Monday, November 25, 2019

Come out to REMOUNT CLASSICS First Annual HIP HOP SHOWCASE (Charlotte, NC)

Come out to REMOUNT CLASSICS FIRST ANNUAL HIP HOP SHOWCASE hosted by KENDRA DEE in Charlotte, NC on Dec. 7th from 7 PM to 11 at Mooney's Lounge 2525 N. Graham St. Charlotte, NC

Featuring performances by Myrts Son, Bey HArris, Zack Harris, Legend Status, Sirius B., OG Blak, Frequency, Sic Wit It, and Tywan Bell!

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: Nikia "Sexin'" (Official Music Video)


Check out the new SEHH single of the week by singer NIKIA titled "Sexin'" from her critically acclaimed album NO FAIRYTALES by clicking the embedded YouTube video above!  Listen, watch and post comments!  Visit Nikia's official website at

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Mobbed Up Records Announces Charity Fundraiser in Support of Disabled Children at The Forge, Joliet IL

Mobbed Up Records Announces Charity Fundraiser in Support of Disabled Children at The Forge, Joliet IL

Mobbed Up Records, the full-service management company, is throwing a special charity fundraiser concert in support of disabled children. “Rock Out For Children” will be held on November 30th, 2019 at 4.30 PM. at The Forge Concert venue located at, 22 W Cass St., Joliet, Illinois 60432.
The host for the evening will be #Goat from Full Throttle Saloon. They have lined up an amazing roster of artists to perform. Opening up is Bill Buccellato followed by Convoy, Midnight Sinners, Some Years Later and Sin MG. The proceeds from the concert will be donated to Cornerstone Services based out of Joliet, IL.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Respected WRITER Melinda Parker is loving S.P.F.'s new single

The nerdcore rap super group S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) is getting a lot of love and attention all over the web especially after releasing their current single "D.O.A." produced by DaRapNerd from their upcoming album The Art Of Fusion.  The single is being spotlighted and featured on many high trafficking platforms and websites such as Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine and The Nerve DJs record pool website.  

Many people from fans and to movers and shakers are enjoying the new music from the Florida based band S.P.F., and one of those people is well respected writer Melinda Parker, the creator of the "Kreative Koins" segment on the Blacktopia Mobile App. and  This is what Melinda had to say after hearing the single....

"Definitely have to add this track to my playlist!  SirenSeraph your delivery is so smooooth, the lyrics just flow so freely" - Melinda Parker

Indeed Indeed

Check out Melinda Parker's "KREATIVE KOINS" segment on the Blacktopia Website at

Melinda Parker is also on the writing team for the upcoming audio sketch comedy show YESTERDAY NIGHT TAPED 
Visit the official Facebook for Yesterday Night Taped at

Listen to the single at the direct spreaker link below.

S.P.F. (Symphonic Pheenix Force) - DOA (New Single)


S.P.F.'s (Symphonic Pheenix Force) new single "D.O.A." is now being spotlighted in Waka Flocka's Supastars Online Magazine and

Monday, October 21, 2019


A master on the mic, born and raised on Chicago’s “West Side”, BARNONE THE M.O.D. refined his skills performing in local venues as a solo artist perfecting his craft. BARNONE recognized that Hip Hop is a culture and art movement, focused on keeping it alive despite the abundance of cookie cutter rappers in the industry today. Holding his title as one of the hottest Midwest hip-hop artists today, his dedication to distinctive music has produced multiple sensational projects: Whip it Like ah Chevy; Not Friends; I’m ah Boss; and Dat Heat are some of his earlier work. With the work ethic of an industry vet he has turned it up even more with new hit songs such as YOU AINT; SHOT CALL; and DO THA ALPACINO. BARNONE is the founder of the independent record label Closed Casket Entertainment LLC (C.C.E.). His current single “You Aint” can be heard on:
 Apple Music
Also on other major sites and can be purchased on:
Google Play
Look for his next 2 albums to drop in 2020, and follow his movement on his pages below!!
BARNONE THE M.O.D. social media links:

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

YUNG ABUNDANCE is rocking with TWICY's "GIMME LOVE" single!

Image result for Yung Abundance 9Ten Mobb

Major North Carolina based hip hop recording artist Yung Abundance of the legendary group 9Ten Mobb is loving Twicy's new single "Gimme Love", this is what he had to say about Twicy and his single after hearing the new song.

Salute to my motherland brother Twicy and his smash hit single "Gimme Love". Go get the track, pull her close and dirty wine! "Gimme Love" watch me now.. - Yung Abundance

Follow Yung Abundance on IG at

Listen to the new single form Twicy "Gimme Love" here at the direct link below 

Sunday, October 13, 2019

SINGLE OF THE WEEK: "Outlet" by Stacklynn Clyde

Listen to the Southeast Hip Hop Magazine single from rising Detroit rapper STACKLYNN CLYDE titled "Outlet"!  Listen to the single at the direct spreaker link below!  Post your feedback

