Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Metanoiz


“We “We make Hip-Hop. Real Hip-Hop. Authentic Hip-Hop. We talk about reality; relationships, politics, religion, etc. We are a part of a movement of others doing the same thing. An empire is being built. Our mission is to reveal to the world a better Hip Hop. Not just with a better message…but with better beats, production, and lyrics. Our music is the epitome of excellence. We may be Christian, but we are still rappers. We still have “rap mentality”.  We will not make music that sounds like a bunch of noise. What we do is beyond noise.”
 Metanoiz is a Hip Hop duo that consists of identical twin brothers, Kaydom and Kaydas. Born in 1993, They spent their whole lives in the small town of Tobyhanna, PA, in the Pocono Mountains. since they were toddlers, they loved to perform for family. They had stage presence from the start. They were always surrounded by multiple genres of music, from 50’s Doo-Wops to 90’s Hip Hop. They always had an ear for music and developed a fond love for everything related to music. Quickly fast forward to age nine (9), the twin brothers began writing and decided to create the entity “Double Trouble”. They wrote their first song, which blew up in their local church. 
 By age 14, Double Trouble was featured on the front of their local paper for a parade performance and also won a television contest in New York City. By the time they were 15, Double Trouble already made an impact, doing over 50 performances, including performances in New York and California. Kaydom (Kevin)and Kaydas (Kenny) thought of their new name during a high school class together; Metanoiz. The term derived from the original word “metanoia”, meaning “new”. However, the twin rappers also realized that “meta” in Greek means “beyond”. They removed the “A” out of “metanoia” and added a “Z” to create the name “Metanoiz”, which ultimately meant “beyond noise”.

Resume/recent accomplishments:
Metanoiz is a very talented up-and-coming hip hop artist, a Latino twin-brother, conscious hip hop duo. 
They write original, intelligent, and positive songs. In the past year and a half they:
  *released a highly regarded mix tape titled Nissi (hosted by Don Cannon)
  *performed in a number of New York venues , (including the Highline Ballroom (twice), the Plaza at CitiField (N.Y. Mets), on-field at MCU Park (Brooklyn Cyclones), the Brooklyn Music Festival, Pianos, Brooklyn Borough Hall 
  * came in 1st place in a few best song challenges, including one co-sponsored by Snoop Dogg and 1500orNothin, and another by James Fauntleroy/1500orNothin
  *released an EP titled Lemniscate with features by Joell Ortiz, Chris Rivers and Christon Gray. 
  *shot a video with Chris Rivers for the EP track (404040) that he features on. 
  *shot a video with Christon Gray for the EP track (II Infinity) that he features on.
  *starring roles in a television commercial for Xfinity that was aired during the Latin AMA awards show.

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