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Thursday, September 21, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Soundz Grate

Bio: Up and coming artist who's love of Neo-Soul, and True Hip-Hop, and all music in general gives his style a new flavor that is needed today.
The Singer/Rapper/Song-writer/Producer was born in Birmingham, Alabama and it was his parents that started his love for music. Hundreds of Vinyl Records, CDs, and cassettes have influenced the rhythmic tunes that Soundz Grate's music gives off as soon as you hit the play button.
Artist that have critically influenced Soundz Grate are D'Angelo, Missy Elliot, Outkast, Michael, Jackson, Phil Perry, Common Sense, Al Jarreau, Jamiroquai, and so many others, the list is endless. With the negative change that has befallen Hip-Hop started to threaten the culture and meaning behind the craft. With the help of his friend and mentor Polo Don Red, Soundz Grate has come out to give Hip-Hop, and R&B the much needed IV she needs to be healthy and purposeful as she once was.
With a name like Soundz Grate he has a reputation to live up to, and a hell of a lot to prove to everyone. Keep an ear out for the one who Soundz Grate and walks in the foot steps of legends.

Check out Soundz Grate (@SoundzGrate):

I'm listening to "Soundz Grate Radio" on Pandora.

IG: Soundz_Grate


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Monday, September 18, 2017

Spotlight: DJ Blade Tha 1st

DJ Blade Tha 1st has been doing music since 1985. DJaying, producing, rapping, promoting for major and independent record labels. He has worked with and did shows with C-Knight from the Dove Shack, Craig G., Gonzoe, Kool Keith, Pacewon, Wordsworth, Bad Azz, LifeStyle (Snoop Dogg's little brother's group) and others. He specializes in making Real Hip Hop and Neo-Soul Tracks. Sharp Cut Productions.

Music Links

Social Media

DJ Blade Tha 1st (@djbladetha1st)

DJ Blade Tha 1st (various links)

Digital Stores


Sunshine BlackRose Publications LLC is a publishing company established in 2015 and made for the independent writer.  We have reasonable prices and offer exceptional quality work.  We have a wide range of services from publishing, editing, book cover designs, self-publishing consultations to marketing.  

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Lou Jefe

Get familiar with rising rap recording artist Lou Jefe!  

Follow Lou Jefe on Social Media and these various website links...
SnapChat: Cake Boss 

Get to know the artist Lou Jefe in his own words....

"Im from the eastside of Milwaukee Wisconsin and I've been doing music about 10 years!  I started out as a investor for a company by the name of Z.T.E.  Zero Tolerance entertainment investing my money in talented artist because I believed in the dream! I did the for a few years until I wanted to start my own company The Bakery Sound where I learned how produce an engineer to cut cost and to make extra money to invest in promotions. I had many artist at the time and not enough knowledge in budget money so I end up losing all my artist and change the name to The Bakery Beats i didn't have any artist but i still carried and presented myself as a company so I continue to produce.Then January 2016 I decided to rap and be an hip hop artist on my own record label. It hasn't been 2 years of me being a rap artist and I feel I accomplish some unbelievable things it's truly a blessing! I've been a opening act for some of your favorite rap artists in the music industry,
Rap artist such as Migos, Lil Boosie, and Cash Money's newest member BCF Money Man who's featured on my new single Pippen. I work with some of the biggest producers in the music industry such as Cassius Jay who have produce for a wide range of artist from Migos to Justin Bieber and Earl & E who produce French Montana's n**** aint worried about nothing and  Pleasure P boyfriend number 2."

For more updates on Lou Jefe check out his official promo blog at

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

BIRDY rocks with his fans out in VEGAS

Utah stationed rap recording artist BIRDY has been getting a lot of love out in the West Coast with his latest single "West Coast Thang"!  He has been rocking many performances, doing plenty of shows, campaigning and kicking it with his loyal fans!  Check out the photos from his latest performance in Los Vegas.

BIRDY is available for booking!  Check out his E.P.K. at this direct link for booking information

Artist Spotlight: Champ

Get familiar with rising indie artist CHAMP!

