Friday, March 31, 2017

Interview with TRAY DA MENACE

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine sits down and has a one on one interview with rising hip hop recording artist TRAY DA MENACE.  Learn more about the rising young artist below and follow him on social media for more updates on his music!

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Hey Tray Da Menace, how are you doing?  Are you ready for this interview? 
Tray Da Menace:  I'm doing fine and Yes I am ready for this interview.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How would you describe yourself as an artist?  

Tray Da Menace:  As an artist I would describe myself as calculated and unique I am a total different animal.  Something that music has never seen before.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What makes you different from all the other artists that are out right now? 

Tray Da Menace:  What makes me different is the fact that I bring back lyrical rap I bring back that gritty flow people have been missing.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been rapping? 

Tray Da Menace:  I've been rapping since I was 10 years old but I just started recording last year.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to want to rap? 

Tray Da Menace:  I was inspired by the music I would hear my mother play as i came up she influenced me in a lot of different ways

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Where are you from and what is the indie music scene like where you are?  

Tray Da Menace:  I'm from Pasadena, CA but I live in Victorville, CA the music scene is kind of scarce at the moment but that will change very very soon.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What would you say are two of your biggest accomplishments as an artist so far? 

Tray Da Menace:  I would say actually starting my career and setting goals and actually accomplishing them.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What was your worst experience in the industry so far and how did you bounce back or learn from it? 

Tray Da Menace:  So far I haven't really had one I hope that one doesn't present itself anytime soon but when it does I will be ready.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Who have you worked with so far? 

Tray Da Menace:   So far I've been working with a few local artist that I've grew up with JoesphTooTrue, Red, King P.O.C, Marques Ali, and King Slappa.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Who would you like to work with in the future? 

Tray Da Menace:  I would like to work with anyone that wants to work with me I'm open to all music related opportunities.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  What projects do you have out right now and what are you working on? 

Tray Da Menace:  I just dropped my first studio track "No Hook".
I have tons more on the way but at the moment I am working on my mixtape.  I don't have a title yet but it will definitely be something people will remember. 

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine:  Is there anything you would like to plug?  Any shout outs? 

Tray Da Menace:  I wanna shout out Victorville in general anybody out there doing things musically I wanna shout out Pasadena.  I wanna just wish everybody peace and blessings.

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