Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Rise of an Artist: from the Ranks of the Army to the Ranks of Hip Hop

(Michelle Magee)

You Know It Makes Sense

The Rise of an Artist: from the Ranks of the Army to the Ranks of Hip Hop

MEMPHIS—Durt Boi, an unsigned artist who has gone viral with his most recent single “Supa Soakar”, found the inspiration and validation he needed to pursue his music career with the help of a comrade, while serving his country abroad.

On a cool afternoon in the Iraqi desert, as Durt Boi and one of his close comrades, KB, traveled back to their post, KB’s curiosity concerning Durt Boi’s notepad—a point of secrecy and mystery—took over, and he inquired to see what was written inside.

After considerable contemplation, Durt Boi finally revealed to his friend his long kept secret of composing rhymes. As Durt Boi shared some of his lyrics, KB began to laugh out of delight. Durt Boi had anticipated sarcasm and mockery from his friend, but instead, his doubts and timidity were put to rest as KB revealed excitement, and strongly encouraged him to continue his music career after his military service.

Durt Boi recalls the clarity and destined zing that followed, which has remained with him to this day. After his homecoming, Durt Boi devoted himself entirely to his music, and has since released hit singles such as “DOUBLE CUP”, and “Supa Soakar”, and will soon release “Got Wurk”.
In an interview in New Orleans, the artist described his musical aesthetic as such: “I display lyricism, but I also give you somewhat of a bounce to it: catchy hooks and things that just make you wanna bob your head and want more, you know.”

As Durt Boi continues to gain momentum, the enthusiasm of his first true follower, KB, can be felt in all his fans as they increase in number and carry him up the ranks of the hip hop world.

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Durt Boi is a rapper and hip hop artist based in Memphis, Tennessee. His latest releases include “Supa Soakar” and “Pop Drop & Roll”, both of which can be heard on his YouTube channel. Durt Boi Iz Da Name & Durty Boi Music Iz Da Game!

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