Champ is a 30 year old independent artist who came on to the music scene August 2017.  He's a self taught artist in music, writings and art. From Santa ana California, race is Mexican, born in Guadalajara MEXICO. He's fluent in Spanish and English. Champ has a 15 track full length LP out titled  The resurrection of a Real Gee.  The reason he's barely coming out on the scene now is cause he spent most of his life incarcerated in juvenile hall and 12 years in prison do to criminal activity as a minor.  Now he's out, free and ready to bless the world with his talents!


Champ's Youtube Station

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Artist Spotlight: C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky (Blazed Up Records artist)

Blazed Up Records -C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky From CT
Sean Davis (Born April 12 1988) known as S Dot Breez Dot to some, a.k.a. C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky, is a Hartford born graphic artist, portrait artists, song writer and dancer. The Husky has been drawing and writing killer rhymes since he attended Camren Arace Middle school in Bloomfield CT. His first love was drawing and was inspired by the great Walt Disney to draw and use his imagination. When he started rappping, the first steps were writing his hip hop verses in the corners of his drawings. Once a friend by the name of Rayshawn Thompson saw his lyrics on a drawing and read them, he told the young husky that you should try rapping.  With that notion he started to write his lyrics more abroad and showing them off in the lunchroom, art class, and talent shows. Also With heavy rhythm from poplocking with friends he started to put his rhymes to his dance movement which created a silent beat. The Husky then started to listen and study from the legendary acts such as Tech n9ne, Busta Rhymes , Michael Jackson and James Brown finding a new style with speed rap and energy. He started to hone in on his musical talents while also using his artistic abilities to create drawings that depicted what he was talking about in his songs.
As time went on the Husky went to Bloomfield high school and  focused more on dancing and drawing. While in high school the Husky took it upon himself to then start drawing portraits of the young girls to start gaining attention with the young girls. Shortly after, some of the young girls started to pay the young Husky to draw them. This then enlightened him because it was a way to make his own money and also display his talent. Going through high school, the Husky did find himself in some groups of friends that showed him the ways of the streets and make faster bigger money while camouflaging it with his artwork. While growing and learning he figured that the street life was too boring and repetitive and can lead to nothing but negativity. Upon graduation from high school, the Husky decided to go to Gibbs College in Farmington Connecticut. While attending College, the Husky landed the opportunity to have an internship with the Walt Disney Company. The college program showed him the magic behind the magic and also taught him how to market his own magic properly.
After graduating college in 2008 the Husky found himself only working regular jobs and wanting more. With that in mind he went with his cousin Javon Campbell to a in house studio and dropped a couple of vocals as a hype man for his first rap group called Trap Team.  After finding Trap Team they created songs and performed them at open mics with Lovie xl and also performing at the Webster Hall Theater in New York City. Even though these were small time shows people were recognizing the Husky from music videos and his social media networks displaying his new work with the group. While in the group he adopted the name S Dot Breez Dot that was cleverly thought up by his friend Mark Jones also known as Lens.

Sadly, the group did not make big enough moves to please the other group members so the Husky, once again show courage and ambition to become a solo artist. Going back to his inspiration from Tech N9ne, he saw that Tech was the number one independent rapper in the world. This gave the Husky a new idea to create his own label called Easty Entertainment. When creating the label, the Husky wanted to change his name that best suited him. One night at a family cookout his older cousin Stephanie said "I'm going to call you Cujo". The reasoning behind the name was because if she offered him a plate, even if he wasn't hungry he would still take it because it was offered to him. Hence the acronym C.U.J.O. His name stands for Cuz yoU Just Offered.
As of right now the Husky is in full blown motion to reach the top of the musical industry and to bring back money and new ways to get children off the street in CT.  As a new affiliate of Blazed Up Records, he is coming with a couple new songs like "Fire" and "Vicious in CT" feat. General P. This is only the start of a great journey for C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky from CT. So prepare yourself for the restart of real hip hop!!!

C.U.J.O. The Hell Husky
"Dark Angels"
Official Video:

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Introducing JAE WICKID

Only if you are a true fan of Jae Wickid would you now that the only Shoes he wears are Chuck Taylor's Converse, he really enjoys gaming online on his PS4, he doesn't watch traditional television only Netflix, his most favorite color is green and has a dog named Pancho!

