Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rise of an Artist: from the Ranks of the Army to the Ranks of Hip Hop

(Michelle Magee)

You Know It Makes Sense

The Rise of an Artist: from the Ranks of the Army to the Ranks of Hip Hop

MEMPHIS—Durt Boi, an unsigned artist who has gone viral with his most recent single “Supa Soakar”, found the inspiration and validation he needed to pursue his music career with the help of a comrade, while serving his country abroad.

On a cool afternoon in the Iraqi desert, as Durt Boi and one of his close comrades, KB, traveled back to their post, KB’s curiosity concerning Durt Boi’s notepad—a point of secrecy and mystery—took over, and he inquired to see what was written inside.

After considerable contemplation, Durt Boi finally revealed to his friend his long kept secret of composing rhymes. As Durt Boi shared some of his lyrics, KB began to laugh out of delight. Durt Boi had anticipated sarcasm and mockery from his friend, but instead, his doubts and timidity were put to rest as KB revealed excitement, and strongly encouraged him to continue his music career after his military service.

Durt Boi recalls the clarity and destined zing that followed, which has remained with him to this day. After his homecoming, Durt Boi devoted himself entirely to his music, and has since released hit singles such as “DOUBLE CUP”, and “Supa Soakar”, and will soon release “Got Wurk”.
In an interview in New Orleans, the artist described his musical aesthetic as such: “I display lyricism, but I also give you somewhat of a bounce to it: catchy hooks and things that just make you wanna bob your head and want more, you know.”

As Durt Boi continues to gain momentum, the enthusiasm of his first true follower, KB, can be felt in all his fans as they increase in number and carry him up the ranks of the hip hop world.

To stay updated with Durt Boi, follow him on Facebook or YouTube.

Durt Boi is a rapper and hip hop artist based in Memphis, Tennessee. His latest releases include “Supa Soakar” and “Pop Drop & Roll”, both of which can be heard on his YouTube channel. Durt Boi Iz Da Name & Durty Boi Music Iz Da Game!

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South East Hip Hop Models: Meet Sparkle Mosley of Essence Models Sorority


Check out our model spotlight on Sparkle Mosley of Essence Models Sorority
Here is some quick information on this beauty.

Name:Sparkle Champagne Mosley Age: 24 Height 5'7 weight 130 (Business & Accounting Graduate) ...started modeling at age 10 enrolled in John Casablanca Modeling & Acting School...started doing music and performing at age 16 has traveled to Illinois Florida Tennessee Wisconsin and Texas doing modeling and music being professionally booked. Have been in a modeling group and nationwide modeling sorority as well as 5 magazine features and 3 online site feat and more. I'm currently climbing the ladder of success building my own entertainment business & being a top image consultant.




Monday, March 30, 2015

Mr. Boom Boom Bang "Down Low" (NEW SINGLE)

Check out the newest single from Atlanta based rapper/ producer Mr. Boom Boom Bang titled "Down Low"!  Check it out above.  For more information e-mail us at SouthEastHipHopMag@yahoo.com or TheGiantBlast@aol.com

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South East Hip Hop Models: Princess Danica signs with Diffuse Modeling.

Model Princess Danica signs a deal with Diffuse Modeling Agency, among other great news.

Here is what she had to say.....

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"So What" video featured in BRAND NEW HIP HOP

Brand New Hip Hop

The latest single from BOSS HIPPY titled "So What" is now being featured on THE BRAND NEW HIP HOP BLOG.  Check it out here at this direct link below

Friday, March 27, 2015

Boss Hippy's "So What" Video featured in THE BLAST BLOG.

The Blast Blog

Boss Hippy's new single and video "So What" is being featured all over the web (with special thanks to South East Hip Hop Magazine).  One of the latest places to feature the single and video is THE BLAST BLOG.  Check it out here at this direct link....

Just Another Day: Not Lying About MYKO

Just Another Day:  Not Lying About MYKO
by Renee Batson

Artist Spotlight: Darnell Winston (Black Diamond)


Check out the newest artist spotlight on rising North Carolina based rapper Darnell Winston (also known as BLACK DIAMOND).  Check out his music here at these links and feel free to post feedback.


