Sunday, April 19, 2015

DJ Kenni Starr is blazing Mr. Boom Boom Bang's new single "Down Low"!

One of the hottest DJs in France, DJ Kenni Starr has currently gotten behind Mr. Boom Boom Bang's latest single "Down Low".  This is what he had to say after reviewing the single....

 First time I heard the track I told myself whats that ? 

cause I don't like when there's a little 

music with some talk on in intro,

but at 49' the beats coming with an 

awesome sample and you don't see

but your neck is breakin, your bangin your 

head like my radio session !!!

Just one word deejays : u need to break this track in radio 

and mixtapes !!! 

Dj Kenni Starr 

Dj Kenni Starr its 40 radio session per week all over the world, International Fleet Dj, Nerve Dj, Stack Up Dj, Scurry Life Dj, CashBackMaFia Dj and just signed in Dfe Records and No Limit Forever East as Official Dj !!

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Down Low"
Listen Here:

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