Friday, December 18, 2015

Interview with K-Love the Poet (Million Dollar Melanin, Rich Skin and Poem)

Some Guy Named Jay of Southeast Hip Hop Magazine interviews the poet K-Love.  In this interview she talks about her poetry, how starving artists can turn their passion and art into commerce, her favorite emcees, poets and underground lyricists, the content of her poetry, her recent viral hit "Million Dollar Melanin", dark skinned women, working with the youth / children, knowing Chance the Rapper before blowing up and more!  Check out the full interview here at the embedded link below.


Check out the book Evolution 

Toney’s style is a blend of Free-versing, Slam, Spoken word, and Traditional. In his first collection, Author Toney’s book “Evolution of Soul: A Journey Through Poetry”, his verses splatter a metaphoric mind pictorial, painting visuals of love, consciousness, sensuality, darkness, inspiration, and more. Indeed, there are parallel subjects from similar poets, both historical and modern day; however, Toney’s perspectives are inked in an assortment of American vernaculars depicting his own life’s journey.  

Also swayed by many musical genres, the quintessence of his lyrical pen is filled with vibrant soulfulness. Author Justin Toney’s expressions are multi-layered and personable. His artistic use of both figurative language and wordplay will stimulate your inner passion. You will detect within his poetry an introduction to his cleverness, while he conveys superlative imagery. Toney believes “poetry connects to one’s soul”, and I too agree. "Evolution of Soul" is not only a collective of poems, but also an impressionable page turner.

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