Wednesday, March 25, 2015

South East Hip Hop Models: Model Goddess Tyah Pierce Interview

Monday, March 23, 2015

Sunday, March 22, 2015

South East Hip Hop Models: Miss La Princess Danica

South East Hip Hop Magazine recently sat down with Miss La Princess Danica, a rising model, to discuss her modeling career and more in this quick one on one interview.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How are you doing Miss Princess?
Miss La Princess Danica:  Hello!  I am doing fantastic.  Thank you for asking.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: How long have you been modeling?
Miss La Princess Danica:  I have been modeling for a short period of time, I did some model work when I was younger for New York Institute of Photography and I'm a lot older now and very much still have a passion for fashion.  I'm very passionate when it come to art, whether it may be on a canvas or by a camera. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine: What inspired you to want to become a model?
Miss La Princess Danica:  People in general, some more inside rather than out and vise versa, are unique and beautiful in so many different ways.   It intrigues me, modeling to me takes, commitment, dedication,  passion driven by ones own motivation for seeking success.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Who are some of the other models you respect in this business?
Miss La Princess Danica:  I respect ALL models in this line of business.  Its not as easy as it looks.  We are taught poise, proper etiquette, self discipline etc.

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Aside from modeling what else do you like to get into?
Miss La Princess Danica:  Aside from modeling, I enjoy being on the water, being with my family, but most of I enjoy being with my children.  They are my motivation!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What are your plans for 2015?
Miss La Princess Danica:  My plans for 2015?  Hmm.. I'm showing my kids no matter what, dreams do come true, don't ever give up, as long as they work hard for it and believe they can do and be whatever they want!

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Where do you see your career in the next 5 years?  
Miss La Princess Danica:  In 5 years I see my self with a better understanding of who I am and what I want out of my life.  I hope to make a difference one small step at a time!

South East Hip Hop Magazine: Is there anything else you would like our readers to know about you?
Miss La Princess Danica:  I want readers to know that I want to thank everyone that has stood by my side through this journey and to the people that will.  Without love and support from others, family, friends or strangers progress would be impossible, so I'm blessed to have come this far! I cant wait to see how far Ill go!  xoxoxox 

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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Single of the Week: Boss Hippy "So What"

Check out the latest single and video from Boss Hippy titled "So What", the video has a lot of funny moments, and very creative visuals.  The song itself is also HOT!!!!

For more information e-mail us at SouthEastHipHopMag@yahoo.com

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Boss Hippy

   Boss Hippy (Jase Cook)

Location: Orlando, FL
Email: bosshippymusic@gmail.com

Boss Hippy

Jase Cook was born in Los Angeles, California.  He is the estranged son of a bassist with the veteran R&B vocal group The Whispers.  By the time he was nine, rap music began taking over his life, even at an early age Jase was already writing his own verses at the bus stop. Jase’s music and his knack for songwriting proved to be his therapy.  Having enlisted in the U.S. Army at the age of 18, Jase exported his MC abilities to Iraq, Afghanistan and Germany.  There he shared his skills with fellow soldiers on base. That’s where he linked up with his team Tyrone "Boss Gump” Montgomery, and Christopher Herman of what would later become known as Hustlemann Records LLC.

Through a numerous performances abroad, Jase began making a name for him and was profiled in the military news publication Stars & Stripes and Danger Forward.  This movement got the attention of A&R’s at Sony Records Europe. Jase decided to take his focus and move it state side. He then relocated from Atlanta to Orlando, Florida in 2008.  He released the album Troublesome 08: Tha Life in March of 2009. The music was distributed through Hustlemann Records LLC and independently sold 15,000 units worldwide.  It was the spark that Jase needed to get his career going into full blast.  Jase efforts also then caught interest of Slip N Slide Records.  They acquired an artist development deal that fell through.  That didn’t stop Jase grind to find a new home for distribution and the ability to put out his music in a professional manner.  He later connected with New York City A&R Oscar Sanchez, the Founder & CEO of Affluent Records.  After listening to Jase’s music and seeing the vision of what Jase was trying to accomplish, Oscar signed Jase in 2009 to a distribution deal.

After 3 years in the making, they released his Affluent Records debut album “P.T.S.D” on May 7, 2012. After that project he found himself again without a recording home so he decided a drastic change was needed. After 2 self produced mixtapes he decided it was time to reinvent himself and so changed his long standing moniker of Jase Cook (a play off his real name of Jason Cook) to Boss Hippy and is perfecting his craft and helping others in there’s as he readies up his new project, Tha High.