Also visit Stacklynn Clyde's official website at

Sunday, September 29, 2019


          You remember legendary emcees such as Roxanne Shante, Queen Latifah, MC Lyte, the late Ms. Melodie, Monie Love, The Lady of Rage, Jean Grae, Bahamadia, Da Brat, Remy Ma, Rah Digga, and Lauryn Hill?  What do all these talented lyricists have in common?  Not only are the individuals on this list exceptionally gifted hip hop recording artists, but they are also strong, intelligent, powerful and influential women that were also inspirational to a nation of young girls aspiring to follow in their professional foot steps.  In 2019 and beyond we have Kula Voncille, the daughter that was birthed from the mother of golden era hip hop.  While the game is now saturated with female recording artists that would rather sacrifice substance in favor of shock value. Nowadays we have more Barbees, Strippers and IG models picking up the mic to represent for the ladies instead of strong willed, powerful women with integrity giving hope and motivation to the next generation of girls, but with the rise of Kula Voncille, she has enough stage presence, lyrical skills, flair and substance to bring the art of "femceeing" back to it's glory days.
          Kula Voncille was born and raised in the heart of Richmond, VA and is the living embodiment of the state mantra "VA is for Lovers and Hustlers" (because Kula is most certainly both of course).  Kula Voncille AKA Kueen Kong has always been a student of hip hop, but graduated from the school of hard knocking hip hop emcees in 2014 the year she started her music career.  In that year Kula won the Soul Logistic Radio Gong Show Contest and opened for the legendary Slick Rick.
          Kula's musical influences include but certainly not limited to Eminem, Lauryn Hill, J. Cole, T.I. and Redman just to name a few.  There is no one word that can encompass everything Kula Von is as an emcee.  Kula is so versatile as a performer that it's hard to put her in a box and hard for the artist to even describe herself, when others ask her to define her style she kicks a verse a capella to show them rather than tell them!

Kula Voncille has performed at various prestigious venues in many cities in Virginia such as Ma Michele Cafe and Catering, Maple Bourbon, 
The Camel, The Top, VCUs International Contemporary Arts Building, 
The Well Art Gallery, The Beauty and Barber Fashion Show.  Kula Voncille has also performed at Fashion Shows in Atlanta, as well as industry parties and open mixes in New York and North Carolina.  

2014 1st place winner of The Souls Logistics Gong Show Contest
2017 1st place winner of the Music and Lyrics Competition. 
2018 RVA Music Awards Best Rapper and Best Lyricist

Follow Kula Voncille on Social Media
FB: Kula Voncille 
FB Fan page: Music Page of Kula Voncille 
Twitter @kula0323
YouTube: Kula Voncille 
Soundcloud @Kula_Voncille
Reverbnation @Kula_Voncille

Kula Voncille doesn't just rock a crowd, she also BRINGS THE CROWD too.  Kula Voncille has fans and supporters around the states that love watching her perform live, so BOOK Kula Voncille for your next event!




S.P.F. is BACK with a new SINGLE "D.O.A."

The nerdcore hip hop super group SYMPHONIC PHEENIX FORCE is BACK with a brand new single titled "D.O.A."!!  Listen to the new single at the direct link below

The song is produced by DaRapNerd and will appear on their upcoming album Art of Fusion!

Follow the group on Social Media for tour dates, new music and updates! 


SINGLE OF THE WEEK: TWICY "Gimme Love" (Official Single)

The Southeast Hip Hop Magazine single of the week goes to Ghanaian pop singer TWICY for his latest single "Gimme Love"!

Ghanaian pop singer TWICY is back with an all new soon-to-go-viral SMASH hit single "Gimme Love"!   Listen to the new single here at the direct link below 


For more information on TWICY e-mail Moses Dailey at

Saturday, August 31, 2019

Check out the exciting crime drama "Potnah" from Executive Producer Kyron Hodges

A honest look at New York City’s lucrative, illicit underground cigarette trade is exposed after a high profile tobacco kingpin becomes a prime suspect in the murder of his partner. The story is engaging with amazing action and  visuals.
The film has stellar performances by the actors who are true professionals in their craft. As Jarell “Jay” King is being interrogated by detectives, he is forced to relive the events of his life that slowly reveal the truth about a murder and betrayal amongst friends.
This suspenseful urban crime drama will keep you on the edge of your seat as you see the life of a Brooklyn gangsta through his eyes. This is a story of loyalty, betrayal, and murder. You will see firsthand the struggles of the street life and the fight for survival. The twists and turns will take you on the ride of your life! This is a film that has garnered attention from some of the most discerning critics.

Watch now!

Monday, August 26, 2019



Contact Chester Williams
(252) 592 1197

Turkey BBQ Cook Off and 
Community BBQ Event
Monday Sept. 2nd at 1:00 PM
362 Williams Scott, Road
Enfield, NC 27813

Contact Chester Williams
(252) 592 1197 

Get ready for one of the largest community 
BBQ events of The Carolinas.  On Sept. 2nd 
(Labor Day) kicking off at 1:00 PM, 
the ABC2 (A Better Chance, A Better Community) 
organization will host it's official Turkey BBQ Cook 
Off and Community Event.  Seasoned grillers, chefs,
and food preparers of all kind are welcome to 
come out and show the community their superior 
BBQ and cooking skills by entering the cook off!
There will be a $250 Cash Prize awarded to 
the best BBQ Turkey!  It's only a $25 entry fee to 
participate in the competition.  This event isn't 
just for the chefs either, if you are a food connoisseur, 
foodie, or someone simply looking 
to enjoy great safe, fun, family friendly 
entertainment along with some tremendous food then 
you most certainly want to join us for the ABC2 
Community BBQ.  The event will also have 
entertainment, games and activities for everyone in
the community.  

Food trucks, sponsors and vendors are also needed!
Text or Call 252 200 6689 for more information.  There
are hundreds of people expected to attend the upcoming
extravaganza.  Come out and be apart of this wonderful, 
glorious and positive experience!  

Jonathan Coleman
The Media Blast Public Relations & Marketing
(704) 560 2752