Jae Wickid would like to work with Crooked I aka KXNG Crooked and would feel honored working with him because of where he originated from, and his music Jae can relate to because Jae believes that Hip Hop today has gone sour, also for the political enlightenment and social awareness he engages in. Some of Jae Wickid's biggest influences are Tupac, Big Pun, Eminem, Crooked I, and Chinx Drugz. Although Jae compares himself to the artist Cassidy because of his lyrical capability to battle rap; as well as represents the underground. 

Jae decided to get into the business after he started to write poetry in my early ages, and listening to his brother rap who has since committed suicide, leaving Jae with the need to carry on his legacy. (R.I.P. Tre).

Previously before meeting dB Heard; being over looked, slept on, taking advantage of, is what Jae struggled with in both life and music.

Introducing NOT ONLY STREET Recording artist BLOCKA

Not Only Street Recording Artist Blocka, a rapper and videographer from Kansas City, Kansas. His genre of music mostly consists of hip-hop, rap, and jazz.

His mentor told him that he is truly destined for the career path he has chosen. Just be positive and ignore any negativity is the new approach, which is Blocka’s own movement that pushes his lifestyle and impact onto entertainment society.
Currently, releasing his newest album, "Casino Trappin" and working behind the scenes with other artists and producers from NOSR. Blocka previously released his music video for "Say It Ain’t So," a crazy single off his latest mixtape on DatPiff, "Mix Sumin In My Cup" hosted by Hysteria Mixtapes Series and DJ Kansas. Blocka came off tour last year and he’s looking to push hard already for 2017 featuring on the “Blood Moon Tour” headlining ILL Bleed as he prepares for his own.
Blocka has also worked with numerous local independent artists and his current goal is to spread into the mass audience and target fans that attract towards his unique brand.
Creating clothing apparel to promote and merchandise his music so that everything ties back into "A New Approach" so the movement has a continued positive outlook on life that removes all negativity from individual habitats.
Some of Blocka’s past recognitions include mentioned artists like Jadakiss, Trina, Webbie, Bobby V, Kutt Calhoun, Rich Homie Quan, Post Malone and Waka Flocka Flame.
If you are a promoter, journalist and or radio station and would like to know more about the artist Blocka, license his music or schedule an interview, please contact: dB Heard

“Casino Trappin” is available at major online stores, sold as part of a new deal with Not Only Street Records. Don’t miss your chance to hear the remarkable creativity in which Blocka is able to create tracks

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

P.G. Trill Fam's Music is being featured on Many Websites!

Mississippi based rap recording artist P.G. Trill Fam's latest singles "Tryna Get Mines" and "Dum Dum Way" have been getting tons of major attention on various podcasts and the world wide web as well.  Here is a list of recent websites, blogs and web based publications to feature the singles and their direct links.

Southeast Hip Hop Magazine's Artist Spotlight section.

"Tryna Get Mines" featured in The Brand New Hip Hop Blog. features "Tryna Get Mines" and "Dum Dum Way"

Had "Tryna Get Mines" featured in the Microwave Blog

P.G. Trill Fam listed in the Best of SEHH list for June.

"Dum Dum Way" featured in Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine 

"Dum Dum Way" featured in 50 Cent's This Is 50.

"Dum Dum Way" featured on The Next Time You're High

"Dum Dum Way" featured in The New Mixtape Kingdom

DJ BME cosigns "The Dum Dum Way"

"Dum Dum Way" featured in Black Vibes.