Troublesome 08: The Life - March 2008 Hustlemann Records LLC
P.T.S.D. - May 2012         Hustlemann/ Affluent Records
Tha High – TBD         AALIFE/TBD


Last Sunrise featuring Big Bub of the group Today


Opened for Ying Yang Twins, YoungBloodz, & Hurricane Chris in Germany
Opened for MGK, Stevie Stone, Tech N9ne, Action Bronson & DJ Unk state side
Hosted the at the Bud Weiser Venue at the 2009 Florida State Fair in Tampa, FL along with Macho from MTV’s G’s to Gents

Donated some of the proceedings from Troublesome 08: The Life album to the Central Florida Children’s Organization.

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Younique Products available on The Giant Blast Mobile App.!!!!

Consumers of South East Hip Hop Magazine sponsor and Younique White Status Presenter Jaime Staine, are now able to receive updates on all the Makeup and Beauty products provided by the Younique affiliate through The Giant Blast Mobile Device App!  The App. is easy to use and FREE to install!  Check it out here at this direct link from the Googplay Store

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South East Hip Hop Models: Tanisha J. Blanton of Blacktopia

Today's model spotlight is on Tanisha J. Blanton.  Tanisha is a very wise and beautiful woman.  Not only is she easy on the eyes, but easy to talk to as you can feel the warmth of her spirit bleeding through this interview.  She is also an active member of the latest South East Hip Hop Mag project, networking and discussion group "Blacktopia"!  In this interview, Tanisha talks about her experiences as a model while juggling a full time job, and role as a mother among many other things.  Read all about what this Blacktopian Beauty has to say in this one on one interview.

Friday, March 6, 2015

Just Another Day: Shor-T..... and SEXY!

Just Another Day:  Shor T ...and SEXY!
by Renee Batson

Just Another Day...
A few weeks ago I came across this artist.  I was very interested in getting to know who he was after viewing  a few of his instagram posts.  Since then I have had the opportunity to speak with him and find out what he has been doing musically.   I recently got to hear a few of his tracks "Fill you up" & "Cold Day". Both songs were very lyrical.  One is very sexy and sensual while the other is that club banger type of joint. 

His versatility and lyrical delivery is what has made him one of the hottest unsigned artists in Kentucky. He is an incredible talent, humble, and sexy as ever. I am so glad to have reached out and am blessed to have gotten to hear his work. 

Let me introduce you all to hip hop artist SHOR-T!!!

Shor-T is a Louisville, KY, native who started rapping at the age of 13 and was in a recording studio by 20. He dedicated his heart and soul to overcome the failures and struggles throughout his underground rap career.  Shor-T left Louisville to pursue his dream in Chicago.  He found more rejection there but learned valuable lessons about being serious about his craft. He knew he had to upgrade his sound quality and the professionalism of his demo package.
Shor-T never lost his passion to rap. He took the lessons he learned and dedicated himself to his rap career. Once he refined his craft, Shor-T has been one of the most requested on internet radio, one of the top played artists on reverbnation, and gaining a lot of street credit from local TV shows and features on mixtape’s. 
Now is his chance.....Now is his time!
"As an artist, Shor-T is what Hip-Hop is all about! This guy has REAL talent! He's an unbelievable songwriter and lyricist.  When you hear his music, you will be blown away by the lyrical content and his delivery.  I don't like to compare rappers, especially to icons, but Shor-T reminds me of a rapper I once knew named Tupac, and that's all I need to say!"
Check out Shor-T on facebook, instagram, you tube and twitter. If interested in having Shor-T come through and make appearances or performances feel free to contact him through his email or instagram. 
Vincent Irvin, CEO Ice Age Records Shor-T Promotions <shortfanmail@gmail.com
Check out WE BUILD HITS with me, Afrosoul every Saturday from 6-8 pm central standard time @ www.ckuw.ca. Make sure if you have an android that you download the tune in or radio app to listen LIVE on the go!
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Check out the new single "TRAP" from BOBBY BANDZ here at this link

Read more at http://southeasthiphopmag.blogspot.com/2015/02/just-another-day-all-types-of-c-stylez.html#UkK5Zy7jTs6oHbKK.99