Saturday, March 14, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Boss Hippy

   Boss Hippy (Jase Cook)

Location: Orlando, FL

Boss Hippy

Jase Cook was born in Los Angeles, California.  He is the estranged son of a bassist with the veteran R&B vocal group The Whispers.  By the time he was nine, rap music began taking over his life, even at an early age Jase was already writing his own verses at the bus stop. Jase’s music and his knack for songwriting proved to be his therapy.  Having enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 18, Jase exported his MC abilities to Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany.  There he shared his skills with fellow soldiers on base. That’s where he linked up with his team Tyrone "Boss Gump” Montgomery, and Christopher Herman of what would later become known as Hustlemann Records LLC.

Through a numerous performances abroad, Jase began making a name for him and was profiled in the military news publication Stars & Stripes and Danger Forward.  This movement got the attention of A&R’s at Sony Records Europe. Jase decided to take his focus and move it state side. He then relocated from Atlanta to Orlando, Florida in 2008.  He released the album Troublesome 08: Tha Life in March of 2009. The music was distributed through Hustlemann Records LLC and independently sold 15,000 units worldwide.  It was the spark that Jase needed to get his career going into full blast.  Jase efforts also then caught interest of Slip N Slide Records.  They acquired an artist development deal that fell through.  That didn’t stop Jase grind to find a new home for distribution and the ability to put out his music in a professional manner.  He later connected with New York City A&R Oscar Sanchez, the Founder & CEO of Affluent Records.  After listening to Jase’s music and seeing the vision of what Jase was trying to accomplish, Oscar signed Jase in 2009 to a distribution deal.

After 3 years in the making, they released his Affluent Records debut album “P.T.S.D” on May 7, 2012. After that project he found himself again without a recording home so he decided a drastic change was needed. After 2 self produced mixtapes he decided it was time to reinvent himself and so changed his long standing moniker of Jase Cook (a play off his real name of Jason Cook) to Boss Hippy and is perfecting his craft and helping others in there’s as he readies up his new project, Tha High.


Troublesome 08: The Life - March 2008 Hustlemann Records LLC
P.T.S.D. - May 2012         Hustlemann/ Affluent Records
Tha High – TBD         AALIFE/TBD


Last Sunrise featuring Big Bub of the group Today


Opened for Ying Yang Twins, YoungBloodz, & Hurricane Chris in Germany
Opened for MGK, Stevie Stone, Tech N9ne, Action Bronson & DJ Unk state side
Hosted the at the Bud Weiser Venue at the 2009 Florida State Fair in Tampa, FL along with Macho from MTV’s G’s to Gents

Donated some of the proceedings from Troublesome 08: The Life album to the Central Florida Children’s Organization.

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