Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Just Another Day: Hearing Some Kosher Yuppy for the First Time

Just Another Day.... "Hearing Some Kosher Yuppy For The First Time"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)

          A day in the life of a radio DJ involves music being sent to listen to on the daily.  Time after time I have artists presenting their craft and requesting my opinion.  On one of these occasions I was sent Some Kosher Yuppie's "In Due Time".  I'll be honest,  I did not listen to the submission right away because at times I am flooded with nonsense, but once I took that moment to listen I was impressed with his sound, delivery, and in addition to that the videography that followed.
          In my everyday life I often hear that phrase "In due time, everything will be alright", especially in times where I struggle.  That is what captured me when it came to Kosher.  Something so simple created that connection, this has been lost in a lot of the music within this generation.  I am a strong believer that everyone is destined for greatness.  I have had the pleasure of interviewing him as well as speaking with him away from radio and I can say he is reaching for that greatness in which we all strive for...Determined and passionate about his artistry, he is artist people should be paying close attention to.

Some Kosher Yuppy


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