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Interview with GHOST (the Director behind most of South Coast Records recent music videos)

Recently, South East Hip Hop Magazine spoke with Ghost, the visual mastermind behind some of South Coast Records artists' recent videos.  In this in depth, on on one interview with the rising filmmaker, Ghost explains to the readers how he got his start directing music videos, working with South Coast Records, An-One, how Some Kosher Yuppy is behind the scenes and more!  Read all about it below!

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  Why do you call yourself "Ghost"? 
Ghost:  Calling myself ghost started back in high school,  I've always prided myself on doing things that people never see being done.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  How long have you been directing videos? 
Ghost:  I directed my first video in 2010.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:  What inspired you to get into directing film? 
Ghost:   Originally I was a hip hop artist in a group and we had hired a full sail student to shoot our music video, well after day 2 I started just paying attention to the details of how to shoot, after shooting we went to go look at a preview of the video and it was so bad we never came back to see the completed project.  I told the group don't worry i'll figure it out, so after going half on a cheap camcorder from craigslist and a few YouTube tutorials here I am lol

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What are some of your favorite films? 
Ghost:   I'm an old school mafia movie fan, growing up in an Italian family we watch Goodfellas, Casino, Donny Brasco religiously.  I also like comedies like My Cousin Vinny and also Billy Madison, and the 90's hip hop movies like White Man Cant Jump, New Jack City, Menace II Society, Boyz in the Hood, Juice ect.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   Who are some of your favorite actors and actresses right now? 
Ghost:  I really like Jamie Foxx to watch him grow from when I was a young kid watching In Living Color to seeing him have his stand up and TV to recently his role in D'Jango its inspiring to me.  It shows what hard work and dedication can do.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   How would you describe your style of directing, do you have any type of signature or way of doing things? 
Ghost:   My directing style I would say is very smooth, from the initial meeting when I meet with an artist I let them know I'm here to work with you, we need to put out a visual that represents you and your overall goal for the song.  I also feel I have a signature way of shooting and coloring my videos, I'm not really big on effects and all that stuff to congest the screen.  I mean I can do it but I rather something be smooth flowing and very clean with a plot and some good motion. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   How did you link up with South Coast Records? 
Ghost:  A director who I was working with at the time was shooting their videos, and I asked the director if they needed any photography work sense I do that as well and didn't want to step on any toes.  After getting the ok I messaged Larry Poynter Jr. (the CEO of South Coast Records) on Facebook and I was shocked and honored when he had hit me up to shoot a video, we've been making solid consistent work ever sense.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What are the videos you directed for South Coast Records' artists? 
Ghost:   So far I have directed Some Kosher Yuppy's "GMATT" which might be my favorite out of all my videos I've ever done  and also his video for "Prayers for my Enemies" and An-One's "Old Time Sake", and also Yuppy's video for "Lessons Learned" which is still in the final stages of production.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What was it like working with Some Kosher Yuppy? 
Ghost:   Working with Yuppy is awesome its a real chill family like environment which I feel benefits the creative vibes, no egos, no worrying if someone is gonna say something has to be this way or has to go that way.  Its real dope to work with a unique artist who respects the creative mind of a director as well.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What was it like working with An-One? 
Ghost:   Working with An-One was great as well, we had a real productive shoot.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What are some of your favorite songs by some of the artists on South Coast Records? 
Ghost:  I really like "Nothing On Me" by Some Kosher Yuppy.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   Other than music videos, what are some of the other film projects you've done or other projects in general? 
Ghost:   I've gotten my feet wet in some commercials and some modeling videos in the past but they were not really organized.  I'm getting really big into photography as well.  I feel it's a great outlet to deal with my daily creative vibes.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   Do you have any plans to direct larger films or bigger projects?  If so, what types of projects would you like to direct? 
Ghost:   Yes I do.  I would love to shoot a feature film or a TV series.  I have a really good background in creative writing I would love to put it to use one day.  I'm also in the beginning stages to writing a short film it will be about 15 minutes long.  I'm hoping to be able to use it to pitch it as a being picked up into a feature film or a tv or web series! 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What are some of your highlights you've experienced in your career as a film director? 
Ghost:   Meeting some bigger artists has been really cool, I was lucky enough to work with Trill Da Playa from the 69 Boyz, Sonny Digital and Young Scooter in Atlanta when they were at their peak.  Also linking up with Eliseo Way from Treal, he has really helped me mature and grow as a director and introduced and co signed me with a lot of people that I might not have been able to work with if it wasn't for his co sign.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What was your worst experience as a director and how did you bounce back from that? 
Ghost:   Honestly shooting and directing is what I love to do and I'm very patient and laid back so really nothing has really been so bad that I can call it a bad experience... One life situation that did make what I do difficult was last year my house had a busted pipe and flooded in the middle of the night.  The insurance company put all our stuff in storage, and the facility burned down, so while being "homeless"  not on the streets I was lucky enough for me and my family to sleep on my fathers couch but it was far out of town and added a good hour and a half each way to drive to each shoot and meeting as well as limited editing space, and loosing some of my equipment.  I bounced back with the mentality as I've lost everything material so besides loosing a family member I've lost it all, it cant get any worse then this.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years as a director? 
Ghost:  Hopefully seeing me and the artists I've been working and growing with all at the top. 

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   What plans do you have for the rest of 2014? 
Ghost:  To end the year I would like to shoot this short film and also start looking into opening an office or photography studio.

South East Hip Hop Magazine:   Is there anything else you would like to plug or mention? 
Ghost:  I would like to thank all the artists for giving me the chance to work on their projects, I know its money you could have spent on many other things and I can not tell you in words how much I appreciate your business.  You guys give me the ability to create and do what I love to do as well as provide for my family.  Also a big thanks to Terry P and Freddie they have done a lot of unseen work weather running b cameras, holding reflectors or caring lights, the help has been appreciated.

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