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Monday, August 28, 2017

FANS can help rising artist BIRDY put together the music video for "WEST COAST THANG"

Now fans of the rising Utah based hip hop recording artist BIRDY can help the young rising artist put together the official music video for his soon to be underground classic "West Coast Thang"!  All fans have to do is join his official PATREON page and make a small donation, the money from the donations will go towards the production of the official video for "West Coast Thang"!  Fans and viewers are also allowed to give suggestions for the upcoming video after making the donation, and BIRDY will also treat fans to new and exclusive music and other perks for making the donation!  You can make the donation by joining him on PATREON at the direct link below!  HELP THIS BIRDY FLY!!!!!!!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Artist Spotlight: YBless

YBless was born into struggle yet decided not to the let struggle define him, but rather he chose to define the struggle. “Life is a lesson if you just listen and learn from it” states Bless. Always having a true love for music Bless began to write at the early age of ten and quickly transitioned into producing as well. Understanding the benefits of working smarter not harder Bless decided to learn from the mistakes and triumphs of others, carefully watching what the industry leaders were doing and customizing those elements to fit his mold. Bless feels his style stands on its own, that there is no one quite like him which makes him confident that his time to shine is now. With a goal to bring back the love and respect to the game, Bless intends to showcase his personal struggles for others to relate to thus creating a connection to build from. “My Struggles are not your struggles, my pain is not your pain, but the elements that create them share a common bond”. With an inner drive, passion and pure determination Bless knows that he has much to offer the industry and his fans, now he just needs his chance to prove it.

Check out YBless on Youtube at these direct links

Follow YBless on Social Media

Thursday, August 10, 2017

DJ BME is LOVING the "Dum Dum Way"

DJ BME of the Blacktopia DJ Coalition is loving the new record from P.G. Trill Fam titled "Dum Dum Way" here is what he had to say........

"This a club banger/strip club banger..different! #TurnItUp #DjBME"

INDEED INDEED! Listen to the single at this direct link



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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Artist Spotlight: Los Napoleones

Get familiar with rising Afro-ton group from France, LOS NAPOLEONES!  

Check out the stats and get more information on them at these direct links.

Group of Afro-Cuban : Los Napoleones Style music : Afro-ton ( reggaeton + Afro) Label : Daleyamusic Email :


Website Links

Artist Spotlight: Da-Mind

Da-Mind is originally from Beaufort S.C.  After high school he moved to Atlanta, GA to chase his dream as a Hip Hop recording artist.  Not only his he a rapper but he's also the CEO of Da-Mind, LLC an independent record label.  As a songwriter he only chooses the best for his fans, and as an artist he chooses wisely of what he wants his fans to hear, he recently stated.  

Da Mind says that he is bringing "smoking hot tracks without all the drug use and violence".  His new single "I'M NEW "is smoking hot and a chart topper once it start to hit the air waves, Follow DA MIND on TWITTER @DaMindakaJames

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Allen Saint Phillips delivers heartfelt message with single "Shots Heard Around The World"

Listen to the new single from rising singer Allen Saint Phillips titled "Shots Heard Around The World" here at this direct link

Listen to the heartfelt powerful message in the lyrics.  We are all hoping and praying for a better and safer world to live in and this song conveys that message.  Check it out and post your feedback below.  Get more updates on the artist Allen Saint Phillips at his official promo blog at 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Artist Spotlight: PEDRO RAMON

Pedro Ramon

Pedro Ramon Is An Aspiring MC/Songwriter From Jersey City, NJ. Based Out Of Honolulu, Pedro Ramon Has, According To Various Experienced Musicians, Released An Ep That "Should Be Played On The Radio.

Pedro Ramon Proudly Served 8 Years In The United States Army And Served In Afghanistan Two Times. The Military Taught Him Discipline, Perseverance, And To Look At The Big Picture. In Doing So, He Has Become The Right Man For The Job, When It Comes To Creating A Legacy Of Continued Success In The Music Industry.

In 2005, Pedro Ramon's Father Passed Away When He Was 17. It Taught Him To Cherish The Moments He Has With The People In His Life, Because Tomorrow Isn't Promised. It Also Granted Him The Ability To Be Able To Relate With Others That Have Had A Similar Experience Of Losing A Parent At A Young Age.

Today, Pedro Ramon Has Made It Plain That Since He Can't Go A Day Without Thinking About Music, That He's Of The Right Frame Of Mind, Attitude, And Talent That Can Actually Make It.

“I Believe There's A Calling For All Of Us. I Know That Every Human Being Has Value And Purpose. The Real Work Of Our Lives Is To Become Aware. And Awakened. To Answer The Call.”
― Oprah Winfrey