Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Just Another Day: The Introduction

Just Another Day.... "The Introduction"
by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)

          My name is Renee, but behind the mic, both on stage and in radio, I am referred to as Afrosoul.  The meaning behind the name holds true to who I am as an artist, Dj/host and a woman.  I definitely have had my struggles within a male dominated field of music and radio. For me, I define who I am and who I want to become.  I am new to some and others know how I am as an artist.  I have grown as an artist and songwriter and have created incredible music that is real, honest, and grabs hold of you...that's coming from those who have heard what I can do!!  I can also write on the spot..toot toot yes I can toot my own horn!!  lol

          My involvement in radio, however, started in college.  That was the start of a beautiful friendship!!
Since that point I moved to a University fm station, CKUW 95.9 fm in Winnipeg Canada.  From what I understand is this station was the jump off to all local hip hop and it set the standard for Supporting hip hop culture.  Fast forward now there is We Build Hits.  Billy Danze from M.O.P allowed me to use the name and it's been a hit ever since!!  I managed to build a solid a network through social media which helped in transforming my network.  I am blessed to have interviewed Greg Cross, Lydia Harris, freeway Rick Ross, Billy of course and so many unbelievable artist, actors, writers, entrepreneurs etc.

Which in turn has opened more doors by having an article in MAFIA magazine, complements of Tanya Green (author), being featured in hip hop blogs, as well as hosting my own show on MixxMafiaRadio.

          My life in the industry, in a nut shell, it has been up and down but I wouldn't change a thing!  Sounds cliche because everyone says it but I know I'm destined for greatness and this is just the beginning!!  A Legacy....yeah that's what I want....All about "ChessMoves"!  Ya Dig!!!

Miss Afrosoul
Twitter: @afrosoul420

Facebook:  Renee Batson

For questions and comments about "Just Another Day", Renee Batson / Miss Afrosoul e-mail us at SouthEastHipHopMag@yahoo.com

Billy Danze of M.O.P.

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