Monday, July 14, 2014

Just Another Day: Taking A Visit To Skool City

Just Another Day...."Taking a Visit to Skool City"

by Renee Batson (Miss Afrosoul)


          Most recently I interviewed a member of the group "Skool City". For those who are not familiar with Skool City let me introduce them to you!  Skool City is a Canadian hip hop group which is made up of two members, Kachinga is one and the other is Neemz Beats.  The two combined make some of the illest music of this generation.   Nowadys music has become so saturated with a lot of nothingness but Skool City represents a lot of what is missing from today's hip hop culture.

          I recently interviewed Kachinga for my show on MixxMafiaRadio.  During this interview I came across a song they did that I never heard before. Needless to say I fell in love with their song titled "Love"... From the intro, to the beat, to the lyrical content, to the hook...the song is now embedded in my brain! Lol...I'm glad its there on the daily!
These two are a testament that hip hop, the real truth of hip hop, lives here within these Canadian walls!!
So you can really see what Im talking about, check out Skool City @ or

Not only are they amazing artists but humble to the knowledge they acquired by a group out here that goes by the name of "The Lytics".  The story of the lytics will soon be told so ya'll can really see what Canada has been up to all this time!!!

Peace love & long live HipHop!!!
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