Saturday, March 28, 2015

Special Announcement from SEHH Sponsor YOUNIQUE (Water Resistant Mascara)

"Look at me, I bought some bulls**t make up! I asked my boyfriend for some money and he said "I can't keep doing this every day" and said no, so I cried and now my mascara is running and I look like a sad Raccoon in a clown circus. So I was reading an article about a rapper named Rhyme Scheme in South East Hip Hop Magazine and I saw an ad to purchase make up from Younique Yellow Status Presenter Jaime Staine. So I did!  Her product is official!!!  I love the colors, the selection and variety!  When I put it on my face, I feel better than however I think Beyonce feels when she's counting money. 

So the next time my man says some crap to me like "no honey, you can't barrow my car I have to go to work" and I start crying, I know my face still gone look good gurl. *snaps fingers in a circle* THANK YOU Jaime Staine, everybody needs to purchase what you have in store by clicking this link the products are so immaculate that it can even make drag queens look believable! BUY TODAY!"    

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