movie JUICE and created their own soundtrack; pure, real, raw, and straight hood.  Even something as simple as walking the streets with these guys was surreal.  So much love the streets have for this crew, it was remarkable to see.  All this talent in one place it's not hard to see why the BRONX hip hop scene is still on fire...it's the place where hip hop started and it will never end, it will only re loop and start back from the beginning. 

DAY 3 started at 5 am on the A train off to an audition at the APOLLO THEATER.  Didn't think I would make it there considering I fell asleep on the train and missed my stop.  Luckily I managed to make it there. 149th person in line, standing in the rain waiting to get a chance to be in this historic venue. 
It was evident right from the get go that with the amount of talent in the room my chances of being chosen to be on APOLLO LIVE would be slim to nothing.  I continuously went back and forth as to what I should sing and could not decide what would work best.  I met up with PAULIE BRYAN, who I was introduced to through ROBERT JACKSON aka C STYLES. Paulie explained that he has been working for the APOLLO for several years which in turn has allowed him to help the talented artists that he is familiar with.

Performance time was intense.  I have auditioned for other shows as well but this one was much different then the others.  Needless to say I made the wrong song choice.  I decided to choose my own song called "HIP HOP (lost the love)" instead of one they are familiar with.  In the end I did not get chosen, but all was not lost because now I know what I need to do the next time.  Just being in that theater was like I had just touched and breathed in greatness, and that was gratifying enough for me.  I learned a lot on this day as it became one more experience that I have conquered. 

The following day I met up with EBURNA again in the Bronx.  We chopped it up for a bit before I was to head over to meet up with C STYLES who was hosting a coat drive charity event at THE PARIS LOUNGE in HARLEM.  On this day I met some individuals that I had been talking to on line and assisting with booking their artists for interviews on my show.  I felt as though I was accomplishing all I set out to accomplish within that moment and man did it feel good.  After meeting with the ones I did know I got the pleasure of meeting legendary DJ SMITTY ROCK, who I came to know more of but that's another story for another time. got the pleasure of performing a little something while there.  That was invigorating in itself, freestyling and performing with a live band.  Just another highlight in this journey.

DAY 4 I finally got to meet CASPERELLI DA VELLI out at his spot in the Bronx. VELLI and I have known each other for years but did not officially meet until now! 

The mission on this day was to do a radio interview for SUPER STUPID SATURDAYS on DON'T PLAY RADIO. The interview went real well and Casper was a pleasure to work with.  We talked, freestyled and discussed how we can work together to make things happen in the world of hip hop and multimedia.  After recording the show I assisted Velli in formatting the show so it transitions smoothly. After all was said and done the show sounded dope. I haven't got the chance to do many interviews so this one was a nice look for me. 
Casperelli Da Velli

DAY 4 & 5 my last few days in New York were spent with me venturing out and taking photos of various areas. Now most people would take pictures of landmarks and places that are well known but I look for areas in which I find beauty.  Parks, subways, buildings, structures are things I find interesting. Testing different angles and focusing on images that all have a story within itself. 

When it came time to leave it was like leaving home. A place that is so busy, filled with so many sounds and images. There is no other place quite like it which is why I am madly in love with NEW YORK!!!

Other Photos Taken from Renee Batson's Experience.  

Younique Yellow Status Presenter Jaime Staine 
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